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I am so lucky: I can afford to spend a long, long weekend, Wednesday to Monday, in New York during WrestleFest 2017. I've never attended such an event before and am looking forward to it - nervously! But the organiser has made contact: it all sounds really friendly. In the past, I've booked hotels in New York and found them all formidably expensive. The suggested hotel for WrestleFest is central and affordable.

I've begun to set up some meetings - people officially registered on the WrestleFest database and some others, regular New York wrestlers.

Disappointing that one or two officially registered people have not responded at all. Somehow, I imagined that the level of politeness between WrestleFest participants might be pretty high?

Thanks so much to the organiser. Thanks so much to the interesting, generous people I shall be meeting in New York - for some scissors sessions. Can't wait to meet you!

And, once again, thanks so much, Meetfighters, for existing. Some of you will remember postcards which just said, "Thanks for Being". A bit 1970s maybe but HOORAY for Meetfighters: MF - thanks for being!

I'm going to have a wonderful time in New York, meeting new friends, enjoying some scissors maybe ... going to the theatre ...

In case anyone's interested, I'll probably write again when I return from New York.

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Wich brand you preferer to wear.. Nike or Adidas?serjjibucks's blog

Hey guys, im changing some moods about wich brand wear for my speedos for swimming and wrestling. I like Adidas and Nike, but please help me with your opinions, what's your favorite?

Leave a comment.

(The blue Nike brief that you see, unfortunately i lost it in the last trip of Ny :'(

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No luckthe natureboy's blog

I had been hoping that the latest treatment for my back injury would make it possible for me to consider taking up wrestling again.

The good news is that it is possible. The bad is that it would only be in a limited way and with a more restricted range of possible opponents.

If I lived in the USA or Europe where people live closer together and there's 40 times as many guys as there are in Australia [less than 300 profiles and not even half of them have ever wrestled or fought anybody] this would not be so big a deal but here the number of potential opponents lessens significantly if bigger men are left out.

What I have decided is:
1. I will keep the profile - my past opponents do not deserve to lose out because of my bad luck.
2. I will be available to wrestle but only against a smaller number of men who are around my size height/weight wise. And I will not be up for full on submission matches.
3. My main interest in the future will resort to being bodybuilding. I may even add to the five trophies of mine [still] adorning the gym I use, who knows?

Keep strong guys and thanks to all who offered support over the last month or so... it is appreciated believe me...

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Punching & Getting Punched - for the love of itpunchpignyc's blog

Haven't posted a blog for a while but got some nice response to my video with Slugfest - really fine time with him - he's editing the second video and we'll post that when it's ready. Man on recon told me he wanted to learn to take a punch as enthusiastically as I do, and I found myself writing this back to him.

"To me, it's not about pain it's about intensity. You don't even feel pain. Your whole being kind of galvanizes - nothing more gratifying & exciting. I assume you saw my video on Meetfighters? Had to delete the second one because my partner wanted to edit it. It'll be really hot when we get to see that. What you don't see is me working him over. Which I did with equal focus & passion. It's the intensity of a punch that matters. Throwing a punch & taking one become almost the same thing. After a while you love both. Crucial for me is that punching and getting punched teach you how to get better at both. I know now exactly what a sharp left jab to a man's right cheek feels like when I throw one. After a while, with the right man, every punch thrown or taken becomes an act of love."

Very aware that this is MY take, and that this scene is dicey enough, and personal enough, not to expect that others are going to share my take, but this sort of nails it for me, so I pass it on here. Meanwhile, attached to this blog, you'll see 3 frames with 4 stills apiece of me taking slugfest's punches to the face. Damn we had a good time. Of course I dished it out very nicely too. Just don't have pics of that. Guess that also brings up how important it is to me not to show pics if the other guy is uncomfortable about it. Trust is the name of this game.

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How I became a wrestling de Wrestlingfan14

When I was a kid I read "The Iliad" and when I finished reading the following part, I became a big fan of Alpha Males who like fighting each other. I became a truly admirer of male strength and virility.

