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the duke is recommended by dadwrestle (1/23/2017)

After a few years of not managing a meet, I met up today with this beefy heavyweight Brit Pro wrestler in the Walthamstow Ring! He made all the arrangements and despite fog and traffic we both arrived on time. We had two solid hours give 'n take old style Brit Pro. This isn't my usual fight style, but it was a blast! Safe and sane, but great to use a ring. We plan Round 2 soon. This guy knows his way around the WofS wrestling world. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! If he challenges you...ACCEPT!


JobberLiam is recommended by armmusclesuk (1/23/2017)

Met jobber Liam and chub for a wrestle well what I can say Liam takes load's of holds and pain in the moves .He's pro with 2 wrestlers on 1 as well.cannot wait to hit the mats with him and chub again very soon 2 1st classes wrestlers safe and pleasure to be with off the matts .amazing day .looking forward to round 2


armmusclesuk is recommended by chub (1/23/2017)

I had a wonderful work out session with Andy. We had long sessions with various moves including racks .. I was able to lift him and heeled him into various positions. He was able to fight back and along with his brawn and mussled body against
My heavyweight body and strong thighs it was a good session. I certainly ached after the day and look forward in fighting with him again soon.


Zeus is recommended by wres (1/23/2017)

Zeus es el más experimentado y aguerrido luchador del Perú. Un verdadero honor enfrentarme a él, una lucha interesante y aguerrida, fuera del tatami excelente ser humano. Espero enfrentarnos nuevamente!


FighterGuyy is recommended by polyethylene33 (1/23/2017)

Thanks for the meeting!
Due to a serious injury on his side we had some fun rolls but hope to meet him at his best next time, the guy is very strong and has some skills!
Of course Highly recommend


scrappyone is recommended by polyethylene33 (1/23/2017)

Reliable and very nice guy, although he is still new to wrestling, he's eager to go at it and has some good instincts
Highly recommended!


corpoacorpo is recommended by Robfighter (1/23/2017)

Lottatore estremamente motivato. Abbiamo combattuto in uno spazio strettissimo dove l'ho dominato a lungo. Un mio passo falso mi è stato fatale: si è scatenato con tutta la forza possibile sul mio corpo e lo ha dominato e sottomesso. Persona molto seria, affidabile, raccomandato.

extremely motivated fighter. We fought in a narrow space where I have long dominated. A misstep mine was fatal: he was unleashed with all possible strength on my body and dominated and subdued. very serious person, trustworthy, recommended.


briansp is recommended by ChiWrestler (1/23/2017)

Briansp is a great fun wrestler. Definitely recommend!


HarborFighter is recommended by diggeroh (1/23/2017)

Great guy, skilled boxer and wonderful organizer. So looking forward for the day he comes through Cincinnati again.


sid is recommended by pndfighter (1/23/2017)

Sid is a an incredible guy! We met while he was staying in Vienna for the weekend and spent some quality time on and off the mats!

Rolling with him was great! He definitely knows what he's doing - so yes, he's skilled and trained - and always keeps it safe and sane for both parties! His experience with multiple styles also shows!

Off the mats, he's a great guy to casually chat with about any kind of topic. He's an intelligent, humorous and witty person and it has been a lot of fun to talk and jest with him.

Don't miss him if you get the chance to meet this great guy!

43435 recommendations

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