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" The dominant Alpha male is the one who wrestles ' Jason FL (future opponent from Fighters)..

I have been thinking about writing on the subject of the Alpha male for awhile. However, Jason encouraged me to write on the subject.

It is frustrating to hear men brag about how they are Alpha males. However, some of these men who brag about being Aloha males are usually insecure in themselves . Therefore, they need that self validation to prove their masculinity. So, my question is who are these men trying to impress?

This is how the word alpha is defined. Alpha (circa , 1300......Sense of beginning of anything, is from late 14 th century...Alpha male..applied to humans in society, circa, 1992.) Source: www.etymonoline .com.

There are three arenas in which the term " Alpha male" is used: the athletic arena, the business arena, and the sexual arena. Since this is a wresting website, we will discuss the athletic arena.
This is how I would define the Real Alpha male:
1) He respects and treats his opponents with courtesy.
2) He loses graciously and congratulates his opponents on well wrestled matches.
3) If he wins, he accepts it humbly and does not degrade his opponent for losing. The Real Alpha Male still shows is opponent great respect...
4) Although, the Real Alpha Male may face a more skilled wrestler, a stronger wrestler, or a bigger wrestler, the Real Alpha Male still maintains a winning mindset..In sum, he does not surrender easily.
5) The Real Alpha Male can engage his opponent on any subject after a well wrestled match.

Happy Wresting, You Real Alpha Males!!!!

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Fiction: Corbin vs. the Russians - Part 2Wrestling and Domination


Continued from a previous blog post. All characters and events are fictional.

After they locked up, the big man pulled Corbin into a knee-lift that sunk deep into his gut and doubled him over. Boris wrapped his arms under the rookie's elbows, pulling up to trap the kid, bent-over, in a double hammer lock. The hairy heel stepped over the kid's head, squeezing it between his thighs as he pulled up at Corbin's elbows, wrenching his shoulders with each tug. The boy struggled for a moment to escape until he realized what to do: Corbin channeled all of his focus and energy into straightening up. It took everything he had to lift the big man, but finally he managed to throw Boris off with the back body drop. Exhausted from the effort, the teen immediately sank to his knees.

The poor trainee looked up after a moment and saw Gus, standing over him. The boy was able to block a backhand blow, but the muscular Russian stomped him in the chest, sending him backwards over his heels onto the mat. When Corbin looked up next, it was tosee both Gus and Boris standing over him. At once, both fell, slamming heavy elbow drops onto the kid's torso. Then, with a look and a nod between them, the heels each took one end of their victim and lifted him into a combination Boston Crab and Camel Clutch. His belly suspended inches offthe mat as they stretched his slender young body, Corbin could only moan as Boris held him under the chin and wrenched his head and shoulders back, while Gus held his legs and twisted his lower body.

Caught in helpless agony, Corbin tried to submit by tapping on Boris's arm...but they wouldn’t let him go!

Stretched painfully in Gus and Boris's camel clutch/Boston crab combination, the cute, slender lightweight could only groan and strain against the holds as his sadistic opponents ignored his attempt to submit. Eventually, as his struggles eased, the Russian heels tired of the hold. First, Gus let his legs drop to the mat, which enabled Boris to lean back harder into the camel clutch. Boris appeared in Corbin's vision, smirking as he looked down at the tortured teen and grabbed himself inside his singlet. Then, with the hand he'd just been grabbing himself with, he slapped the boy hard across the face. After that, Gus jumped a little bit as he let go of Corbin's head and crashed down onto the kid's back.

Corbin groaned as the 200-pound wrestler slammed down, then rolled onto his back when Gus stood up. As he stared up at the intimidating duo, the teen wondered what he'd gotten himself into. They didn't leave him much time to ponder things, however. Before the kid could react, Boris raised an elbow and dropped, pounding it down onto his chest. Corbin coughed and held his chest as the big man stood and dragged him along. Boris maneuvered his hapless "trainee" into another full nelson, squeezing poor Corbin's head as he held the teen at Gus's mercy. Yet, after just a few stiff gut punches, each of which caused Corbin to writhe and groan, Boris let go and shoved the doubled-over lightweight toward his cousin. Gus grabbed the skinny wrestler around the waist and power-bombed him to the mat!

Corbin's upper back and head slammed down, but Gus held on, raising the boy high overhead again as Boris leaped and grabbed his head. The unfortunate trainee was devastated as both men then fell, driving him to the mat beneath them with a heavy thud and a strained grunt.

The Russians piled on, Gus slapping the mat while both pressed down on the teen, Boris flexing his right bicep against Corbin's face. After the easy pin, they let their trainee rest and recuperate for a bit while the two of them sparred. Boris had intended to call it for the day after giving Corbin a few things to work on, but then the teen decided to interfere in their match....

As Boris held Gus against a wall in a double hammerlock, the eager teen wrapped an arm up between his legs and tried to roll back onto the mat into a pin. However, Boris didn't budge, so Corbin slammed his forearm up between the big man's legs to try again. Boris coughed, barely, then looked back with cold intensity at the upstart who'd just bashed his balls –never mind that he barely felt anything. Boris used Gus's hammer-locked arm for leverage and butt-stomped down onto Corbin, then pulled himself up and did it again. The Russians turned toward Corbin, but the teen was able to roll away and get to his feet.

