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Dear friends at MeetFighters,

I want to tell you a story about an accident that happened to me. This is not a pure self-pity story; I will tell you the bad part first, but if you bear with me, I will tell you the good part. Deal? Deal. Let's go.

So it happened in October that I tore a ligament in my right knee during a match. I didn't know that was what had happened at the time though. I just knew that it was agonizingly painful and I couldn't continue the match. Or walk unassisted. In fact, my leg seemed to be useless for anything but giving me pain.

The next morning I went to a chimp dressed as a doctor. The chimp then did what they do: it ordered the wrong test, then based on the wrong test it drew the wrong diagnosis, and based on the wrong diagnosis it prescribed the wrong treatment. The wrong treatment made a bad situation worse.

Note to self: don't trust chimps. They are assholes.

So suffice it to say that my knee was not improving much. By the time I got to a doctor who actually knew what he was doing, I was due to travel out to Australia, where I spent some weeks limping around but otherwise having a splendid time. Thanks to all Aussie MeetFighters friends who agreed to meet up with me even though I couldn't really give them anything resembling a good competitive match.

Then back to Budapest, getting an MRI, getting the second opinion and finally in December, getting the first surgery for the knee to clean up the broken remains of the ligament.

Then came the physio, and finally I progressed enough that the surgeon gave the green light to do the second surgery, the one that would replace the ligament with a graft taken from my hamstring. In about six months' time, I will be able to run again and regain most of the function that was lost in October.

All in all, this little adventure would cost a bit more than a year of my wrestling life. This concludes the bad part.

The good part starts in December when I met a guy. I gave up on finding a boyfriend who was A) local B) having that ne sais quoi and C) into wrestling. It turns out that if you settle for two out of three, there's an entire world out there, and in that world I found someone special for myself. He didn't seem to mind that i came to the first date on crutches. He saw me for myself and still decided I could be good for him. For that I am happy and grateful.

As part of my physio, my therapist has recommended that I do an ever-increasing amount of indoors cycling. Not having an indoors bicycle at home, I joined a gym that was within limping distance from my domicile. Since I had to go there most every day to spend some time cycling without getting anywhere, I also started doing some upper body workout every day. Turns out that if you do that, it actually helps with your physical condition! By February I started regaining the muscle mass I lost due to inactivity and not being able to do jiu-jitsu anymore. By end of March I was starting to feel stronger than I was before the accident. I improved enough for my friends to notice and compliment on my condition.

In conclusion, I miss wrestling terribly, but I am not unhappy with where I am at in my life. The second surgery is coming. It will be painful, and I will have to walk with crutches and start physio over from zero again. But then, slowly, I will get everything back, and in October, I will start fighting again stronger than ever.

This is the story of my Knee Situation. I will be here to chat with you guys and hear your stories, and when the surgeon gives me the green light to do so, I will jump at the chance to wrestle you again.

Stay strong and happy wrestling! :)

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Fotos von miryoshytiger's blog

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Fantasy vs. Realityriverrat's blog

I have never ever written a "blog" before, but I suppose it is basically just an outlet for someone to express their feelings, or gather information or share stories. As far as how this particular blog will go, I imagine it's going to be delving into a little bit of each of the factors I've just listed.

I'm still fairly new to this site and have had many conversations with several men on here regarding all types of fantasy matches. First of all, let me explain to you how I've spent 56 years of my life trying to figure out who I am. (And still working on it.) I was married to a lovely woman for nearly 20 years because that's what I was "supposed" to do. Had a fine life with a nice home and children. However, I always had that yearning for men buried deep down inside. As the marriage failed, and I found myself single once again, I was intrigued by that side of me that I had kept hidden for most of my life and finally admitted to myself that I was gay. It hasn't been the easiest thing to accept and I still struggle with it today. But, it is what it is. I found another wrestling site during the latter years of my marriage, which I found to be a big turn on for me. I had never really heard of such things and found myself completely lost in that site. I wanted to try it...and through that site I had found my first wrestling partners. Now mind you, I had no experience and lack strength, but it was something new I wanted to learn about myself. And I had a great time! Although I never had more than maybe 3 or 4 matches, I wanted to continue to try and to learn about this sport and the erotic side of it. There is something about 2 MEN trash talking and getting up into each other's faces and being completely uninhibited that I find exhilarating. However, one of the "downfalls" I find in myself is that I'm basically a "nice" guy to everyone I meet and I can't seem to allow myself to "let go" and act upon it as I'd really like. I always feel foolish if I even THINK about attempting such a feat. It is my hopes that one day I will be able to find that confidence and allow myself to be free and fulfill my desire. I get alot of comments from guys who tend to believe my appearance has a rough exterior, but I can't help how I look...and if I look tough, trust me, it's only a "look" and not who I truly am.

