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chicagopiledriver is recommended by mochablk (4/24/2017)

I wrestled Scott some years back and it was one of the hottest and sweaty matches I've had. Great guy and I hope we can meet again soon.


bentleyboyuk is recommended by walsallgoodguy (4/24/2017)

4/3/17 grove park.met and wrestled rod.we had tag match first then some single and 3 way match ups.a great wrestler strong,plays a great heel deadly claw and some great ball crushing.very safe as i had fractured ribs only a month ago.a super,friendly guy and nice to have a drink and meal later.we will meet again very soon for rnd 2.thanks for great day ripper roger ( walsallgoodguy ) xxx.22/4/17 tag match me and drybrook v bentleyboyuk and crabladder,we lost 2 subs to 0, another great meet and all had meal later great fun guy


marko2305 is recommended by aneria (4/24/2017)

lottatore forte, che sa anche come fare per sottomettere l'avversario!


BDsubmit is recommended by ProFantasyJobber1 (4/24/2017)

BD is a top tier level heel. Highly skilled to match his stamina.
Any one out there who only wants to meet younger men, don't know what they are missing if they don't connect with Bill.
Strong core. And relentless. And quite handsome. And can be your best friend once the match has ended.
Don't miss a chance to meet this great guy.


fightsuisse is recommended by nickfight (4/24/2017)

Est bien et sympa soit sue le mar que dehors.
Fort et cousteaud il ad des bon immobilisations, bloquage, et on peut sentir tout son poids :-) (il y avait une differenze de poids mais c'etait agreable!)


Sensational Danny Cedar is recommended by Spruceman (4/24/2017)

Take a guy with over 25 years of wrestling experience; add to that the musculature & strength of an ox; add a touch of good wrestling 'aggrotude.' Sum those up, and you have Danny Cedar. He is one tough man to try to handle on the mats. It appears he knows every hold, counter, takedown, and whatever else it takes to wrestle existing within '2000 Light Years from Home.'

He essentially owned me on the mats; and odds are at least 95 out of 100, he'll own you. He a good one to humble you a bit if yur a bit cocky (as I have been lately); and incent you like the proverbial hot place to redouble your efforts to become a better wrestler; so you'll want to try him on down the pike.

On top of all that, he's a friendly, likeable man. Check him out; wrestle him; and you'll find a new friend. His grade is an A plus in my book.


twrestle is recommended by abradtner (4/24/2017)

Twrestle is an amazing guy and a tough wrestler, with great pecs and abs, toned arms and thighs. He is really fast, powerful and skillful.
Thanks for visiting here and having an intereting fight with me. It's my pleasure.
Hope we'll meet again.


ProFantasyJobber1 is recommended by Bennett74 (4/24/2017)

If you get the chance definitely wrestle and box ProFantasyJobber1, he definitely gets the play of a heel/jobber match and knows how to deliver as a heel or a jobber. I have had several matches with him and always come back for more. He knows how to work a jobber over.


Bennett74 is recommended by ProFantasyJobber1 (4/24/2017)

This young man is skilled in both wrestling and boxing. As a jobber he let me have my way for a while and then he took over. It was great to be pummeled by Bennett74.
One of the nicest guys ever til he puts on the gear. And the best eye candy.


patlutte is recommended by Paul Vincent (4/24/2017)

De la technique et de la force, facile à rencontrer. J'aurai aimé encore plus fort car sa gentillesse au combat le désavantage un peu.

45978 recommendations

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