Think it's time to take a break or even leave.surrey71's blog

"Join meetfighters", he said "full of decent guys who don't mess you about!"
So I did.....
Yeah ok, I've met a few awesome guys on here - that I won't deny.
I've also been messed about by guys who have been very active on here with glittering recommendations!
Changing minds minutes before leaving home or costing me money in various ways - either accommodating their requests or arranging hotels that I can't get refunded.
Said people then don't even have the decency to stay in touch!
I've even held out olive branches to new guys to break the 0 past opponents mark - now I know why it's at 0 for so long!
I tried to organise a friendly group meet in Manchester and shocked at the arrogance and downright damned rudeness of some that I asked to join (despite great recommendations about how nice they are!) so I've got to the point of trying to decide whether to stay in here or whether to put away my speedo and call it a day!
To those I've fought and want to stay in touch, you have my contact details should I disappear - to those who have behaved so badly - shame on you!

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Fantasy Fight: The Karate Hero vs The CowboyBlog di hadashisenshi

Aidan is young, but he's tough. He started training in karate since he was 5. He's kind, but he's not an asshole. He understand that sometimes people's mouth is bigger than their own brains. But this time, he couldn't just let go. The way that drunk jerk was mocking his beliefs was... unbearable. Now he's waiting for him to show up. If he had the guts. Sitting in the seiza position, Aidan is focusing. He is calm and relaxed. It's late, and his dojo is empty, like the streets of the city. A motorbike is coming from afar. So the cowboy is showing after all. The roaring engine is approaching. No need to get up, not yet. The bike stop just on the front door. Breathe. Heavy stomps of booted feet are coming from the entrance. He's here. The cowboy is tall, and look strong. But Aidan is confident he can take him down with his karate skills. he already took down opponents bigger than the cowboy on the mats.
"Are you going to fight me in that pajamas?" barked the cowboy. the sound of his voice got his nerves more than this insult.
"This, is our traditional uniform. And yes, I'm going to wear my gi to fight you."
"Oh boy... you must be nuts..."
"Silence! just come, and take your well diserved punishment!" Aidan get enough of his mocking. The blood pumped in his veins, roaring in his ears like the rage. Smiling, the cowboy took of his jersey shirt.
"ok. let's dance." Aidan took the guard stance, soft and quick on his naked feet. the cowboy take heavy steps with his boots towards him. Suddenly, the massive man charged with a speed Aidan couldn't imagine him capable of, but he was prepared, and his body reacted avoiding the cowboy quick fists and kicking him hard on his side.
"Ouch. that hurts buddy. You fast." the cowboy smiled
Aidan took the initiative and went for high kicks that land clean with surprise. The cowboy retreated, clearly in pain. Aidan took the chance and went for his body again, with his long, strong legs. the cowoby took the hits and fell on the ground.
"Agh! Gwah! Ok! Stop! Stop! you champion! you tha Man! Ok! I was wrong!" he admitted. Aidan felt the rage disappearing as he saw the pathetic cowboy retreating, trying to shield himself turtling up.
"Aww... man, it hurts! Karate is the best! Ok?"
"Get up and get the hell out of here." Aidan replied cold.
"Oh, ok. Thank you Master. Can... can you help? I... I felt your kicks ya know?" The cowboy reached out his hand, and Aidan offered his own helping him getting up.
"man... I couldn't believe it..." the cowboy started. Suddenly Aidan felt a shiver through his spine, but was clearly too late. As the cowboy stomped over his toes with his boot Aidan felt an excruciating pain all through his foot and leg.
"AAAGH!" Aidan cried out loud in pain, and the cowboy gave him another go on the other foot, aiming at his naked toes, stomping them hard with his heavy boot heel.
"EAAAGHWAAAH!" Aidan fell down, unable to stand up anymore. Suddenly the pain exploded on his face while receiving the hard sole of the cowboy boot that was laughing hard.
"So dumb to fell for it... I can't believe it... not to mention... going barefoot against a booted opponent. Man, you really wanted to be trashed hard..."
Aidan couln'd breathe, and couldn't stand.
"Here we go buddy" The cowboy claimed and stomped over his barefoot again, and again.
"WAAAH!! AAAH! GHWAAAAAAH!! AAAAAA GH!" Aidan was completely helpless