"I thought you done for day," Boris said, "you must like it, being beaten, eh? Tougher than you look..."


Check back for more of this story later, or read the whole thing now (and more fiction) at my Blog!

And if you're in my area... let's have some REAL action like this - hit me up for a match!

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female for female matchesLilly's blog

im very bi and into nude erotic matches
and being watched

any female or couples interested

5'6 158 38d

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If you don't want to fight me, message me backwanttowrestle's blog

If I message a member with an invitation or challenge to wrestle I would appreciate a message back with a yea or nay. It is OK to say "no thank you" or "not interested". You do not need to give a reason, but having your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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15.3.2017 My 1st non-solo training session with Tony(newbie) Imran and Callum (used as the dummy some of the time).I was not expecting 4 of us,and thank you guys for making me concentrate and work harder.Great for my fitness and ability,had a great time and some good banter and I didnt get breathless.My body was tingling on the way home.Thanks to John Cotterill for the use of his matroom.Cheers folks

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The Big Bad HeelMeeting Fighters - A Blog

Gentlemeeen, aaaand, gentlemeeeeen! *puts down megaphone* Here we are for yet another edition of my (nearly seasonal at this stage) blog update. How long since the last one? Oh I see it was in October! Jaysus, lots have happened between now and then. So let's try picking up where we left off: that trip to Brazil was amazing in every aspect, except for maybe the two lads from the website who went completely silent once I touched homeland, after weeks/months of chatting, teasing and "yeah man we defo gonna meet". This is why I left that miserable country, ya flaky bastards! Ahahah no, I'm just messing... Flaky bastards are everywhere! In any case, dedicating the entirety of my time there to family and friends proved to be a lot better for my mental health in hindsight. Ooooh, and while we're in that subject: I have yet another massive thank you to send out! The feedback I got from my previous post was absolutely amazing, humbling and overwhelming. Lots of lads got in touch to thank me for simply putting out in words issues they also struggle with, reassuring me that the depression/anxiety combo truly is the hidden blight of modern times, while many others took precious time of their day to send words of support, tips to keep negativity at bay and sometimes, just a single picture of their penises with no message at all. Many of the messages spoke of bravery, as if I had needed some sort of admirable courage to speak up about it, but to be honest that constant support (and the penis pictures, and many other reasons) are why I find Meetfighters to be by far the community where I've felt the most comfortable and... heard, even, when opening up about personal stuff. So here's a million thanks to everyone for your messages, y'all are a bunch of proper ledgebags!


Now, let's bring it back to what everyone wants to see and talk about: wrestling! As I'm sure you're wondering what the title of this post is going to be about... I've had a good couple of matches since October, and met a good number of worthy opponents who gave me a hard time at the mats (and fun times hanging out as well). And guess who needs to be on nearly every blog post? The one and only, Davey123! My big hunky friend agreed on a quick weekend getaway to Dublin so we could catch up on the latest gossip, but also very obviously so I could lose myself in those delightfully huge legs and arms. Not to mention the endless hours I'd spend whining about every little problem pestering me head, while the man patiently listened to that rosary of woe, offering plenty of wise advice on everything as per usual. I am the most privileged little brat for having such a rock to count on (and to be smashed by!). We did a video together of course, but I think the final result looked a bit too intimate for all your perving eyes... ahahaha! So here's just a couple of teasing screengrabs to assure you he's still a huge monster. Can't wait to see him again in a couple of weeks!



First thing in the morning, every single time...

Now, before we get to the following matches, we just need a little background filler story so I can humblebrag about my gym progress :) This is at the request of several people who insisted I should keep tracking it here. Once 2017 kicked off, the friends who were visiting left and life went back to something like a routine, with the only major change being my switch from the evening workouts to morning ones. At first, I did it so I'd be able to spend more time with my mates, but eventually I realised I could lift just as hard in the morning provided I had a strong coffee before, specially with the gym being blissfully empty that time of day! I was determined to make something decent of this year, and jump out of that bad place I was in a few months ago, much like every other person and their silly new year resolutions. But I don't take resolutions lightly as you know... So in order to fight my worst nemesis (too much gym and not enough results), I told myself "you are going to start eating proper, BITCH!" and set off to try and find a way to raise my daily caloric intake to 2.800 kcal, after careful calculation of my macros and goals. When you have limited time to cook and a fridge the size of a shoebox, the answer very sadly tends to be simply more veg and some more chicken and more porridge... boring diets aside, at the very least it seemed to have paid off, and I managed to put on an almost visible amount of muscle in Jan/Feb.


If you can see it through the clothes, it means it's actually there!

