The Phoenix Visits SlimSlim66's blog

The Phoenix is a legendary bird that arose from the ashes. Its beauty could not be compared with any bird. Today, as the Falcons will " RISE UP" in the Super Bowl and (hopefully win), the Phoenix also followed suite.. Here are some attributes that can be contrasted between the legendary bird and my friend (opponent).

One, the Phoenix is a strong bird. Like the bird, Phoenix Wrestler demonstrated his strength to me. I do admit, though I was able to pin him once, the man was on top for the majority of the matches. Like most of my opponents, Phoenix knew he could dominate me. However, he toyed with me ( which we both tremendously enjoyed ) and laughed. I had a good time.

Two, the Phoenix was also a sleek bird. The meaning here is something that is beautiful to behold. Once the bird arose out of the ashes (like Atlanta did aftsr the Civil War = RISE UP), it was beautiful to behold. My opponent, to say the least , has looks.Oh, yeah....

Three, sexy. Although it is not automatic, good looks can make a person look SEXY. Let's face it, in some cases , there had to be some type of physical attraction from one or between both parties to schedule a match.The main point is for both parties to enjoy each other's company and the sport. Who knows: it may be done on the regular.

N.B.: The tiebreaker will be held on Phoenix turf. Yes, this will give him home field advantage. I believe that I can take him, though. Much love to you, bro. Appreciate the first match. Looking forward to the second one , as well as future matches. Laughter,mutual compliments snd mutual respect were exchanged through out the match.

Man, what an opponent. (Ahem) I meant what a match. Happy Wresting, guys.

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Too few real opponentsSparrhawk's blog

Northern New England feels like a dessert when it comes to meeting guys who want to wrestle. When I first signed up for this site, I was excited to meet some brothers to grapple and practice moves. Unfortunately, what I've fond is a lot of fake profiles. If my area is a dessert, the profiles are mirages.

When you scroll though the profiles of guys in New Hampshire and Maine, almost none of them have opponents or recommendations. Many guys have been on the site for years and are not willing to meet up for a match. If that's the case, why have a profile at all?

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2017-02-05masculineredneck72's blog

Any one wanna Skype with me in Levi's that sag just a little in butt and then underwear briefs flex strutting posing trashtalk etc

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Biceps is growing!ronaldb1974

Awesome, my biceps size has gone up again: 36.5 cm / 14.4" (left) and 37.5 cm / 14.8" (right). That's 10 cm / 3.9" more on both sides since I started working out. :-)

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Hoping to Get DRILLED...Wrestling and Domination

… at wrestling practice this weekend! … What were YOU thinking? ;-)

On Sunday, I’ll be taking a trip I’ve wanted to for years, since long before I was comfortable meeting guys for private matches… to meet and practice with the Philly Spartans. This fine group has been meeting to work out, train and wrestle for awhile, offering a fun and welcoming space for gay men (and anyone else) to come together in shared interest.

I am very excited!

As I’ve been working out and “getting in shape” over the past few months, I’ve thought repeatedly about WHAT shape, exactly, I want to get into and trade in my former flabby self for. Initially, as Kevin Spacey’s character expresses in the 1999 classic American Beauty, my motivation was, “I just want to look good naked.” Lol… but as I’ve had a few matches and discovered some of the other joys of being more fit, my focus has shifted to training for wrestling. And of course wrestlers are the hottest athletes there are, anyway, so it all works out.

But how to train/work out for wrestling specifically with no team, no coach, etc.? Fortunately, I did wrestle one whole year in school and there are a few principles and drills I remember (and the internet is also helpful). So I’ve focused a bit more on core and leg exercises to improve speed and power to go for an “attack” style (much easier for me than developing the patience to be a more defensive wrestler, lol). But there’s only so much I can do on my own.

So I was thrilled the other day to be joined in the fitness center I use by a guy who was clearly a wrestler doing an extra workout for conditioning (not enough cardio for him to have been trying to cut weight). While doing my own routine, I kept an interested eye on his, as he reminded me of three other targeted exercises I had forgotten, which I’ll now be trying to incorporate into my workouts: burpees and two different side-to-side footwork drills.

And now I get to enjoy some actual wrestling practice and guidance on Sunday, to see just how wrong I’ve been doing things, lol! In all seriousness, though, the chance to practice with and learn from guys who’ve been at this longer is something I can’t not leap at. And I’m happy to have a fellow wrestler from Delaware joining me for the trip…

While I’m on the topic of training, one more thing… I asked in the site’s Freestyle group this week about the Attack Style training program (I just referenced the concept of an aggressive/attack style above, don’t mean to confuse) and remain curious in general if there are online programs or video series that anyone here would recommend as good for someone who feels closer to 18 than he did at 19 but still has joints that believe they’re middle aged. :D As with everything, I am always happy for advice and recommendations!

