4-Month Site Review: MeetFighters rocksWrestling and Domination

Greetings! Hope everyone who celebrated Easter or Passover recently - or the Equinox last month! - had a wonderful holiday. And especially warm thoughts go out to the Admins and contributors who make MeetFighters possible!

At the beginning of the year, for reasons I still have trouble pinning down, I joined this site to finally give a shot to what has been an interest, passion and fantasy of mine for years: wrestling. I'd been aware of the site for years, had a previous profile used mainly for cyber matches... and have been ensconced in the gay/underground wrestling scene more than most non-participants for a long time. Joining up and actually seeking out matches was a scary prospect, but this site has proven to be the perfect tool for finding fights, and connecting with fighters of all kinds.

I am continually impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the Admin team. Despite understandable warnings of how busy they are, I have never waited very long for a support response. With no payment and too little appreciation, the Admins and those who volunteer to help have created here an online community that is at once focused and welcoming of a range of interests... inviting and easy for new members, yet secure .... and which manages to be both accommodating of anonymity and well-designed to give one ample details about even the faceless members.

If I were to design a site from the ground up, with the mission of this site... it might look different but would be functionally very similar to MeetFighters.

Recently I have pushed several guys whom I've met through other channels to either sign up or re-activate their old accounts. I especially appreciate the new Verification feature and encourage it, and not just for new members! And I would recommend this site to anyone looking to start fighting.

That said, I do have a few minor issues which I'll lay out. Some of these have been discussed with the Admin through the Idea Box... others are just my subjective opinion and amount to little annoyances more than anything else.

To begin with what I raised to Admin most recently, I do have some issue with the presence on the site of guys who demand to be paid for wrestling as a service. I do not begrudge guys who can get away with charging for wrestling the chance to do so - I just think it should be out in the open. I believe the current policy has created a black market of prosti-wrestling, which was not its intent (and seems actually counter to the intent of the 3-year-old poll on which the current policy is based).

I think it's unfortunate for any guy on here to approach a "community member" for a match only to be told there's a fee, after putting himself out there. I think it's especially gross that some guys charge selectively - using fees to either weed out or make bank from those they find somehow unworthy. Again, I personally think it's their right, but I find it to be a repugnant practice in what is supposed to be a "community." As I wrote to the Admin, "As for the guys who only charge certain challengers, no idea what to do other than tell them to be better people. Although it wouldn't be too hard to add a line specifying who's unfortunate enough to get charged along with [the proposed] "You Can Buy My Time" check box."

My request has simply been that a profile check-box be added for anyone who charges for wrestling to be up-front about that. I think it's good for everyone: saves guys seeking matches from getting pissed off by being rebuffed with a price tag; saves semi-pro's time in weeding through messages from guys who won't pay; and it saves the site as a whole from the impression (expressed to me by a straight prospective member) that - like many personals sites - it's a thinly-disguised escort board. And I think the status quo - which gives genuine advantages to commercial members in terms of past opponents and recommendations (thinking of a member who joined recently and instantly had dozens of recommendations thanks to pro-for-hire work) - is toxic to the very idea of this place being a "community."

Beyond the pay-me-pro's among us, like I said most of my issues are minor annoyances... and most also have to do with inconsistencies in the application of site policy.

For example, the rules governing profile pics seem to be applied very differently depending on where you live (and sometimes just arbitrarily). Like, apparently I can't use a cropped torso shot in a singlet - yet there are countless members from Europe with profile pics of them in a singlet, head cropped out (there are literally two such profile pics at the top of my screen right now). Today, I saw a profile pic from a Texas member that was just his back. Inconsistencies like this create unnecessary feelings of unfairness. Ultimately, I really don't care about having to go with the shirtless pic I did... but why did I have to, when so many members don't seem to? It comes down to, why are those guys allowed to present themselves as they choose, but I cannot, even though it's the SAME way? Again, minor... but definitely annoying.

I'm also not crazy about meetings going away... And it's 2017, so I do think it's silly for ALL videos to be "premium content." Easier access to videos might actually entice guys to join up. I wish it were possible to dismiss Match Requests that happen to include your demo, but which don't apply to or interest you - but I brought that up and understand it's a no-go; easy enough to ignore those anyway.

So... ***On the whole, MF is freaking awesome!!!*** - and I remain immensely grateful for its existence and for those who work to keep it going and improving. Please do not let the criticism here take away from my enormous general satisfaction with the site or admiration for its Admins and contributors. I just want to express my appreciation, and maybe contribute to the ongoing dialogue about how this community can keep improving to serve all of its members as well as possible.