Aidan lie down on the floor, trying to breathe. His feet aching terribly, the right side of his face pummeling, his nose bleeding. The anger he felt before was completely gone, fear and frustration took its place instead.
He tried to get up on his knees and suddenly a fierce blow reached his ribs, a clean hit that took all the air from his lungs.
“GWAAAGH!” Aidan rolled on his back, bending the legs trying to guard-up.
“What’s up Master? What’s wrong? Come on. Show me. Beat me with your karate.” Aidan didn’t replied. Slowly, he tried to put some distance between him and the bastard. Quick as he went before the cowboy charged and took both his ankles.
“going somewhere, are we?” Asked the Cowboy putting his booth on Aidan defenseless crotch.
“hn…. Bas… tard…” Aidan felt his heart racing in his chest. He tried to escape but the cowboy got his ankles in a steel grasp and didn’t let go one inch. Instead, he started to put pressure over Aidan’s balls, not enough to make it unbearable, but enough to cause him pain.
“agh… f-fuck.. you!” Aidan tried to kick him away, but the pain was draining his strength.
“Oh… such harsh words from such a noble warrior.” The cowboy throw his head back and laughed hard, increasing the pressure.
“Aagh! you… GAH!! you gave… cough. You… aaagh! Let..g-goooh!” Aidan tried to lift the boot with both his hands. His balls were aching bad, and the achille’s tendons started to feel the grasp of the steel grip of the cowboy. Wriggling his toes, with the sweat covering his body, Aidan started to tremble.
“did I? I can’t remember saying ‘I give up’ straight and clear. And even so, who the fuck cares? Look.” With a wicked grin on his face the cowboy pulled Aidan’s feet toward him, squeezing the young hero’s manhood on his leather sole.
“GAAAAWAAAH! PLEASE!! STOP IT!! PLEASE!!” Aidan grabbed his hair, screaming.
“I give up. I surrender. You win.” Said the cowboy and pulled Aidan’s feet further toward himself. Aidan fell his balls almost exploding in pain, and screamed his submission louder than he could, shaking his head, unable to withstand it anymore.
“AAAGH! GWAAAAAAH!! I GIVE!! I GIVE PLEASE GOD I GIVE UP I SURRENDER PLEAAAASE!” The cowboy released him. Aidan grabbed his balls, coughin blood. Covered in sweat and shame, he turtled up, trying to protect himself from the cowboy assaults.
“hhh… hhh…” The cowboy kneeled down beside him, caressing his hairs.
“good boy… good boy. The young and brave hero. Feeling like throwing up?” Aidan shook his head, shivering in fear.
“Mh. Good. I was afraid I went too far too soon.” Aidan sighed. ‘too soon’. It could only mean the torture wasn’t finished yet.
“Oh, you tought we were done already? Mh?” Aidan couldn’t answer. He was completely paralyzed by the fear. His stomach was full of hot water, and he indeed fell the need to throw up, but he couldn’t do anything but shake and sigh. The cowboy got up and Aidan rolled covering his head with his hands.
“Oh, what a brave warrior. Don’t piss yourself yet, huh?” said the cowboy and kicked Aidan’s lower back, with the tip of the boot, aming at the kidneys.
“GAAAAAAAWAAAAH!!” A sword of pain trepassed Aidan’s back.
“aaah… AAaah… please… no more… pleaaaAAAAAAGH! WAAAAAH! GHWAAAAAAHAAAA!” The cowboy stomped again over Aidan’s feet.
“I enjoy very much torturing your barefeet. I like to hear your screams of pain.” He admitted. Aidan tried to crawl away, while the cowboy keep hurting his toes.
“AAAGH!! WAAAAAH!!! AAAAGH!!” Aidan rolled face up and lift up his feet.
“Oh, ready for another go?” the cowboy asked smiling. Aidan was almost crying.
“no… no sir…. No please no…! P-please… no more…” The cowboy was standing over him, towering.
“No? Low you legs, lad.” Aidan sighed, but obeyed the order.
“Good boy. Spread the legs a bit more. Only a bit.” Aidan felt his heart almost exploding in his chest.
“Come on.” Said the cowboy smiling. Aidan closed his eyes, and gnashing his teeth obeyed.
“Good boy.”the cowboy sat down and grabbed Aidan’s balls in his fist. Aidan remembered the steel grasp of that hand. Sweat… and at last, tears.
“what’s your name boy?”
“…Aidan. Please sir… p-plea-aase…”
“Shut up Aidan. Shut up. Listen. Listen well ok?” Aidan nodded.
“Aidan, out of pride, you challenged another man to a fight. Be right or wrong, you putted yourself on the line.” Aidan sighed.
“this isn’t a sport competition. This isn’t a duel of honour. Do you understand, Aidan?” Aidan nodded. His heart was beating faster and faster.
“Aidan, I could have been take your life anytime. Now I could take your manhood. See?” The cowboy gave a squeeze on his balls, and Aidan screamed.
“GGWEAAAAAGH!! PLEASEE!! I BEG YOU!! MERCY!! MERCY!! I BEG YOU!!” Broken. Utterly broken.
“I will have mercy Aidan. I won’t take anything from you for today. But I’ll make sure you’ll remember. You will be a good boy, and do as I say, will you?”
“yes!! Yes!! I will do, I surrender! Thank you sir! Thank you!”
The cowboy got up. He took Aidan’s black belt from him.
“This is your pride as a warrior. Throw it away. To save your life as Aidan, I, no you, must kill the karate warrior.” Aidan took the belt from the cowboy’s hands and threw it as far as he could.
“now, get naked boy. Stark naked.” Without questioning, Aidan took off his blooded gi.
“bow down before me. And beg me.” Prostrating himself down, Aidan begged.
“Mercy…. Please, have mercy. I beg you…. I’ve learned my place. Please, spare me.” He felt ashamed of this humiliation, but he was already broken. He just wanted to forget everything.
The cowboy took off his boots, exposing his strong, naked feet.
“Come Aidan. Worship my feet. You like men’s feet, don’t you?” Aidan hated men’s feet, but the fear of the pain was too great. He crawled to the big feet of the cowboy and started to lick them. ‘At least they smell like leather’ he thought.
“Like that. Good boy. Suck the toes.” Aidan obeyed. The cowboy loosen his belt, and Aidan knew what was coming. Anything, anything to survive. The cowboy didn’t had to ask, Aidan took it all down his throat, almost throwing up.
“good boy… good. Ah…. Like that. Oww… Oh yeah. Mmm… yeah.”
HE pleased the cowboy for a time that seemed forever, until his conqueror baptized him with his hot load, moaning in pleasure.