Little did I know my ability to stick to this plan would receive a massive boost only a few days into it. Soon as I realised I had too much time in my hands and nothing to do with my weekends for the next few months, I fell back into my old pattern of setting up matches left and right. Nothing to say in my defense there really, maybe I'm driven by impulse a lot? I suppose? Ahaha! In any case, one of the meets I managed to score was a tremendously special one: my very own King of Slovakia, headlock07! in between busy schedules, we managed to find a date in March, so I knew I needed to be in tip top shape for a guy that is one of my favourite people in the world. And the other was none less than... OliLifting! 64% of all of you reading this popped a boner just reading that name. Confess! Ahahahaha but yeah, I still don't believe it myself either, still trying to process that it's a thing that happened to be honest. Have you seen him??? Anyways, we'll get to it soon... The one thing I knew was gym had suddenly become a matter of not only fitness, but also survival, ahaha!

While the "Bulk, Bitch! Project" was ongoing, another lad who was an absolute pleasure to meet and wrestle was Hairybear, who happily agreed to be my heel for a night in Belfast. This guy is very talented and handsome, and so neat as well! Always looking like he's fresh out of the barber and a shower. What really impressed me about J though was the way he completely transformed once we got to the hotel room; a chatty, lovely chap (while we were having dinner) gave way to a mean, deadly heel who really takes his time working his victims nice and slow. He gave me such a careful, deliberate choking/breath control session, it almost felt like a masterclass (and I have been choked by many a guy, as I'm sure you've noticed). His leather gloves, thick beard and serious stare all added a very kinky dimension to the match.


Must meet him again!

Cut to many morning workouts later, just a week ago. The day to fly out and see Peter had finally arrived. I have sung all his praises on a previous post, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future because meeting him is always an unforgettable experience; it just gets better and better! It's virtually impossible to have anything less than a marvellous time with someone as easy to talk to, and as devastatingly sexy as P. This time we met in Bratislava and hit the road towards Hodruša Hámre, to spend a weekend alternating between wrestling and freaking SKIING! In my case for the first time everrr! And in Peter's case, of course the man basically competed for the Slovak team on an international level, because at some point my existence has become this surreal adventure where I keep finding myself surrounded by such outstanding people (all of them profoundly inspiring and utterly terrifying in equal measures). We drank, ate, laughed, smoked and wrestled for 3 idyllic days in that retreat in the mountains, and I can't think of a better word to describe it other than paradise... On the slope, I did my best to learn skiing in two days, and the most shocking news is: I have actually managed to kind of do it! No biggie when you have a coach like mine, this guy can go down the mountain literally skiing backwards, ahaha! Thanks to the azure heavens above us on those two sunny days, Peter was also blessed with the patience of a monk to put up with my student ways (being horribly annoying in general, thinking I know better than the teacher, complaining about things I need to learn, etc). But besides the many moments that are too precious and only ours to share openly, I will never forget the feeling of... I dunno, having this new body that is powerful and nimble enough to try such a cool sport and relatively succeeding at it, feeling the wind against my face and the soft crunch of the snow under my skis. It's also great workout for your ass. And I even ended up giving a mad interview to some cool radio guys who were there for an event, where I was required to say things on the mic in Portuguese, English and even Slovak, ahahah! All besides the incomparable Peter the Great, what a bliss it is to have him in my life.


Look at us being skiers! Well he's being one, I was being a boozy bollocks!

After a blurry sequence of horribly busy weeks between office work and freelance work, my weekend in Manchester was finally here. My heart raced to the beat of a thundering war drum, as I paced the spacious hotel room up and down waiting for my first opponent. I was feeling this mad mix of excitement (I mean!!) and anxiety (that one is always there) and a little guilt too (because Oli wasn't feeling 100% health-wise that day, and I was feeling like I kinda pushed him a bit into coming to see me anyway). As I swung the door open, it was hard to tell what was going through my head all of a sudden... a mix of shame, instantly feeling as if I were some dirty trash bin or disjointed pile of laundry someone left there next to him, with just the same amount of pride/thankfulness in the more reasonable thought that after all, there was probably some reason why he was there himself. Nevertheless, my skill with words was thoroughly defeated the moment I saw him in his gear and ready for a fight: all adjectives useless, empty stickers that could never encompass the alpha male essence that this lad embodies. I'm sure he probably thinks I'm a bit slow in the head, because I can't remember being able to say anything coherent in our few hours together really, just senseless blathering as my mind tried to cope with having a guy built like Oli under my control. Now, the only reason I had any control at all was because he let me, of course! Be realistic, folks... In the first 5 mins of the match, it became rather clear that one of his arms alone was enough to keep me down with not much of an effort. But in a nice display of feeling confident about yourself and having nothing to prove, this muscle giant surrendered to my heeling, and seemed to enjoy himself too while my legs and arms crushed him over and over, being forced to flex for me. Having his muscles all for myself to admire as he squirmed in my holds was nice... and needless to say I'd never miss out on a chance to have those guns around my neck either. I could go on and on about this meet, but I'd only manage to seem like a bigger creep than I already do. Suffice to say I'm simply thankful he went through the trouble of coming to see me that night!


As you can tell by the look on my face.