Thanks for reading!

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1 Jahr bei meetfighters - Danke!roy65's Blog

Ich möchte mich bei bedanken!
Ich bin nun 1 Jahr hier dabei und hab festgestellt, dass das genau, das richtige für mich ist.
In einen Jahr hab ich viel Erfahrung gesammelt, hab viel neues erlebt, neue Orte gesehen, besonders hat es mir viel Spaß bereitet und vor allem viele neue Freunde gefunden!
Mit vielen meiner ehemaligen Gegner hab ich regelmäßig Kontakt und wir treffen uns mehrmals.
Und ich möchte gern noch weitere neue interessante Treffen erleben (auch bei mir daheim in Augsburg) und auch noch viele neue Freunde kennen lernen.
Ich wünsche hier allen Meetfighter-Mitglieder viele interessanten Gegner und besonders viel Spaß und beste Erfolg!

I would like to thank Meetfighters!
I've been here for 1 year now and have found that this is exactly the right thing for me.
In a year I have gained a lot of experience, I have experienced a lot of new things, seen new places, especially I have a lot of fun and found many new friends!
I have regular contact with many of my former opponents and we meet several times.
And I would like to experience even more new interesting meetings (also with me at home in Augsburg) and also to meet many new friends.
I wish all Meetfighter members lots of interesting opponents and lots of fun and best success!

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Help From the Wrestling CommunityWrestlerandGeek's blog

Someone on this site stole two singlets a few years back that were near and dear to me. One has monetary value and both have a lot of sentimental value (the other was given to me by a college wrestler as a gift). I know he has them because I have finally seen one on his new wrestling site that he and his fiance have created. I cannot name names on here but if anyone could help me retrieve these singlets or talk some sense into the person on this site to return them I would greatly appreciate it. Please message me. I am asking for help from the wrestling community here to just retrieve things that were wrongfully taken, not trying to start trouble. If he could just return my things I can certainly move on. It pains me to see guys like that continue on these sites knowing he still has things that dont belong to him.

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Past Opponents (who dissapeared).EdwardoPain's blog

Something has been bugging me lately and that is the realization that if a member from this site decides to erase his profile, and you two had been past opponents it affects your past opponents count. I do not think that is cool at all, is it difficult to leave the profile as a skeleton type of thing so that it still counts? (just showing that the member no longer exists or something?) i mean... there are records that confirm that you were past opponents so it really rubs me the wrong way, i need to get to 3 past opponents and i had one but he had his account deleted, only to come back again under a different one... only to leave the site again. So who is to say that my next opponent will not up an leave after we fight?, and i'll never get to the 3 past opponents mark?, i don't think it should be something so difficult that it cannot be implemented, encountering people who actually in reality and not in fantasy land want to fight you makes things that much more difficult.

Anyone else has had the same dilemma?, your thoughts on the subject?

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My second meeting with wrestling 4444Flwrestler's blog

So me and wrestling4444 had our rematch a few weeks ago I thought I could take him with some luck but I was wrong as you can tell in my photos we have another rematch cumming soon

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Grupo de luta livre gay - Gay wrestling groupnewsp67's blog

Foi criado um grupo de Luta livre gay em São Paulo. A group for gay wrestlers in São Paulo was created.

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"You cannot message this member" ...edscissors's blog

... because you are blocked.

Well thank you very much!

I had a pleasant, welcoming exchange with a new MF member last night. Perfectly polite, perfectly cordial, no threat or unpleasantness on either side. Next thing, I'm blocked. His prerogative, of course, but so unnecessary. A simple, polite "thanks but no thanks" would have done the trick and, I suggest, been more in the spirit of our site.

I've been here before and I know that others agree with me that the "block" button should only really be used in extreme circumstances. I'm so sorry, young chap, and hope that you will find what you are looking for here on this excellent site. Hitting the "block" button was, I think, lazy.

I've sometimes politely turned down invitations to meet but never had occasion to block anyone. Am I bitter? No, not really. Just disappointed. It's so easy to be polite, respectful and considerate.

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2017-04-15 Getting Tougher and Staying TougherSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle) blog

Came up with a good 60-or-so-minute workout – gets almost every muscle, no equipment needed–great for in between weights days and there is nobody around for a rough wrestling/judo/mma match. Especially great if running hurts the knees, can't or no place to swim, and don't want to go breakneck speeds on a bike going down the trail system. Do it intense enough and you should be at aerobic and will have exercised all kinds of muscles you don't get with most other routines.