«Then he (Achilles) announced the bout: ‘Rise now, whichever pair of warriors will try their skill.’ At his words, Telamonian Ajax stepped forward, and cunning Odysseus also got to his feet, a man of many wiles. When they had both prepared, they entered the ring, and came to grips, clasping each other in their mighty arms, locked together like the sloping rafters that some skilled craftsman sets in place on a tall house, to resist the winds. Their backs creaked under the pressure of their strong hands, and the sweat ran down in streams, while many a blood-red weal appeared on their shoulders and ribs, as they strove for the ornate tripod and the glory. Odysseus could no more trip Ajax, and floor him, than Ajax could move powerful Odysseus’ firm stance. But when they began to weary the watching Achaeans, Ajax spoke quietly to Odysseus: ‘Zeus-born son of Laertes, Odysseus of the many wiles, you’d best try lift me, or I you, and let Zeus decide the matter.’
So saying, he tried a lift, but Odysseus knew a trick or two. He kicked Ajax hard in the back of his knee, and toppled him backwards, falling on his chest. The spectators looked on admiringly, as they stood and noble long-enduring Odysseus in turn tried a lift, raising him off the ground a fraction, then failing to lift him further crooking a leg round Ajax’s knee, so they fell side by side, smothered in dust. They sprang up ready for a third round, but Achilles restrained them: ‘No more, don’t wear each other out. You were both victorious, and shall have identical prizes: there are other events now for competition.’ With this, they readily retired, and wiping the dust from their bodies, donned their tunics.»

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Self-Doubt: A Vicious OpponentWrestling and Domination

Just a few months ago, I was dealing almost daily with suicidal thoughts ranging from flippant and half-hearted to genuinely despairing. That was before I started working out, eating well and generally doing everything I should have been and had meant to for years. Whatever switch flipped in me the week before Thanksgiving 2016, I am determined not to look back and have been continually gratified by the universe seeming to acknowledge, if not always reward, my efforts.

However, depression and self-doubt are persistent opponents. And it doesn’t take much for them to creep back in, even after nearly two solid months of feeling on top of the world. On Friday, my hold on those negative feelings was tested in MF chat by a snivelling troll chiding me for being overweight. Over the weekend, an issue balancing my fitness goals with my type-1 Diabetes slowed my progress, further eroding my positivity. And yesterday, I found out that – likely because I’m not already fit/hot enough – my money isn’t good enough for personal training with a guy I had approached to help me get fitter. ^^ (see footnote)

Over the course of a few days, I was teetering again. This time I recognized the thoughts right away, knowing it can take monumental effort to push the door on those feelings closed again, while cracking it back open is a constant danger for those who struggle. Chatting with a good friend brought me back into a more forward-looking, positive attitude. One thing that does help, a little, usually, is knowing that others struggle too.

Our dear, recently departed Princess-turned-General, Carrie Fisher, said, "It creates community when you talk about private things and you can find other people that have the same things. Otherwise, I don’t know — I felt very lonely with some of the issues that I had or history that I had. And when I shared about it, I found that others had it, too." I agree...

So, even though it makes me feel very odd to be sharing poetry on a site for meeting guys to fight, that’s what I’m doing. Below is something I wrote yesterday afternoon as I was coming out of the funk this weekend caused. I share, just so that anyone else on here who sees it, who also deals with self-image and self-esteem issues, who has fought depression and self-doubt, knows they are not alone either. Feel free to tell me it's awful poetry, lol - I don't claim to be a poet (just like I never claimed to be fit... yet). But sharing the sentiment is what matters.

My Nastiest Opponent

He waits, lurking in the dark,
Feigns exhaustion while I smile.
Buying his kayfabe like a mark,
I relax, chin up for a while.

Drunk on new possibility,
I happily think him defeated,
Pushing my new ability,
Eager for change to be completed.

But with a momentum shift
-Plot demands its favored tropes-
I feel suddenly all adrift;
And he vaults back over the ropes.

“You’re not really tough.”
He rips me a savage blow.
“You’ve never been good enough.”
A one-two punch that brings me low.

As I reel across the mat,
He stamps me with every failing.
Too soft, too weak, too fat,
Should’ve stayed behind the railing.

Just watch the pretty punishment,
Knowing it and they are not for you.
Savor the bitter-sweet sentiment
Of loving what you’re unequal to.

My Id enflamed, Ego shamed,
He chokes me with my own desire
As, in a voice once-clear, now pained,
I gasp for release from the mire.

Someday maybe I will submit,
If the pain becomes too great.
But this day will not be it.
My Opponent will have to wait.

^^ To that guy, if he sees this, you were very polite and I do not mean to mischaracterize your response... just wrote the way it felt within the above context.

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ConcessionsSlim66's blog

"Life cannot subsist in society but by reciprocal concessions.". Samuel Johnson

In order for a relationship to survive, concessions must be made by all involved parties.

Corporations make them behind close doors.

