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Generally don't like getting a "refusal to wrestle me" reply to a request. But I got to hand it to the [unnamed] local man for his honesty. In so many words he made it clear that his reason for turning me down was that I wasn't young and cute and wouldn't get his rocks off. Beats some of the cock 'n' bull reasons I've received, especially from some of the guys who believe they are young 'n' cute.."C'est la vie et la morte."

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The Awakening: Part IISlim66's blog

The day finally came and Steve was experiencing both excitement and nervousness. The reason was because he was wresting a younger and a larger opponent. Steve is 5'8, 170 . His opponent, Mike is 6" 2", 220 pounds. Steve was wearing, a muscle shirt, shorts, and flip flops. Suddenly, Steve receives a phone call .
"What's up, Steve? Ready for your match?"
"Yes, Just a little nervous.,"
"You will be just fine. You will enjoy yourself. Trust me."
Suddenly , Steve phone beeps. " I have an incoming phone call. It is Mike. I talk with you later. Thanks for the call, Carl'.
" Have fun, Steve. " Steve switches over to answer Mike's call.
"What's up, Mike.?"
" Nothing much, Steve. I am five minutes away from you. Are you ready to wrestle? "
"Sure. I am looking forward to it, young man.."
" Me too, sir. See you in.a few."
" Yes, Mike. In a few. Later." They disconnect.
Steve checks around the house . After he finishes, the door bell rings. Steve goes toward the door.
"Who is it?", Steve asks
" It' s Mike. "
Steve opens the door and invites Mike to enter.
" Good to see you, Mike ", said Steve.
" Likewise, Steve. "
They bearhug each other. Mike is wearing a tank top, shorts, and sandals.
" Do you want some water? I know it is warm outside ."
" Please, sir. Thanks."
" You are welcomed. Look , the bed room is there, once you become comfortable and want to change clothes. I will get you a bottled water."
"Thanks, Steve. I am going to change into my gear, now."
" No problem, Mike. " Steve goes and get the water': Steve enters into the bedroom and changes into his gear.

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The AwakeningSlim66's blog

"There have been great champions in every generation." Andy Roddick . Source: www.brainy

I noticed that my friend Steve was unusually quiet in the office on Friday.
" What's up Steve ", I asked..
" What am I going to do, Carl?" asked Steve.
"What happened?"
" I met this young man on Fighters and..." his thoughts began drifting.
" And?"
" I like this young man a lot.""
"Okay. How old is he , Steve?"
" Thirty ." His head dropped.
I cleared my throat. " Ahem. Steve, how could you become attracted to your opponent within one week?"
" Carl, it just happened. "
"May, I see his picture?"
"Sure." Steve showed me the picture.
" I can see why. He is handsome. Is the feeling mutual, Steve? "
" Yes. We have spoken on the phone everyday. "
" Everyday? How did this attraction started?"
" Well, Carl. We saw each others profile and the next thing I knew: " Oops , there it is."
" So, what's the problem, Steve? "
" The age difference is the problem. "
I looked hiim straight in the face. " Steve, if you mess up this, I will personally kick your butt. What is the matter with you? Have you been wanting someone for a long time? Someone special? "
" Yes, I have Carl, " Steve replied.
" I know that twenty years is a gap. However, my question to you is are you willing to bridge that gap?"
Steve took a moment s thought." Of course."
I looked him straight in the eyes. " This young man is interested in you. Give him a chance, bro."
Steve thought about it. " You are right, Carl. I will give him a chance."
"Besides, you will have the opportunity to enjoy each other's company."

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The Awakening: Part IIISlim66's blog

