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Ringwrestler123 is recommended by Basildon Bloke (3/22/2017)

What can I say about Ben that hasn't been said before !!!

Met Ben today at Walthamstow as part of a group meet and what a fantastic time I had. Ben is every bit as good as all his other recommendations have said and a really friendly and pleasant guy.

He very kindly gave me some tips and holds for pro, which come in really handy. He is very encouraging and passionate about wrestling and he put me at ease from the minute we started. He adjusted his level to mine and the other guys at the meet, and at all times I felt very comfortable and safe.

He looks great in his gear and is much stronger than he looks.

I'll definitely be meeting up with him again and highly recommend others to do the same.

Thanks again for a terrific session.


sportynord is recommended by peter-baer (3/22/2017)

Unglaublich: Da ist man auch als Anfänger vorsichtig, einen "alten" Mann nicht weh zu tun und dann sowas. Er legte mich doch tatsächlich mehrmals doch ohne Probleme auf die Matte. Und ich hatte arge Probleme mich aus der einen oder anderen Situation wieder heraus zu winden. Dieser Mann zeigt, daß man selbst im Alter richtig fit sein kann. Er brachte mich richtig zum schwitzen. Bin immer noch richtig geflasht von dem unscheinbaren Muskelpaket! Wenn ich wieder in die Gegend komme, gibt eine Revanche! Versprochen. Darauf freu ich mich schon sehr :-)
Und neben den Fights? Ein wunderbarer Gastgeber. Sorgt sich wie ein liebender Papa um "seine" Kämpfer. Bereitete sogar Essen und Trinken für die größeren Pausen vor. Sehr sympathisch, sexy im Ringeroutfit und Power... So möchte ich auch im Alter sein!


marko75 is recommended by peter-baer (3/22/2017)

Wow. Was für ein Nachmittag. Da wollte man was fürs Auge und dann durfte man um den Sieg fighten.
Auch als Anfänger hatte ich immer wieder Chancen, den Kampf doch noch für mich zu entscheiden ;-) er gab auch gute Hinweise und Tipps, was man noch alles besser machen kann. Es war ein toller Nachmittag, man spürte wieder den Bär in sich selbst und den Fighter gegenüber. Das Raufen war fair, man spürte wieder seine Kräfte und den Schweiß, der dann reichlich floss
Und auch neben der Matte machte er einen knuffigen, sympathischen und liebenswerten Eindruck. Ich hoffe, dass die nächste Siegprämie mindestens ein gemeinsames Bierchen wird, was diesmal aus meinen Zeitgründen nicht mehr drin war.
Jetzt heißt es trainieren, damit die hoffentlich bald stattfindende Revanche für mich gut ausfällt!


TheBusiness1234 is recommended by wreslon (3/22/2017)

The business1234 is a great host and made the trip to him well worth while, Shared the same interests, exchanged long slow moves, paying attention to each other's pecs. This guy is a power house with an impressive physique. Highly recommended. Off the mats genuine and friendly.


peter-baer is recommended by marko75 (3/22/2017)

Was soll ich sagen, der Bursche ist einfach genial! Als absoluter Neuling durfte ich das erste Mail mit ihm auf die Matte. Ein Bärchen durch und durch mit hübscher Fresse und Verstand. Ich war einfach begeistert, er hatte Mut und ging gleich drauf los. Es hat mega viel Spaß gemacht und ich bekam auch viel fürs Auge. ;-)

Ein toller Mensch und guter Gegner - auch wenn er noch Neuling ist. Der Bursche hat Kraft - kurz gesagt ein Kampfbär. Ich hoffe wir sehen uns bald wieder und dann zeige ich dir einige Tricks. Und dann zeig mir deine Dominanz mein Kleiner!

Und wehe man sagt, er ist süß - aber das ist er! (Insider)

Bleib bitte am Ball und komm wieder. Dicken Kuss aus Hannover.


wreslon is recommended by TheBusiness1234 (3/22/2017)

Thanks for a great bout today. Really enjoyed our exchange of holds & gentle wrestle . I need to sort this shoulder out then I can step it up a gear . Lovely guy with a great body . Hope to meet again soon


EssexUK Brit Pro is recommended by Ringwrestler123 (3/22/2017)

