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Thanks for boosting my ego,Administration,by my moving some of my pics to private from my profile front page,you do a great job running this site.Cheers boys

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First boxing class review!MikeJGEG's blog

Wow! What an awesome experience. I had a great time at my first class, and can't wait to continue this journey. I learned alot (and am quite surprised just how much I didn't know), and had some great support from the coaches, who both seemed pleased with how I did for my first day.

First thing I was shown was proper stance, and just shifting my weight back and forth.... it's funny how awkward I felt. Kind of like learning to walk for the first time. Worked on that for abut 5 rounds, and then learned how to throw a jab. Now, I "know" how to throw one, but not how to do it "properly", and it's a big difference, let me tell you.

Did a couple of rounds on the bag, just working on what I was shown before, and then some group stuff like squats, lunges, etc.

I'm feeling it in my sides and legs now, but it's a good hurt, and I'm proud to have it!


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Today at the gym!MikeJGEG's blog

Another great class at Spokane Boxing! Def felt more comfortable than yesterday, though still trying to relax when moving and throwing punches. I know that this is going to take time and practice, and I just need to keep telling myself that. Since my work schedule doesn't allow me to go every day, I plan on working on my skills each day at home.... you might call it "homework", but much more enjoyable!

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DisappointmentRuffbear7's blog

Men say they are interested in meeting. The opportunity arises. Men don't communicate. The opportunity disappears. And this happens exclusively with men who are in shape, attractive, and have lots of past opponents who look like them. Men who have sworn up and down that appearance, size, et cetera don't matter have done this. Even men I have met previously have done this. It's not that anything went wrong when we met, only I am no longer a priority.

We live in a world divided into haves and have nots. I am generally seen as a have not as far as the people using this site are concerned. The guys who are haves on this site have proven themselves to be universally bigoted and discourteous. I do not approach them. They approach me and act friendly, but the emphasis is on act. They live in a bubble where their cheeriness is a reflection of knowing they do not have to struggle to find opponents or admirers.

I have said all of this before. It's raining. I am depressed. I am tired of rejection.

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I'm afraid...OddJobb's blog

If everything goes well I will have my first wrestling meet next month. I'm curious and excited. Everybody would be... but I am a bit more. I am afraid of it.

Dealing with depression in my life... whatever. I take medicine, I know my downs and evil thoughts, my ups and cocky behaviour. But having schizoid behaviour is a much more deep impact in my life, or let's say, the life that I am supposed to live.

Besides of major problems with work and society standards, one thing always let me look damn jealous to other people: They could touch each other... just like that! They hug, kiss, squeeze, cuddle, grapple each other like there's nothing to it. Man, how do you...?
This probably sounds ridiculous to the most of you, especially on a site like this. I am extremely afraid of body contact. It is impossible for me to do it out of the blue. Every time I do it so many thoughts are rushing through my head: "Is it _now_ the right time? How long? How strong? Where is it appropriate?" When others touch me, I mostly cramp, slide away, full of fear of being too sweaty, maybe too smelly for the other person. How to react? It's a nightmare.

Anyway, what does that have to do with wrestling? I would see it like a shock treatment.

I tried a few times to do a very light Aikido. It was mostly relaxing and very, very simple moves. First I was motivated, bought a book, practiced Seiza and tried to combine breathe and movement. That was all fine. Until I had to get in contact with others. You know, like touching each other, feeling each other, using their power for your power... I failed damn hard.
There was no way for me to feel the other, how he moved, how I had to react. I got so confused by moving and thinking, keeping in mind, while I was doing movements, there was another human with me. In the end I left Aikido with a bigger fear of getting in touch with others than before...

The only time I had no problem touching was, when I got used as an example for certain moves. I guess then I wasn't responsible, just responding. Guided and "safe", even though it hurt, I just trusted the teacher.

As I write in my profile, this will be the only way for me to wrestle, get in contact, touch and get touched (and learn to be relaxed with that)... by just responding (to a dominant action of an opponent). Of course, I'm still afraid of doing things that could hurt others or being too soft, but that I will find out next month... phew

The worst and biggest fear is getting told "Sorry, you're impossible!". I would nod, accept and delete my profile. Shock treatment failed. (And NO, Cyberstuff is NOT an alternative :P )

Wish me luck...

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£100 cashRay83's blog

Offering cash for guys to wrestle me

Love wrestling outdoors on grassy asses

Yeah I have one bad recommendation but as the guy who left it has since blocked me u have no way to contact him

Come on guys cash waiting

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Joining the boxing gym!MikeJGEG's blog

Today I'm taking the next step.... I'm joining a local boxing gym. Not a 'fitness' gym, but an actual boxing gym. They do have men, women, kids, pros, amatuers, and 'white-collar', but it's all boxing. I am so excited to be finally doing this, and plan on posting about my progress!

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Get Asked AlotImtiazAli's blog

Rather than changing my profile for a short while; I'll write it here.

Q: I get asked a lot if I'm a part of the Spotland Scrappers.

(I have no idea why... I don't know how they confuse me with Ray Junior mainly, and others...)

A: No, I'm not... However they are a nice bunch of lads.

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Motel Wrestler wrote about me:SuperVilão's blog

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For newbies: should you prefer another beginner to a skilled opponent?paulwhite's blog

As a newbie, who to look for as a potential opponent? :)

When looking for another beginner as your wrestling date, you may think it is better as the match is going to be more even / balanced and it won't hurt so much! :D My experience says it really doesn't work like this. ;)

Meeting a skilled wrestler means meeting someone who:
1) has met many skilled and unskilled fighters before,
2) knows a bit how the fight is going on, what hurts, which hold can cause an injury etc.,
3) has reccomendations in profile you can read
4) is not afraid to meet other guys and usually it is easier to agree about a meeting,
5) probably is willing to coach you a bit and teach you some of his skills,
6) also was a beginner once

From my point of view, definitely do not be afraid of skilled wrestlers as a newbie! Many skilled wrestlers are happy to initiate a newbie to wrestling and invite them to "the club".

Enjoy! :)

PS: this entry was part of my discussion in the interest group "Newbies training center".

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