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Punchbag First day.The Strangler's blog

I had not trained since the Summer of last year, August to be exact. So I set up punch bag and complete seven three minute rounds. I Kick boxed and found that my heart rate was climbing. No my arms feel like lead. I'll stick with the punchbag until at least I can reach 12 rounds in one session and this will assist my cardio and shed some unnecessary pounds, but not to many. Weight can take a step back for now.

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Beispielkampf IMalmed98's Blog

Betrachtungsobjekt dieses Beitrages wird ein vierminütiger Kampf in irgendeinem russischen Grapplingverein sein. Warum Grappling? Weil sich auf Youtube für "normales" Ringen wirklich fast keine Videos finden lassen, in denen Oben ohne gekämpft wird. Für Russische Grapplingvereine scheint dies aber zum glück normal zu sein, wie man hier sieht:

Allein der Umstand, dass es für diese Teenager völlig normal ist, so zu kämpfen, ist bereits sehr erregend für mich. Sie haben mit ihren perfekt gestählten, jugendlichen und gesunden Körpern ein selbstbewusstes Auftreten im Ring inmitten aller Anwesenden, eingepfercht zwischen den Seilen. Es wird begeistert zugeschaut und sogar gefilmt.

Der Kampf beginnt im Stehen und wird zunächst hauptsächlich so ausgetragen. Man sieht die Kämpfer mit kräftiger Beinarbeit und geschickten Griffen um Nacken und Arme des jeweils anderen Clinchen, was die kugeligen Schultern und ebenfalls schön trainierten Rücken für die Kameraeinstellung gut sichtbar macht. Nach dem zu Boden gehen werden sofort auch die Beine zum Kämpfen benutzt und der Bauch des Gegners eingeschert. Am Boden des Kampfringes überwältigt der härter und besser Trainierte den etwas schwächeren und erkämpft sich somit den Sieg über ihn.

Sehr wichtig, die Umgebung des Kampfes - die Atmosphäre. Es wird nicht auf einer Matte gerungen, sondern in einem richtigen Ring, um den sich die interessierten Zuschauer häufen. Für die jungen Kampfsportler ist das die perfekte Kulisse um ihre Trainingsergebnisse zu präsentieren. Ein Kampfring hat den Effekt, dass es so Aussieht: Die Ringer sind dort eingesperrt und müssen Kämpfen bis einer Gewinnt. Wer sich um einen solchen Ring versammelt, will einen harten Kampf erleben und sehen wie der Boden, auf dem sich die Jungs wälzen, vollgeschwitzt wird.