It was the big day and Steve was nervous. His opponent was younger and stronger than him. Steve was only 5'8" , 170 pounds. Mike, his opponent was 6'2 , 220 pounds. Steve hears the door bell.
" Who is it?"
" It is Mike." Steve invites Mike in.
They bear hugged each other.
" it is good to see you, Mike, " said Steve.
" Likewise, Steve."
" Make yourself comfortable. You want a bottled water? "
" Sure."
" I will get the bottled water and you change in the bedroom. " Mike goes into the bedroom changes. When Mike exits the bed room, he is donning a blue pair of speedos.
Steve brings Mike the bottled water. After they finished, Steve asked Mike are you ready to roll. Mike replies sure. Steve removes his clothes and dons a pair of red trunks. They head toward the mat. They shake hands and begin to wrestle.
Mike tries to go for a quick takedown, but Steve avoids it. Steve then gets into position to scissor Mike. Mike can't escape and Steve continues to apply pressure on the hold. Finally, Mike taps out.
Round two and both men return to the middle of the mat. Steve tries to put Mike in a bearhug. However, Mike escapes and gets behind Steve and puts him into a rear choke hold .Steve tries to escape, but Mike continues to tighten the hold. Steve starts to become light headed and eventually taps out.
Round three and both guys agree on a match based upon points. Whoever gets pinned, loses. Both men begin in the neutral position, with a basic wresting stance. Steve tries to GI for a basic take down, but Mike sprawls. Mike gets behind Steve and scores two points. He continues to ride Steve until round one is over. Mike picks up a point for riding time. Score is 3-0.
Round two and Mike concedes the referees position to Steve. Mike escapes and the score is 4-0. The guys start in neutral position and Steve scores a quick takedown on Mike. Score is now 4-2. Steve rides Mike to the end of round two and Steve scores a point. This makes the score 4-3.
Last round, Mike has top position and quickly takes down Steve. He continues to ride Steve. Next , Mike puts Steve in a gut wrench forces Steve on his back. Steve tries to do an arch, but Mike's strength is too much. Steve shoulders touches the mat and Mike pins Steve. End of match.
" Good match, Mike, " said Steve.
"Likewise, " replied Mike.
"Maybe, we should make this on a regular basis.'
" That sounds like a plan to me, Steve, said Mike.
" Listen, how would you like to spend the rest of the weekend with me? "
" Sure. I would like that, Steve. I think that we will become good friends.,'"
" Me too, Mike. Me too."
They hugged each other and both of them collapsed to the mat. They were both immersed in sweat.

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Kampfstil I / wrestling style 1Freddielein's blog

Gekämpft wird in 4 Runden zu je 10 Minuten Kampfzeit. Jeder Ringer, der seinen Gegner durch Schulterung zur Aufgabe zwingt, erhält einen Punkt. Wer am Ende der gesamten Kampfzeit die meisten Punkte errungen hat, ist Sieger.

The match wll be hold in four rounds, 10 min. each. The wrestler who pins his opponent gets one point. After the match, the winner is who gained the most points.

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owg meet manchester tomrowJOHN1953's blog


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In my seemingly endless quest to find local guys willing to wrestle with me, one man Suggested that the main reason most local DC guys won't wrestle me is that they would be embarrassed as all hell if their peers found out a guy my age made them tap out or pinned their asses – even if only once in 10 rounds. Hey guys, I've spent a lot of time and effort to develop and maintain my bod – and wrestling is needed to continue having a good bod, as it exercises muscles and connecting tissue in ways weights & calisthenics alone don't do a good job.

I wouldn't blow that for the dubious pride of spreading the word I tapped someone out. I PROMISE I won't tell anyone if I pin or make you tap out (except with your explicit permission). So get your butt over here and let's wrestle in confidence

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i have known and wrestled rob england for over five years now and they doint come much better thats for sure yes he is good but warm kind and very helpfull the last time we met at his was the 22 i 2017 were i stayed over night again great host you must meet this guy im happyt to give you is details just ask

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Why Are Making Assumptions DangerousSlim66's blog

"Assumptions are the terminites of relationships." Henry Winkler
In other words, when you assume something, you make a donkey (edited word) of yourself .That is what happened to me.

I will make this brief. Synxiec and I are friends and wrestling opponents. Anyway, I made an assumption that I was not a good opponent for him. How? I compared his other opponents with me (I.e. most of them were biggerand they were stronger than me). I begin to feel like why is this guy wresting me? I was not able to give him the battle that these guys were. Yes, I have gained some weight. Yes, I do workout almost on a regular basis. However, since I am of a medium frame and I started to workout later in life, that placed me at somewhat of a disadvantadge. In sum, I made an assumption. I was wrong.

In all fairness, he did mentioned the fact if I ever wanted to roll, let him know. This is good. However, yours truly inadvertently overlooked that fact. Consequently, that lead to a communication gap, which resulted in a misunderstanding.
Gentlemen, sometimes we as men find it hard to express our emotions because we are taught to be strong and we are taught to be aggressive. That is good. However, we still experience emotions. If you have a guy(s) who want to wrestle you on the regular, do not take that for granted. There is nothing wrong with wrestling guys outside your " circle." However, your intimate friends are guys that you have known for awhile and trust. It is better to nurture an established friendship than to a cultivate a new friendship. The latter takes more energy and more patience.than the former.

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Been having shoulder pain since my session with Chloe. Looks like my rotator cuff in my right shoulder is torn. Need to see the doc to confirm.

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