In the morning, considering I had a few hours to spare before checking out of the hotel, I invited Gforce199 over for a quick give & take match. We met through our common heel Davey123 (here he is again), and even though both of us are jobbers, we still managed to have good fun exchanging some of our favourite holds! Jon can take a lot of back punishment, lasting even longer in a Boston Crab than I'm able to do myself, and bending like a professional pretzel would. Really great opponent if you enjoy an enduring, tough wrestle toy! This one also has footage, and I hope you'll be able to see it on the videos page soon. After the match, I felt like I could use a good punishing for a change, but as it turns out my third opponent in Manchester was also no match for these legs, and they're still sore from crushing so many different necks in one weekend. So the Big Bad Heel from the title was... ME, all along! Ahahaha dear lord, writing that was so weird... Where is that cheeky, innocent jobber boy we all knew and loved? What's with the recent inclination to dominate, own and overpower? I'm a loser, that's what I've always done really well... winning feels almost wrong! (Life metaphor much?) Ah well.



Still looking.

In any case, yet another long post shall now come to a close with me announcing yet another hiatus. As much fun as I have with Meetfighters, it can also become a source of stress, existential dread (yes, really) and consume lots of my time, which is heightened by my innate obsessive nature when I enjoy something as much as I enjoy wrestling. It has left me feeling rather empty lately, in a way that is hard to define... Having a number of relationships that tend to swing in a tether between friendship and something more intimate is a pretty... unusual way to live your life, and even though my mind thinks it's a great arrangement made possible by MF, my heart gets confused at times. In all honesty, coming back from weekend meets used to be something that made me feel proud and giddy and full of energy, but one of the many dysfunctional cogs in my mind seems to have replaced those feelings with something more akin to a kind of loneliness. Ugh!! Way to be a buzzkill right? Ahahah! And you just came here looking for more sexy GIFs or videos! I hate coming off as sort of a victim, specially after a good number of you folks have gotten in touch saying I inspire you to be bolder. But I just feel like I owe everyone who follows my profile some kind of note, to make up for the months I might go without posting an update or replying to a message, as lovely and well-intentioned as they might be. Thanks as usual if you're one of the few who've read the whole thing all the way through, and see you in a while!

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Bathroom CockfightStevie's blog Cockfight Story

Bathroom cockfight

It had been a long hot day, it was July in Yuma, Arizona and I decided to stop for the night at a hotel. It wasn't a very nice hotel but it was still somewhere I could get some rest. I checked in went to my room and decided to go out to the pool. It was a small pool but none the less it was water. I sat on the edge and stuck my feet in the warm water. I tried to relax from the long drive.

Within several minutes I noticed a man walk through the gate. He was wearing black speedos that revealed a nice package. He stared at me for a moment and then put his towel down and dove in the pool. He slowly swam towards one end and then back again brushing up against my foot, “sorry”, he said. He was built similar to me and also had a nice tan. He seemed to be a little bit older.

After swimming back and forth a few times he stopped by me and holding on to the edge of the pool said hi. “You come here often”, I said jokingly? “I would if you were always here”, he said. I looked down at him in the water and noticed his cock was hard and sticking out over his Speedo.

“You look like you would be a lot of fun, are you a top or a bottom?”
“I am a top”, I reply, “And you?” “I am also top”, he said. ‘Are you a versatile at all”, was his next question. “I can be if I have to be”, I said. “And what can I do to persuade you?”
“I’m into kind of a different fetish” I said. “Tell me more”, was his next response. “Well I'm into a thing called cockfighting”. “Oh I have heard of that and actually did it one time. It’s all about trying to make the other one cum first correct?” “Yes you are absolutely right”. ‘Well I'm game if you are, loser gets fucked? My cock was growing hard and he noticed it inside my swim trunks. “My room or yours”, was his next question, or we can do it right here? “It's pretty quiet out here but I don't think it's a good idea”, I said. “We could do it in that bathroom”, as I looked over toward a paint worn door in the pool area. “I'm fine with that”, was his quiet reply.

He swam back to the pool steps and stepped out. His legs were shapely and muscular. He was tanned and his body was smooth, very similar to mine. His hard cock poked out over his dark Speedos. He turned and gazed at me. I stood up as well and although I wasn't wearing Speedos, my hard cock was clearly evident through my red swim shorts. We both walk to the bathroom door leaving a wet trail of footprints behind us. I open the door and turned on the light, the bathroom was very small and the old fluorescent lights did not work for very well, they just buzzed and only one of them flickered. The bathroom was a mess, it was very dirty and unkempt, the toilet had overflowed and I could feel wet floor as i stepped in the puddles barefooted. We closed the door and locked it behind us. We were barely able to see each other and we both removed their shorts. Completely naked our hard cocks we're about the same size, both of us were circumcised at about 7 inches long.

We just stared at each other for a moment and then quickly embraced, kissing deeply as our hands went for each other's cocks. Our tongues went deep into each other's mouths as we stroked each other's cocks with one hand and grabbed the back of our heads with the other, pulling our faces closer together as our tongues continue to wrestle. Soon both of us begin to moan as our erect cocks beginning to slowly leak. I gripped his shaft and begin to slow down trying to feel if his cock was pulsating, looking for the sweet spot. He instinctively did the same to mine. Our pre-cum created lubrication as we continued to fondle and stroke. After several minutes I felt his other hand grab my ass and then his finger try to penetrate me, at first I resisted but I decided to let him in and I went for his as well.