I had a message last week from this guy wanting to wrestle I accepted not sure what to expect as I like wrestling guys of any age and style, when I turned up at Grove park today it was an absolute pleasure to meet one of my oldest long lost friends and I stood there and said hey its clive where have you been , as he pointed out my travels around the uk and the world have stopped us from meeting, I was surprised how strong and skilled this guy is , we had 2 hours of solid pro style wrestling with Iain scott as referee and it was one of the best pro style matches I have ever had , both of us working each other to a win, but not point the wrestling was more important,
Essexuk is an amazing guy for his age and I want to meet him again we have discussed about a tag match and yes please I am keen , I am also keen to meet 1 on 1 again, if he challenges you accept hes great and a lovely guy out of the ring.

well what can I say Essexuk britpro one of my oldest friends he is a true star, he is a lovely guy but don't be fooled in the ring , hes fantastic he is so enthusiastic its bloody brilliant, I thank him for joining us today at Walthamstow ring for pro tag wrestling, world of sport style 22nd march , 2017, this guy is so powered up in the role of referee and wrestler :) :) :)
HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, his enthusiasm is emense.
til next time , soon I hope .


ATONMAN is recommended by Mat74 (3/22/2017)

Ieri mattina ho trascorso tre fantastiche ore con Atonman nel nostro primo incontro. Ero molto eccitato sapendo che si trattava di un maestro con una grande esperienza. Tutto è stato curato nei minimi dettagli nella preparazione dell'arena e questo ha contribuito ad aumentare attesa e eccitazione. Nella lotta, anche se non ho quasi "toccato palla", mi sono divertito moltissimo e ho cercato di fare il massimo. Ma è come se mi fosse passato addosso un treno merci... Aton è stato implacabile, super sportivo e giustamente non mi ha concesso nulla: uno due ed ero al tappeto schiacciato dal mio avversario. Questa esperienza mi spronera' a migliorare e a far sì che la prossima volta possa strappargli almeno il punto della bandiera. N ell'intermezzo e al termine dello scontro Aton è stato anche amabile ed erudito interlocutore su temi diversi. GRAZIE DI TUTTO ATON . Yesterday morning I spent 3 fantastic hours with Atonman for our first meeting. I was very excited to meet him because I Knew he is a master with a great experience. Atonman has been e superb opponent. I couldn't do anything against him. Everytime five seconds were enough to him to stop and dominate me. I was really destroyed. Anyway I had a good time and I will use this experience to improve myself and to oppose him next time a better resistance .Thank you ATON! Hier matin j'ai passe trois heures tres de pure adrenaline face a ATON lors de notre premiere rencontre. Il est un superbe maitre donc je n'ai eu aucune chance face a lui. Il m'a ecrase! Sa conduite est esemplare, il est aimable, loyal, sportif et implacabile dans la bagarre. Cette epreuve sera pour moi la raison de progresser a fin da lui opposer una meuilleur resistance la prochaine fois. Merci da tout Atonman! -------- marzo 2017. Terzo match con ATON e terzo 6-0 incassato e portato a casa, per usare un gergo tennistico. È come se mi avessero dato una racchetta in mano e mandato a giocare un game contro Nadal o Steffi Graf. Troppo forte. Un altro sistema solare. Dovrò lavorare ancora duramente per strappare un 15 a Aton.... Alla prossima !!! Sempre raccomandatissimo.


borets is recommended by Ringwrestler123 (3/22/2017)

we got to meet as tag partners in may , brilliant strong heel , knows his way around the ring, submissions all round, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, don't miss this strong bloke, you wont be sorry.

A heel of a guy who loves his pro wrestling just up my street, hes a great tag partner to my heel side, I thank him joining us at Walthamstow wrestling room 22nd march, 2017 for the pro tag event , he is an amazing guy , amazingly strong , knows how to defend but also knows how to be a pro world of sport wrestler, he will make you work , I thank him helping run the group, it ran like clockwork, thanks heel .


jgrappler is recommended by Fitzy1983 (3/22/2017)

Finally got to meet this powerhouse of a man and what a pleasure it was. Unfortunately due to a slight injury we had to take it slowly, but managed a good long exchange of holds and I managed to show J a bit of my nasty Heel side.. A lot of fun. J looks great in the gear, with a fantastic body and is a really generous host.

Off the mats we managed a good night out (just about recovered) and put the world to rights over dinner and a couple of beers. Good to discuss current affairs with and a real charmer. A definite must meet and a good mate for me, from here onwards. Looking forward to when we're both 100% and really going to go for it!!

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