Die Grundvorraussetzung, dass ich mir den Kampf überhaupt geben kann ist, wie wahrscheinlich schon deutlich wurde, das Kampfoutfit. Eine lockere Sporthose, die den maskulinen Körper hervorhebt. Ich bin deutlich gegen Nacktkämpfe oder dergleichen aber dennoch stelle ich mir gerne vor, wie die Geschlechtsteile der Jungs unter dieser Hose sie mit Aggression versorgen. Der Raum in dem gekämpft wird, mutet nach einem speziellen Trainingslager an, in dem es keine Zeit für Masturbation gibt - die Trainierenden sind monatelang abstinent und die aufgestaute sexuelle Energie fließt in den Kampf und ins Training, Testosteron wird ausgeschwitzt. Sehr gut gebaute Körper mit breiten Schultern und stolzer Brust sind das Ergebnis. Und genau dafür ist eine eng zugeschnürte Hose, auf die der V-förmige Körper zuläuft, die richtige Mode.

Leider kann man nicht viel Schweiß erkennen. Das liegt daran, dass der Kampf einfach viel zu kurz ist. Um an die grenzen der körperlichen Belastbarkeit von Teenagern zu gehen, die den ganzen Tag einem fordernden Kampftraining unterzogen sind, braucht es schon eine halbe bis zu einer ganzen Stunde Action im Ring - Kräftezehrend und herausfordernd bis schmerzvoll. Die Erholung dabei wäre nur die Standkampf-Phase zu Beginn jeder Runde - Glitschige Griffe und durch den schweißfilm kühlende Luft. Im Bodenkampf würde sich die wahre Bedeutung des Wortes Schwitzkasten offenbaren. Die Haare des unterliegenden würden mit Achselschweiß getränkt werden. Das ausdünstende Testosteron und Männliche pheromone können in die Nasen der Mädchen dringen, die am Rand des Kampfringes mit den Armen in den unteren Seilen hängend begeistert das Kampfgeschehen verfolgen und am Ende unglaublich beeindruckt und angetan vom Sieger sind, dessen Arm in die Luft gehalten wird und der aufrecht stehend im Scheinwerferlicht glänzt. Der Film auf der glattrasierten Haut verleiht dem Kämpfer-Körper die perfekte Note, um Zuschauerinnenherzen schneller schlagen zu lassen.

Kein Beispielkampf, den in in diesen Blogartikeln anführe, wird "Perfekt" sein, es lässt sich nichts perfektes finden. Ich kann nur anhand der negativen und positiven Aspekte darlegen, wie ich mir einen Kampf wünsche. Ich werde auch Kämpfe zwischen Frauen behandeln. Die Videos werden jeweils nur eine Veranschaulichung bieten, worauf meine Überlegungen und Darstellungen basieren, da ich ja viel hinzudenke, um eine Fantasie zu schaffen, die meinen Ansprüchen gerecht wird.

Dies war nun der erste Blogbeitrag, eine art Ventil für mich...
Wortwahl wird sich verbessern, weitere Videos stehen davor, betrachtet zu werden.

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SingletMan on instagram and

Check us out on instagram and tumblr - SingletMan2000

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Fiction: "Corbin vs. the Russians" - Part 1Wrestling and Domination


All characters and events are fictional.

Corbin was nervous but excited as he stepped onto the mat across from Gus to start training; Russians were notoriously good wrestlers, and Gus claimed to have trained with the old Soviet national team. The teen, fresh out of high school and hoping to improve his skill before trying out for the college team, hadn't expected Boris to be there too.

Boris and his cousin Gus loved to wrestle, and they especially loved teaming up against younger, smaller guys and totally dominating them. It was a past-time the cousins had not been able to share since moving to the USA. So when Boris found Corbin on a popular wrestling meet-up site, with a profile that said he was a rookie looking for amateur and pro training, the bear told his cousin to arrange a session.

All three wore red singlets -matching Adidas singlets for the cousins and an old singlet from highschool for Corbin, who Gus remarked looked "like jobber" in his. The unsuspecting teen –lithe with short brown hair and sharp, dark eyes –squared off withbald, burlyGus, going through several minutes of take-downs and escapes as they warmed up and felt each other out. "You are quite good already," Gus said. "Maybe you give me run for my money..." Starting to feel cocky after taking the bigger man down a few times, Corbin said, "maybe I will!"

Then Boris took the boy by surprise, tying him up from behind with a tight, inescapable full nelson. As Corbin decried the unfair move, protesting, "this is supposed to be training!" Gus stepped in front of him and slammed a fist into the kid's gut, saying, "this IS training -if you can beat TWO Russians, you can beat anyone!"