We continued the stand on the wet dirty floor, stroking and fingering each other as we kissed trying to force the other to releases his load first. Moaning and grunted and cursing at times, I could tell he was getting close but then again so was I. “ I'm going to fuck your eyes out’, he said as he spit in my face, I cursed and quickly returned the favor and now the struggle begin to escalate as we continued the stroke each other faster. I could tell he was very close to cumming but then he decided to try to pull my hand away from his cock. We begin to dance around the small dirty bathroom, I also tried to pull his hand off of my cock and soon it became a wrestling match. Our bare feet kicked it each other trying to trip the other one up as we struggled to dominate. Our feet were slipping on the wet floor and he was able to get me from behind in a headlock while holding onto my cock with his other hand. Pushing me towards the bathroom sink I could see our reflection in the dirty mirror, my hard swollen cock being pumped in his hand as I struggled to get away. “No!”, I said, “we didn't talk about wrestling only cock fighting.” :Too bad for you, bitch!:, he said I want to fuck your ass and I'm going to do it. I could feel his rock-hard dick in my ass crack as we continued to stand in an upright position, struggling for control. I kept trying to get to his cock with my hand while trying to pull his arm away from my neck with my other hand but the no avail he was too strong.

In desperation I put my foot up against the sink and pushed back, causing both of us to tumble backwards. Now on the wet floor we slipped and slide around, trying to get position. We rolled around in the small space, our legs tangling. I got on top of him but he put me in a bear hug. I could feel our hard cocks grinding against each other, pulsating. Our bodies were wet with perspiration as well as whatever was on the floor was now on us! Both of us soon tired and just laid there for a moment gasping for air, our naked filthy bodies heaving. Soon he began to squeeze me, trying his best to weaken me, and he was definitely stronger than I thought. At first I squeezed back but then I realize I was in a losing battle so I tried to pull the way. His legs grapevined mine and I was caught. I tried to push away on his face but to no avail. I was too tired. After one final push, i moaned and collapsed in his arms as he continued to squeeze me. Again we just lay there motionless for a moment or two. I could feel his hard penis throbbing up against mine. Soon we were grinding our rock hard dicks against one another. I struggled to hold back and i could sense he was as well. Within a couple of minutes our moans and groans were getting louder as both of us were on the edge. Again i tried to pull away so i could keep my load but to no avail, within seconds i felt my cock explode but so did his! We yelled out as the warm liquid from our cocks was pumped out on each other. Our hard cocks continued to spasm pressed against each other. we just laid silently catching our breath in the dark on the dirty bathroom floor. All I could hear was hard breathing and a slow dripping sound from a leaking toilet. “Fuck, I can't believe we both cummed at the same time”, he whispered. “That was pretty intense” i replied. I was secretly glad that he shot his load as well because I didn't want to be seeded by him.

After few minutes we slowly rolled on our sides, exhausted, covered in each other’s semen. I slowly got up and went to open the door. but I could not open it it was locked. Somehow or another this old bathroom door got jammed. “Shit this thing is locked”, I said, “i can’t open it”. ‘Let me try” he stood up and tried as well to no avail. “Well we can try banging on it and see if someone can let us out”, i looked around for my swim trunks and found them soaked in piss from a puddle on the floor. “Guess i won’t be putting these back on” “this will be a little hard to explain when they open up and find us naked in the state we are in” ‘We can bang on the door or i can bang on you” my rival said, staring at me. ‘I think you actually cummed first’ i said, “i should fuck you” “No way, bitch, you need to be seeded”. We both stood there in the half-lit bathroom, staring at each other. We were a mess, hair matted, dirt and bodily fluids smudged on our nude bodies. Our cocks were swollen but drooping, still leaking long strings of pre-cum. The silence was broken by my competitor saying, “I need to piss” and with that he stepped closer to me, bumping his smooth chest against mine. I wasn’t sure what he was doing but then i suddenly realized he was trying to empty his bladder on me! I quickly tried to retaliate. We both stood there, toe to toe concentrating on releasing our urine. After about a minute i felt his hot stream of piss on my cock! “Fuck” i tried to urinate but with no luck. ‘That will give you some lubrication to stroke your cock”. First to get hard, fucks the other! I had heard of that contest but never had done it. “You’re on, cunt!”

The room was warm and smelled terrible as we locked eyes and began to stroke ourselves, each hoping we could get it hard enough to penetrate the other. I wanted so badly to fuck him as my anger and hatred towards him increased, especially when he was able to piss on my cock. We stared daggers into each other’s eyes as we slowly massaged our tired swollen cocks. I tried to find the spot on my cock that would bring quick arousal. My dick ached from our previous cockfight. During our struggle he had torn some of the skin on the underside and it was very sore. “You’re going to lose” he quietly said as the sound of our cocks being stroked filled the bathroom. I said nothing but I could feel my cock begin to get hard. I looked down at his and saw it swelling. We both could sense the other’s cock getting hard and as the stoking increased. Now both of us were in panic mode, frantically stroking our battered cocks. The sounds of cocks being pounded filled the echoed in the dimly lit room along with grunts and moans. “My cock is harder” he shouted out. ‘No, mine is, i countered! We both released our own cocks and pointed them at one another. Both were pretty hard, sticking straight out. “Let them fight it out” he cried out as his cock swung around and struck mine!