Legal adversarial parties make them in court.

Couples and friends make them in order to strengthen their relationships.

Even we as wrestlers ,make them as rules for the match.

In order to have a fun and a fair match for all the involved parties, there must be both give and take from all parties.

In sum, there must be a mutual meeting of the minds.

The root word for concessions is concede.. This is the entomology of the word concede:
Middle French, conceder or directly from Latin concedere "give way, yield, go away, depart, retire", figuratively " agree , consent, give precedence " , from com (intensive prefix, which means together) + cedere " to go , grant, give way.," Source: etymon

Again, for the concession(s) to be effective, all parties involved must agree to the conditions stated. If not, there will be disagreement among the parties which could lead to other dire consequences..

However, this is my personal formula for how a concession should work: respect (for the other party (ies) involved + listening ( to the other party (ies ) ideas or suggestions + maturity ( by all parties involved) = concession.

Simple, huh?

However, beware of people who do not want to concede anything in order to achieve a common goal. I refer to these people as being immature, spoiled, and juvenile.

You think that a spoiled child is a terror? Try reasoning with a spoiled adult?!

That is an entire and a diifferent subject st this time..

As Gomer Pyle would say: " Shame, shame, shame!" Quotation taken fron Gomer Pyle , USMC (CBS TV Show: 1964-69).

Anyway. Happy Wresting.

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video chatmasculineredneck72's blog

Any studs have facebook or google so if u do we can video chat

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Smoke on the waterIronbull's blog

"A Fiy-er in the skyee". And if you're old enough to know what the f**k I'm blithering about then this blog is about you.

A man on here asked me to listen to his tale of woe. He is in his 60s and keen to attend a big city wrestle event but no one wanted to take him up and he ended up without any opponents. It was sad that a man who clearly has a considerable background in wrestling should feel it necessary to use the phrase "end of career" in his conversation with me.

When do you retire from wrestling and why? Is it when illnesses and injuries reduce your effectiveness on the mats? Is it when you feel that no one wants to wrestle you any more? Is it when your retreat from work and professional life give you fewer excuses to go out and secretly meet people to wrestle? Is it when you realise that you are more prone to injury and that recovery time is taking until Christmas? Is it when you can no longer process spatial awareness and anticipation fast enough? Or is it simply when the desire subsides?

I doubt very much that there is a single cause for the decision to retire. My generation of wrestlers is getting to that stage. Men who I have known for many years are referring to this question which is clearly a very personal one with significance and meaning that only they really understand.

What about the decision not to retire? This wrestling world is where you strip off and show yourself as a physical man to your peers. Where else can you do that? Who else wants to see you in your trunks? Where else do you get that manly physical intimacy without the lurid slop of crummy sex clubs or a cold stethoscope on your chest? It's a hell of a loss.

We have real friendships here. Are they portable to a post wrestling life or is your place at table forfeit when you no longer put up for a fight? Will the married and the partnered succumb to the comfy chair and the ruling thumb of a loved one? Will you look back? Did you notice that the guy whose profile used to be a regular port of call for your browsing finger has left?

Wrestling changes who you are. You can never discard the fighter inside you because he was witness to life burning at its brightest. Good memories of a physical life. Satisfaction of having been there sits alongside the resignation to the inevitable eventuality.

I am 54, prone to injury and stronger than ever. I started wrestling when I was 25. I have a trail broken bones (my own and others') and black eyes. Right at the moment I feel strong and experienced, and I can bring all of that into play. But the wave will break soon. I don't know when, but it's coming. These are my last years of wrestling, maybe my last months (play wrestling aside).

A new generation is coming through. I and my peers deserve and expect their respect but sooner or later the baton has to be passed to the young, the quick and the impudent. I wish them well but if, as one punk with 5 minutes of wrestling experience has laid on me, a disrespectful challenge is issued, you better hope I don't accept it. I have nothing to lose kid. Expect to hurt.

"Dvv dvv DVVV, dvv dvv DEYAH....." Deep Purple rocks...oh yeah! (told you I was old)

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undefeated cocky trashtalker phone first to cummasculineredneck72's blog

Im a masculine macho stud undefeated in phone match trash talk u all through I'll whoop u parade u around flexing strutting posing very descriptive no stud can outrashtalk NE or make me cum first or beat me no stud can escape my headlock or get up from my finisher tombstone ill face pin u after tombstone piledriver now stud can put me in my finisher lots has tried I put out headlock tombstone challenge any takers for phone match

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