I have only recently rejoined the "wrestling" world...(and still waiting on matches)...due to being true to myself and continuing the search. I became involved with another man over 3 years ago, and we had agreed on a monogomous relationship from the beginning. However, I've discovered that he gets more of a kick by allowing me to think that he remains monogomous, but sneaks around behind my back on MANY occasions in the time we've been together and I've had enough. So, I'm back on wrestling sites and looking to fulfill my fantasies. Why not? I had given it up when we made our agreement, but if he wants to continue hooking up with others with no respect to my wishes, then in my opinion, that grants me license to do as I please, as well. I know...not a good situation, but one I'm kind of stuck in.

As I continue my search in locating partners to rassle with, I can't help but wonder how many others view wrestling in the same respect as i do - erotic, sexy, manly. I've spoken with a few who want to wrestle strictly to wrestle with no sexual release, and I guess I don't understand the point. Is it to test strength or to prove one is stronger than the other? As I've already mentioned, I have no strength, so wrestling for dominance or to prove who is the "alpha" is really of no interest to me. I'm not looking for injury or out to prove anything, I'm just looking at wrestling as a form of exercise and having some fun with it, and fulfilling a fantasy. However, I have trouble in actually setting matches up. There doesn't seem to be much of an interest in this sort of thing due to my location, and I am willing to travel within reason, although I'd prefer someone would come to me. And due to limited availability and my current situation, it is nearly next to impossible to make it happen in real time, although I do my best to accommodate. And most of those I'd love to get my hands on (and are just as interested in me) are miles and miles away. Setting up a match isn't easy. Either available dates don't work out for myself or a potential opponent, or a match that has been set must be cancelled due to extenuating circumstances, which I can understand.

Basically, I would LOVE to explore more of this side of me I desire, but I fear that making the fantasies a reality will be few and far between, if at all. I would love to hear some feedback from some of you who may be able to help me better understand what exactly this site is all about, what exactly you look for, or if you have any incidences or situations similar to my own. I apologize for the length of this blog, but if you made it all the way through and it stirs a comment, please do so. I'd love to hear from you. Thanks and happy rasslin!

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One For The BooksToddVos's blog

I have to say the past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. My last indepth blog was a sorta explanation of the way I am and what I've gone through or continuing to go through. And where my real life at college and work seem to be failing somewhat, this piece has skyrocketed.

The life of ToddVos, a character I've created to contain all my competitive and erotic desires of wrestling, has made more progress than the first time I was on this site. Previously I was known as CrusherJames before having a crisis of second thoughts and worries, causing me to leave MeetFighters for a time. However, I convinced myself to give it another go.

Immediately, I took an interest in the blog aspect. I thought I could apply what skills I had in writing to let out certain information that I couldn't so easily share with others. I didn't think much would come out of the first one. Clearly I was wrong, as Mr. Abuster commented and began communicating with me. I had tried to reach out to him before with CrusherJames, but never received a reply. We did discuss that and now we are decently good friends, in my opinion.

In the words of B3, I "hit a nerve" with this community with my story. Something I thought a poor college student from backwards fuck Kansas could never do. I'm not that important so why would anyone care? It is strange and exciting to realize how wrong I was.

With one match under my belt, I now have taken my first step into something bigger than myself. The common insult for most of us is that gays and bisexuals who wrestle are disgusting pigs. That we could never appreciate what wrestling truly is or means. Well, I kindly say fuck that.

To my own surprise, I have come to love this community. Not only for those who have shown me kindness, but to show that you can be truly comfortable in your own skin with this hobby no matter who you are. It is something I have never honest to God seen before in my life.

My best wishes to all of you this week. And, for the record, you can now.expect a weekly blog trend every Saturday starting April 15th. It is time I become honest with myself through you guys.