“Oofff” i moaned as his cock struck mine, i swung back and we traded smacks. After several minutes of swinging our hips, our cocks were bright red and strings of precum connected from both. He quickly grabbed his by the base on went on the attack! I followed suit and used my hand as well. The blows were much harder this time. The pain grew as we both cursed at each other, occasionally kicking and stomping at each other’s feet. The veins in both our weapons were bulging, but our meat still stayed pretty hard. As if on cue we both backed away, examining the damage. My poor cock was red and swollen, leaking. His was in the same condition but i saw blood dripping from his piss slit. It had apparently gotten torn from the striking. “You’re cock is losing” i shouted, “give up now”. “No way, bitch, i’m not getting fucked’, let’s settle this now”. “My cock is bleeding and so will yours!” My older foe made a claw with his outstretched hand. “First one to go soft gets seeded!” “You’re on!”

We rushed at each other grabbing our sore cocks, squeezing and pulling, while simultaneously putting each other in headlocks. Our barefeet could not get traction again on the piss soaked floor, we slid into the corner of the dark, smelly bathroom. He had me pinned against the corner wall. I could feel his nails going into the underside of my cock. I clawed back but my nails were not as long. Frantic, i got to his already torn piss slit and got my thumb nail into it! He cried out and swung me around getting me from behind and pushing me up against an old wall mirror. We struggled some more and our feet tangled, i went down, losing my grip on his cock and headlock. I fought to get free but he overpowered me. I was still caught in a headlock and he had me on my side while straddling me, attacking my exposed cock. We struggled more, both out of breath. There was a pause in the fight as we tried to regain strength. He seemed winded but so was i. I was on laying on the floor facing the foggy old mirror. I could see our bodies and the hold he had me in from the mirror. His hand still locked onto my wounded cock. I reached to grab his bleeding penis, trying to find his large vein and hopefully slice it open. He kept trying to pull it away and i could not get a good hold on it. Finally i got it and he groaned. “You want to fight dirty, let’s see who prevails at this, bitch” he said in a strained voice. The room became eerily silent except for our heavy panting and moans. I could feel his cock’s warm blood running down my hand as his piss slit continued to bleed profusely. My cock seemed to go numb as he gripped it even more tightly. I could see in the dirty mirror my swollen cockhead being slowly choked to death, its piss slit opening wide, as if gasping for air. I heard a tearing sound and then a muffled crunching, as blood poured from my piss slit. “Ohhhh….” I moaned in agony as he continued to dig his sharp nails in. I tried to pull his hand off my cock with no success. Finally after a couple of minutes he released my damaged cock as it wilted, bleeding from the underside and slit. I laid on the floor in shock.

After what seemed like an eternity, he slowly pushed me on my back and spread my legs up over his shoulder. His wounded cock had gone soft so he slowly stroked it as he cursed. I had done more damage than i had thought as it continued to bleed and dripped down on me. Try as he may he could not get hard enough to get inside of me. He straddled my chest and commanded me to suck him. I refused but he attacked my cock again and i quickly gave in. I took his turgid cock in my mouth and sucked. I could taste his blood and i reluctantly worked his manhood. Eventually it came to life as i could feel it getting harder in my mouth. After a while he pulled away and spread my legs again, spitting on his now hard cock, he slowly penetrated me. It hurt like hell for me but i think him as well. However his wounded cock was able to stay hard as he slowly thrust in and out. My beaten cock continued to leak blood but also clear fluid appeared, running on my stomach and up to my chest. After several minutes i could tell he was getting close. Our lips locked and tongues went into each other’s mouth as he made a loud groan and pumped his load into me. He collapsed on top of me.
We awoke to the bathroom door being opened and bright sunlight filling the bathroom. A Mexican lady screamed and ran away as we quickly got up. Naked we both ran our separate ways. I ran up the steps to my room and let myself in falling on the bed. I slowly got up and went into the clean bathroom looking at myself and wounded cock in the mirror. My cock ached from the deep puncture marks of the vicious attack. I gently showered as my cock continued to bleed. Explaining this to my doctor would be difficult.