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend, hopefully gets in some wrestling (I hope to tonight!)… If you can’t get in the real thing, by all means check out the action at my Tumblrs dedicated to Wrestling Domination, and Sexy Wrestlers. I’ll also be posting a few new original wrestling stories on my main Blog this weekend… And check back here next week for reviews of Spartan practice and any scraps I get into this weekend!

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ConfessionSlim66's blog

" Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game." Michael Jordan. Source: www. brainy

When I first joined Fighters, I did not enjoy wrestling like I do.presently. Why? Because I did not know how to enjoy the sport. Let me explain.

I wrestled a little in college. Although I was not on the team, I did scrimmage with them. Then, before I graduated, I joined the wrestling club. However, the major theme that was emphasized was winning . In sum, if an individual did not perform well, the team would suffer.

I would sometimes feel bad because, I did not have the proper training for a match.

Then Mattman introduced me to Fighters. When I first wrestled, I would sometimes become so tense, I would freeze. However, with Mattman's patience, plus some help from Synxiec and later from L(ike) T(o) P(in), especially, I begun to loosen up. After I wrestled LTP, my matches became more enjoyable and less stressful. I began to joke more and even began to do some trash talking (when the other party started). I began to relax more and laugh more. I was actually having fun.

So, the next time if you have a match with me and I start to joke and to laugh, try to over look it. I am just having fun.

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2017-02-01Blog de Dixit

un peu plus d'expérience à présent avec un renforcement musculaire. Gutpunching, lutte ou boxe sont le bienvenu. n'hésitez pas à me contacter.

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Why Wrestle?ressler's blog

I would like to start a discussion to determine why people on this site wrestle. I think I am in the minority by starting this discussion saying that the reason I do it is for making friends and the competition of it. I just like to wrestle. There used to be a sexual element to is by that had faded somewhat. I'm also a gear head. I have always liked and still like the "spandex" aspect of wrestling. Skimpy gear is also a turn on. I do now and in the past have loved to wrestle women. My girlfriend wrestles. The best part about our relationship is that she knows I wrestle guys and is fine with it. Matter of fact she has attended some of my matches (with the consent of the other participant) and she has a great time watching me win or loose.

So, in a nutshell, this is why I like to wrestle. What's yours?

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Lessons in Safety ... and Singlets (Matches 3 & 4)Wrestling and Domination

My 3rd Match (Rematch vs. Slandon23)

After finally recovering from back-to-back 10+ round sub matches my first time back on the mat, and a few fits and starts getting a next match set up, I showed up to wrestle Slandon23 again a few weeks after first stepping onto his mat. Because I was concerned (overly so, I now realize) about losing more training time to extreme soreness, we had agreed to go a bit lighter this time. Practice a few holds, have a few easy-going rounds.

Unfortunately for me (but ultimately to his credit as a fighter), Slandon has no “light” or “easy-going” mode! After a few awkward rounds of him not really fighting back, and enormous difficulty on my part in describing what a light match would entail, I decided ‘to hell with it,’ and we started just going at it as before, working for submissions.

We fought through several rounds, trading submissions somewhat more evenly than my first go but not especially keeping track. I worked especially hard at trying to trip him up- and take him down in a way that would give me an advantage, but repeatedly found him just too strong to budge. At one point I tried what might have been an excellent throw… if we hadn’t been too close to a wall (which ended the day with a 10-inch hole to show for having got in our way)!

Then, during one of my repeated attempts to get a foot behind Slandon and trip him up, we did both fall… and I rolled my right ankle in the process, and was greeted by a flush of pain through my foot! We stopped and took a break. I worked it out and walked it off… and it still hurt a bit, but after a few minutes I felt OK to continue. Slandon offered to continue on our knees, but – due to a knee I know doesn’t like that – I declined, perhaps foolishly. So we went fully back at it.

Sure enough, after another round or two, I stepped the wrong way and felt another surge of pain from my right ankle. And this time the discomfort persisted longer. I knew, sadly, we’d have to stop for the night. Slandon was completely understanding and I know we’ll wrestle again soon enough, once I’m back to 100% and then some. He is an intense opponent who – like I noted above – just doesn’t compete half-way. With him, it’s pure competition and I need to give my all to wring subs from Slandon. Hopefully soon I’ll get the chance to try again.

Fortunately, within a few days my ankle and foot felt OK, with minimal swelling. I was able to keep up my workout routine, which includes lots of walking/jogging/running… as with my knee I’m learning that the best medicine for problem joints seems to be strengthening the muscles and tendons around them. So when Kingman reached out to have another match, I was more than happy to have another go, confident that my ankle would be less likely to get rolled again in a match against a smaller opponent.