Till then, cheers! -Todd

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Come on, ManSlim66's blog

A fellow wrestler was telling me about an upcoming match. He was excited about it because it was agsinst a former opponent.. In fact, the latter iniated the match. However, when I called my friend two days before the match, I sensed there was disappointment in his voice. He explained to me that his opponent canceled the match , without any plausible excuse. Remember, it was my friend's opponent ( not my friend), who iniated the contact and iniated the match.
Come on, man!!!

Unless, there is a plausible reason for canceling a match ( serious health issues, death in the family , transportation problems) and other unforeseenable reasons, the match should proceed as planned. This is especially true , if you iniated it.

I had an experience myself in December 2016. The guy saw my profile and he liked it. We messaged each other and there was some trash talk. He even gave me his address. However, on match night, he did not bother to call. I confronted him a week later and he gave a weak excuse saying he forgot because of work related stress problems. Never said I was sorry. By the way, this same wrestler treated one of my former opponents the same way. Would I wrestle this guy if he issued me a challenge.


Why? Because this man has no testicles ( I really wanted to use the word balls) to say he was sorry. That is a sorry excuse for a man, not mentioning an athlete.

Guys, if a fellow wrestler accepts your challenge , PLEASE have the guts to follow through ( unless something out of the ordinary happens). You must realize that your opponent allocated time for you to wrestle him.. Also, the logistics about the time, the place, and other minute details. This person could have used this time to run errands, spend time with family or other friends or even just chilling around the house. This person sacrificed time out of his BUSY schedule to grant you sn audience!!

Oh, did I mention money?!! Yes, gas does cost MONEY. Hotel rooms are not cheap. They cost MONEY!!

There is an old addage: Do not write a check that will not cash ( spend). In other words, a check ( promise to pay an obligation) for a debt (your promise you gave to another person).

If you must cancel, please give the other party at least three days to a week notice. That way, the other party can make other arrangements. Please notify the other party by phone, by e-mail or through Fighters. Also, be sure that the other person has received your notice out of common courtesy.

Guys, one of the main features of this site is to relieve stress, not add to it. Let's act mature so that we can all benefit from each other.

Happy Wresting!!!

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OWG Meet 8/4/2017Steeleyes's blog

.My 1st OWG Meet at Pippas,thanks to John1953 for making everyone welcome and for refreshments.Good to chat to other folks and to be guided/trained by 3 experts and have 2 private sessions.A memorable day.

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KO'd by a hot, young guyBi_Boxer's blog

I was attracted to this hot, young guy who worked in our shipping department. We got talking about how hot boxing is and he told me that he had taken down two older men in nude boxing matches. I asked him if he thought he could take me and he said that he knew he could. I asked if he was man enough to try me and he said he wanted to fight me naked to a KO. We pressed into ea other and kissed hard; that's how I accepted his challenge. I'll describe the fight in my next update...

We met in a hotel room, took off our clothes and gloved up for the fight. We stood face to face with our bare chests and hard cocs pressed together. He kissed me and whispered that he intended to conquer me by knocking me out and posing with his foot on my bare chest... "I'm going to own you"... He had a timer for keeping track of the rounds and with my permission, he set up a video camera to record the fight. I've never been more turned on...

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Boxing class #3MikeJGEG's blog

What a great day! Had another great workout at Spokane Boxing, and the hot tub was open when I got home! I feel much better after today then I did my first two day, and am pumped to get better! Got 60 minutes in, 2 minute rounds... mostly shadowboxing and heavy bag, but did a round each of box drills, squats, and speed drills. Taking my time, and trying to work on my proper form.

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Before picsMikeJGEG's blog

Took a couple of 'before pictures' today for me to reference as I progress. Weight today: 197 lbs.

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Go for the newbies hereSpruceman's (always wanting to wrestle) blog

Seek out and go for those new guys coming to the site. They are our future----As an example, I was honored to get to wrestle with ThefiremanDC as one of his very first opponents. Sure, he owned me on the mats; A very nice guy and stronger than the proverbial ox, i.e., stronger than at least 95 percent of the guys on the site, maybe 98 or 99 percent. New to wrestling; but with that strength, and his picking up skill at lightspeed, he will definitely be a top one percenter. Hope life is good for him so he has the time to get to wrestle the tidal wave of guys seeking him out. The lesson here: By turning down a newbie, you could be missing out on the ground floor of someone who is stellar – a bright shining star– wrestling wise, personality wise..

BTW, Don't construe this as not wanting the more experienced guys here. I seek to learn from you; so seek me out as well.

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