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Fantasy Fight: The Karate Hero vs The CowboyBlog di hadashisenshi

Aidan is young, but he's tough. He started training in karate since he was 5. He's kind, but he's not an asshole. He understand that sometimes people's mouth is bigger than their own brains. But this time, he couldn't just let go. The way that drunk jerk was mocking his beliefs was... unbearable. Now he's waiting for him to show up. If he had the guts. Sitting in the seiza position, Aidan is focusing. He is calm and relaxed. It's late, and his dojo is empty, like the streets of the city. A motorbike is coming from afar. So the cowboy is showing after all. The roaring engine is approaching. No need to get up, not yet. The bike stop just on the front door. Breathe. Heavy stomps of booted feet are coming from the entrance. He's here. The cowboy is tall, and look strong. But Aidan is confident he can take him down with his karate skills. he already took down opponents bigger than the cowboy on the mats.
"Are you going to fight me in that pajamas?" barked the cowboy. the sound of his voice got his nerves more than this insult.
"This, is our traditional uniform. And yes, I'm going to wear my gi to fight you."
"Oh boy... you must be nuts..."
"Silence! just come, and take your well diserved punishment!" Aidan get enough of his mocking. The blood pumped in his veins, roaring in his ears like the rage. Smiling, the cowboy took of his jersey shirt.
"ok. let's dance." Aidan took the guard stance, soft and quick on his naked feet. the cowboy take heavy steps with his boots towards him. Suddenly, the massive man charged with a speed Aidan couldn't imagine him capable of, but he was prepared, and his body reacted avoiding the cowboy quick fists and kicking him hard on his side.
"Ouch. that hurts buddy. You fast." the cowboy smiled
Aidan took the initiative and went for high kicks that land clean with surprise. The cowboy retreated, clearly in pain. Aidan took the chance and went for his body again, with his long, strong legs. the cowoby took the hits and fell on the ground.
"Agh! Gwah! Ok! Stop! Stop! you champion! you tha Man! Ok! I was wrong!" he admitted. Aidan felt the rage disappearing as he saw the pathetic cowboy retreating, trying to shield himself turtling up.
"Aww... man, it hurts! Karate is the best! Ok?"
"Get up and get the hell out of here." Aidan replied cold.
"Oh, ok. Thank you Master. Can... can you help? I... I felt your kicks ya know?" The cowboy reached out his hand, and Aidan offered his own helping him getting up.
"man... I couldn't believe it..." the cowboy started. Suddenly Aidan felt a shiver through his spine, but was clearly too late. As the cowboy stomped over his toes with his boot Aidan felt an excruciating pain all through his foot and leg.
"AAAGH!" Aidan cried out loud in pain, and the cowboy gave him another go on the other foot, aiming at his naked toes, stomping them hard with his heavy boot heel.
"EAAAGHWAAAH!" Aidan fell down, unable to stand up anymore. Suddenly the pain exploded on his face while receiving the hard sole of the cowboy boot that was laughing hard.
"So dumb to fell for it... I can't believe it... not to mention... going barefoot against a booted opponent. Man, you really wanted to be trashed hard..."
Aidan couln'd breathe, and couldn't stand.
"Here we go buddy" The cowboy claimed and stomped over his barefoot again, and again.
"WAAAH!! AAAH! GHWAAAAAAH!! AAAAAA GH!" Aidan was completely helpless