My 4th Match (Rematch vs. Aakingman)

With Slandon graciously hosting us again, Kingman and I wrestled more than 10 rounds over about two hours the other night. This time we decided to try more of a mix of folkstyle/amateur and the sub style we’d fought before. Rounds could end either in a submission, as before, or a three-count pin. I had a great time and am pleased to have won out on points over those rounds, although we agreed after that we probably won’t use pins as much since they gave me an advantage due to our size differential.

Kingman was fierce and tenacious once again, however, and – just like the first time - after six rounds we were tied… and then this time we were tied at 8 rounds, too, out of the nine we’d agreed on. Some rounds were short – none shorter than the round I’m proudest of, in which I caught him in a roll-over cradle and held him for a quick pin! Others were longer, with the action occasionally spilling off the mat and needing to be re-centered. One of the folkstyle aspects we worked in that did work very well when we needed to re-start mid-round was allowing whoever had been ‘on top’ to maintain control through the referee’s position. I enjoyed the continuity within the round which that promoted…

While we had wrestled in combat shorts the first time, for our second match Kingman and I wore singlets, partly because of the focus on folkstyle and partly just because I had wanted to, being quite into the gear myself. I wore a plain black singlet. And Kingman looked great in a low-cut, high-legged blue and yellow singlet that contrasted fantastically against his smooth, dark skin. Definite added perk to the match there, though again in the heat of competition, there were only a few brief moments of … interest, lol. Yet again I did have moments to … appreciate, however.  One such moment got me in trouble, as I decided to try for a longer, less intense sub hold to wear him down… and sure enough he broke out and won that round!

Kingman mostly got me this time with repeated headlocks, while I managed to hold out in all but one of his body scissors. Once again he proved to be fast and great at staying low and keeping his limbs from being tied up… and stronger than his 150 pound frame suggests! We were extremely competitive over all, with control in most rounds shifting back and forth several times before one of us got a win. I made him submit with a hammerlock. He made me give with a near-choke as he squeezed me with his legs too. Back and forth… with rests between rounds, we kept coming back at each other relatively fresh and were soon back on the mat struggling and sweating…

So it all came down to the final round. I knew I wanted to win, but didn’t want to use a pin because I felt even before we discussed it that my size advantage just made that easier for me. So we locked back up scrapped for another good minute… until, finally, I got him in one of the only clean scissors he let me get around him that night. And when I was able to add on a sleeper hold/chinlock, he knew he was done and tapped out. Victory was mine, though a victory admittedly qualified by the advantage in pinning.

And we weren’t done! After the “best of 9 rounds” we had planned, we sort of lost count of the ensuing rounds, but we both wanted more… So we each took a turn starting in the referee’s position – and in both of those next two rounds whoever started on top won the round. Over a few more late rounds, I took one with a hot pseudo-sbp with his legs finally caught in the grapevine I’d tried repeatedly to get him in during both of our matches, his arms held above his head… even after counting three, I almost didn’t want to let him go from that one! Lol.

For extra fun between rounds, he let me try getting him onto my shoulders for a torture rack. I was not able to confidently/securely lift/hold him quite yet while standing, but did manage to stretch him out for a good minute while kneeling. Kingman said he felt a bit wobbly, though. So, hoping to try again after a few more weeks of ‘gainz.’ Lol.

When we finally wrapped up, after what seemed to be at least our third “last round,” we were both tired, thirsty and sore… but (I think I speak for him too, based on his comments) thoroughly satisfied by a good match! We were very competitive once again and Kingman is just fun to wrestle. He’s also easy-going and safety concerned. A stray knee to my nose brought an instant stop to one round as he made sure I was alright and not going to bleed before we continued. But when we did, it was right back to all-out straining against each other, using body blows where possible.

The fact that I won again aside, I had a great time. Throughout the match, looking for pin opportunities helped bring back even more of my long-forgotten school wrestling training and whatever I’ve absorbed by osmosis from watching college wrestling online. I was tired, but it felt good and once again I felt stronger and more confident after the match than before it had begun. I’m sure that will only happen so many times as I discover what I can do, lol, but I’m definitely enjoying the feeling of surprising myself while it lasts! And my opponent’s comments on the match gave me a few more pleasant surprises, but I’ll keep those to myself. ;)

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First match of 2017Wrestle in london's blog

What a rush! So glad to be back wrestling again! It was brilliant to experience the competition, the sweat, the body contact, the struggle and to secure the win.
I loved dominating my sexy opponent (B2bomber) and wringing the submissions out of him. Fingers crossed that this is the first of many matches this year - bring it on!

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