With a grin of sadistic pleasure, Gus slammed his powerful fists into poor Corbin's gut several more times as the teen struggled uselessly against Boris's tight nelson and whimperedwith each blow. "Oh come on," Gus taunted, "wrestlers are tough.... you want fight like man, you get beatlike man!" Then he slapped the eighteen year-old hard across the cheek. Corbin grunted as his head whipped to the side, but he looked right back at Gus with a glare and surprised Boris with a renewed struggle against the nelson.

"Well maybe if you fight me like men instead of ganging up on me," the lightweight spat out between gasps.

"That's the spirit!" Gus grinned wide, then lifted a knee into Corbin's gut. The teen doubled over with an "ooffff" as Boris let go; then, under a barrage of forearm smashes from the Russian heels, the boy sunk to the mat between them. When the big Russians stopped pounding him, Corbin got to his hands and knees and scrambled away, clambering to his feet as he turned to face them.

With each of the beefy older wrestlers having about a hundred pounds of muscle on him, Corbin knew he was in for an ass whooping and considered high-tailing it home... but a new feeling in the pit of his stomach -uncomfortable yet exciting -made him stay. As Boris and Gus spread out around him, the teen decided to stay, to see how long he could hold out and -though he scarcely admitted it to himself -what it felt like being dominated.

He wouldn't have to wait long to find out....In a flurry of blows, the two men moved in on Corbin, again clubbing the lean trainee’s head, shoulders and back with a barrage of heavy forearm smashes that left the slender teen on his knees between them, arms up to try covering his pate. A round-house thigh to the face from Gus took the boy down to the mat and the big men finally backed off, allowing Corbin a few minutes to pull himself to his feet. Then Boris faced off with the trainee,seemingly one-on-one....


Check back for more of this story later, or read the whole thing now (and more fiction) at my Blog! ;)

And if you're in my area... let's have some REAL action like this - hit me up for a match!

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2017-03-10Peter666's blog peter_trublinski Add me!

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So a heel is...OddJobb's blog

... the evil guy who wrestles a jobber down, am I right? But that means, that a heel has to automatically better than the other guy, or?

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2017-03-10Peter666's blog

Хочу побороться с парнем за девушку при ней

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The 6s of WrestingSlim66's blog

The first S of wresting is sportsmanship. I define sportsmanship as the ability to respect and to exercise courtesy towards one's opponent. When a person respects his opponent, then that person respects the sport itself. Why? Without the opponent , obviously there is no match. Although athletes have been told and have been taught to be gracious losers, seldom athletes have been taught and have been told to be gracious winners . I will discuss both below.

The gracious loser would not degrade nor belittle the victor. Instead, he congratulates him on a match wrestled well. Also, the loser may compliment the winner during the match on a good move (s) executed. He would not accuse the winner of using illegal moves or cheating , if not true.

Conversely, the gracious winner would encourage the loser. He would not degrade him or humiliate him . The former does acknowledge that the latter helped him to execute certain moves. The winner also acknowledges that without the opponent, there is no match. Gentlemen, there is nothing wrong about complimenting your opponent on a well wrestled match. It is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength.

The second S is social skills. Although your opponent and you are competitors, both of you must realize that both of you are still fellow human beings. Therefore, you should treat your opponents with the same respect and with the same honor you would expect to receive from them.

The third S is stamina. This is the energy and "the wind" to compete in matches. It is also the endurance to complete a match with little exertion or no exertion used against your opponent or to win a match. This is very important because you must in good cardiovascular shape to play sports and compete.

The fourth S is sklis It is well noted that a smaller skilled wrestler can defeat a larger unskilled opponent. Skills are simply the tools and the techniques used on the mats to defeat your opponents. These are usually a product of the various moves and holds executed by the wrestler to pin his opponent or force his opponent to submit.

The next S is strategy. This is the opponent's game plan in how to defeat his opponent. The good athlete studies and observes his opponent's moves and holds and try to counteract them. Then, the wrestler takes on the offensive role and rules the mats.

The final S is strength. Although some athletes have overrated strength, it is still an important component. Strength is the force used against the opponent to put him at a disadvantage. It is a type of leverage that is used against one's opponent to force him to submit or tap out.

In conclusion, the skilled wrestler uses theses six Ss before , during and after matches to ensure victory. It is important to know that any wrestler could use these tools and have a better chance of winning.

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