Aidan lie down on the floor, trying to breathe. His feet aching terribly, the right side of his face pummeling, his nose bleeding. The anger he felt before was completely gone, fear and frustration took its place instead.
He tried to get up on his knees and suddenly a fierce blow reached his ribs, a clean hit that took all the air from his lungs.
“GWAAAGH!” Aidan rolled on his back, bending the legs trying to guard-up.
“What’s up Master? What’s wrong? Come on. Show me. Beat me with your karate.” Aidan didn’t replied. Slowly, he tried to put some distance between him and the bastard. Quick as he went before the cowboy charged and took both his ankles.
“going somewhere, are we?” Asked the Cowboy putting his booth on Aidan defenseless crotch.
“hn…. Bas… tard…” Aidan felt his heart racing in his chest. He tried to escape but the cowboy got his ankles in a steel grasp and didn’t let go one inch. Instead, he started to put pressure over Aidan’s balls, not enough to make it unbearable, but enough to cause him pain.
“agh… f-fuck.. you!” Aidan tried to kick him away, but the pain was draining his strength.
“Oh… such harsh words from such a noble warrior.” The cowboy throw his head back and laughed hard, increasing the pressure.
“Aagh! you… GAH!! you gave… cough. You… aaagh! Let..g-goooh!” Aidan tried to lift the boot with both his hands. His balls were aching bad, and the achille’s tendons started to feel the grasp of the steel grip of the cowboy. Wriggling his toes, with the sweat covering his body, Aidan started to tremble.
“did I? I can’t remember saying ‘I give up’ straight and clear. And even so, who the fuck cares? Look.” With a wicked grin on his face the cowboy pulled Aidan’s feet toward him, squeezing the young hero’s manhood on his leather sole.
“GAAAAWAAAH! PLEASE!! STOP IT!! PLEASE!!” Aidan grabbed his hair, screaming.
“I give up. I surrender. You win.” Said the cowboy and pulled Aidan’s feet further toward himself. Aidan fell his balls almost exploding in pain, and screamed his submission louder than he could, shaking his head, unable to withstand it anymore.
“AAAGH! GWAAAAAAH!! I GIVE!! I GIVE PLEASE GOD I GIVE UP I SURRENDER PLEAAAASE!” The cowboy released him. Aidan grabbed his balls, coughin blood. Covered in sweat and shame, he turtled up, trying to protect himself from the cowboy assaults.
“hhh… hhh…” The cowboy kneeled down beside him, caressing his hairs.
“good boy… good boy. The young and brave hero. Feeling like throwing up?” Aidan shook his head, shivering in fear.
“Mh. Good. I was afraid I went too far too soon.” Aidan sighed. ‘too soon’. It could only mean the torture wasn’t finished yet.
“Oh, you tought we were done already? Mh?” Aidan couldn’t answer. He was completely paralyzed by the fear. His stomach was full of hot water, and he indeed fell the need to throw up, but he couldn’t do anything but shake and sigh. The cowboy got up and Aidan rolled covering his head with his hands.
“Oh, what a brave warrior. Don’t piss yourself yet, huh?” said the cowboy and kicked Aidan’s lower back, with the tip of the boot, aming at the kidneys.
“GAAAAAAAWAAAAH!!” A sword of pain trepassed Aidan’s back.
“aaah… AAaah… please… no more… pleaaaAAAAAAGH! WAAAAAH! GHWAAAAAAHAAAA!” The cowboy stomped again over Aidan’s feet.
“I enjoy very much torturing your barefeet. I like to hear your screams of pain.” He admitted. Aidan tried to crawl away, while the cowboy keep hurting his toes.
“AAAGH!! WAAAAAH!!! AAAAGH!!” Aidan rolled face up and lift up his feet.
“Oh, ready for another go?” the cowboy asked smiling. Aidan was almost crying.
“no… no sir…. No please no…! P-please… no more…” The cowboy was standing over him, towering.
“No? Low you legs, lad.” Aidan sighed, but obeyed the order.
“Good boy. Spread the legs a bit more. Only a bit.” Aidan felt his heart almost exploding in his chest.
“Come on.” Said the cowboy smiling. Aidan closed his eyes, and gnashing his teeth obeyed.
“Good boy.”the cowboy sat down and grabbed Aidan’s balls in his fist. Aidan remembered the steel grasp of that hand. Sweat… and at last, tears.
“what’s your name boy?”
“…Aidan. Please sir… p-plea-aase…”
“Shut up Aidan. Shut up. Listen. Listen well ok?” Aidan nodded.
“Aidan, out of pride, you challenged another man to a fight. Be right or wrong, you putted yourself on the line.” Aidan sighed.
“this isn’t a sport competition. This isn’t a duel of honour. Do you understand, Aidan?” Aidan nodded. His heart was beating faster and faster.
“Aidan, I could have been take your life anytime. Now I could take your manhood. See?” The cowboy gave a squeeze on his balls, and Aidan screamed.
“GGWEAAAAAGH!! PLEASEE!! I BEG YOU!! MERCY!! MERCY!! I BEG YOU!!” Broken. Utterly broken.
“I will have mercy Aidan. I won’t take anything from you for today. But I’ll make sure you’ll remember. You will be a good boy, and do as I say, will you?”
“yes!! Yes!! I will do, I surrender! Thank you sir! Thank you!”
The cowboy got up. He took Aidan’s black belt from him.
“This is your pride as a warrior. Throw it away. To save your life as Aidan, I, no you, must kill the karate warrior.” Aidan took the belt from the cowboy’s hands and threw it as far as he could.
“now, get naked boy. Stark naked.” Without questioning, Aidan took off his blooded gi.
“bow down before me. And beg me.” Prostrating himself down, Aidan begged.
“Mercy…. Please, have mercy. I beg you…. I’ve learned my place. Please, spare me.” He felt ashamed of this humiliation, but he was already broken. He just wanted to forget everything.
The cowboy took off his boots, exposing his strong, naked feet.
“Come Aidan. Worship my feet. You like men’s feet, don’t you?” Aidan hated men’s feet, but the fear of the pain was too great. He crawled to the big feet of the cowboy and started to lick them. ‘At least they smell like leather’ he thought.
“Like that. Good boy. Suck the toes.” Aidan obeyed. The cowboy loosen his belt, and Aidan knew what was coming. Anything, anything to survive. The cowboy didn’t had to ask, Aidan took it all down his throat, almost throwing up.
“good boy… good. Ah…. Like that. Oww… Oh yeah. Mmm… yeah.”
HE pleased the cowboy for a time that seemed forever, until his conqueror baptized him with his hot load, moaning in pleasure.

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Think it's time to take a break or even leave.surrey71's blog

"Join meetfighters", he said "full of decent guys who don't mess you about!"
So I did.....
Yeah ok, I've met a few awesome guys on here - that I won't deny.
I've also been messed about by guys who have been very active on here with glittering recommendations!
Changing minds minutes before leaving home or costing me money in various ways - either accommodating their requests or arranging hotels that I can't get refunded.
Said people then don't even have the decency to stay in touch!
I've even held out olive branches to new guys to break the 0 past opponents mark - now I know why it's at 0 for so long!
I tried to organise a friendly group meet in Manchester and shocked at the arrogance and downright damned rudeness of some that I asked to join (despite great recommendations about how nice they are!) so I've got to the point of trying to decide whether to stay in here or whether to put away my speedo and call it a day!
To those I've fought and want to stay in touch, you have my contact details should I disappear - to those who have behaved so badly - shame on you!

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