First: Be physically fit enough to begin exercising in the first place. [Yes..I have to stress that, even for some users of this site.] This routine is not for couch potatoes or egregiously out of shape folks as their premiere routine–check with your licensed medical practitioner. Then, once cleared, ----Commit yourself to do these with intensity, con gusto, avec vitesse.

Walk, 15 min or so mile pace–clasp your hands–tight squezzing them like you mean it hanging on for life, for strengthening the grip. Manipulate the arms against each other at every possible angle (alternating which hand is clasping the other) Resist like you mean it. Do it in front, behind you, over the head, down low–so it's like multi-angle benches, mil presses, regular & Fr. curls, etc. and bend the wrists at times resisting each other--- and resist bending hand against hand at times, to work the wrists/forearms.

Keep your abs tough, tight throughout, and when "resting" from grasping the hands, tighten the abs more and pound them (use common sense, keep the muscles there tight as a drum, and avoid your ribs – You don't want to break them). And tighten up those butt muscles as you walk. Few thing uglier than as soggy-looking ass. After that, hand against the head and push, all angles–change hands at times, resisting with your neck muscles (again use common sense).

Make the entire cycle last 12-15 minutes; ("Rest" by merely walking–Keep up the pace). Work up to four cycles (like 4 sets) More if yur in Gung-Ho City

If you can last 60 minutes or so, you've had a good workout. And you'll have the sidewalk, rec trail, whatever; and wide open because people will think you're some crazy man gyrating, contorting your body madly – every which way but loose. and sure as hell will give you wide clearance. If anyone starts handing you crap, tell them it's one of your homework assignments for a mortal hand-to-hand combat course, such as krav maga.

If you had merely walked at a normal pace doing nada else, the whole upper bod would nave lain fallow, other than swinging the arms, and your breathing and pulse would have be rather zilchlike.

**Caveats: Make sure yur fit enough in the first place to try this. Clear it with your doc. You might be stiff the next day after yur first couple times doing this. Hint: Don't do the gut striking if children are in sight–Don't want them imitating it, not realizing the gut has to be tightened up for it to be safe. Same goes for any strikes below the navel around women and kids–could be misconstrued as some kind of a sexual thing.

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Trash TalkSlim66's blog

It is an activity that occurs in sports between opponents. Although it is not physical, if a person is not careful, it can effect him mentally.
Trash talk.
Why do people, especially guys do it?
Most of the time , it is for amusement.
It amazes me that most of the people who do the most trash talking are usually trying to provoke the opponent.
Speaking from personal experience, 70% of my past opponents ( 7 out of ten of my past opponents) have initiated this type of communication. I have had even some future opponents saying how they will dominate me on the mats.
They do not know Slim that well: do they?
At first, I was like these people do not know me that well and talking all this smack.
However, I forgot one thing: it is part of the nature of the beast.
I respond to it either by ignoring it (until we meet on the mat) or by replying in a dry and a sarcastic mode.
Guys, if you are talking smack, MAKE SURE that you either you know the person well enough or has a good sense of the person's temperament. Also, make sure that the talk is made in fun, not detremental to the person's character or to the person's psyche.
In sum, it should be ministered like medicine;: with care.
In fact, it can make a match more exciting or an opponent more aggressive ( in a positive way). It can cause an opponent to perform better and improve his wrestling skills by training harder.
Basically, I am a nice and a polite guy. However, if someone communicates in a way that questions on how they will dominate me or crush me on the mats, it is time to respond
In fact, some trash talking has motivated me to become more aggressive on the mat and improve my skills.
I am not advocating trash talking. However, if it causes a match to become more exciting , or for a wrestler to improve his performance on the mat, then so be it.

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Prowrestling Event Costsnwfan53's blog

Just fo the heck of it, I looked to see what WWE was charging for an event. Spotted this option.

The WWE Superstar VIP Experience Packages are $549 & include:
Premium Ringside Seat (1st 2 rows)
Meet & Greet and Autograph Opportunity with WWE Superstars*
Exclusive Limited Edition 2017 WWE Souvenir Event Chair
Three New Exclusive VIP Merchandise Items
Limited Edition 2017 Autograph Book
Matted Superstar Collage
Venue Parking (where applicable - one parking pass per order, not per ticket)
On-site Greeter

Of course you could just by the P1 seat for $110 each. Or P2 for $65.

Reminds me why I drove to Portland and watched 4 hours for WCWC TV taping for $10. And sat three rows back from the ring.

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