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Is it me or do others find Idle Members annoying especially those that join the site, don't complete their profile and never log in again...
I appreciate that some guys are not able to log on regularly but would it be an idea to clear idle profiles from the site if they weren't used for a specified period.
What do others think...?

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Blue lightshephaestion2014's blog

I'm writing this as more to get how I feel out. It's probably a bit raw and a bit contradictory - and let's face it - self indulgent. But it's not the kind of things I can write or say to my friends or facebook.

So early hours of the morning, I'm watching the blue lights of the ambulance go into the distance. It's taking my dad away. He appears now to be stable but at the time ... we've been down this road with his health before and here we are again. I'm so worried, concerned and upset. But there's a different emotion there this time: guilt.

My greatest fear whenever I'm wrestling isn't that my body will turned up dumped in a wood somewhere. That used to be a legitimate fear. Now it's the missed calls, the voicemails and the texts that I've not seen because I've been too busy wrestling to notice them. I was at a great group meet on Sunday, but found myself having to go and check my phone to make sure I hadn't missed any messages. I hadn't - but I have missed things. I kinda feel instead of spending that Sunday away, I should've been home. I should've really. Maybe.

It's what made me decide to cut down on my wrestling. I am missing things. I'm worried if something happens I'm miles away - at least on average about a two hour train ride. Crippling guilt.

If I lived in London or Manchester - not so bad. Grab a match after work, and home like it's a school night. But I'm not doing that. I'm all over the place, having to overnight and the like. I dunno - at this precise moment that feels selfish of me. I dunno.

I know a fair few others on here have the responsibility towards others - be it elderly parents, ill partners, kids, and family. I have heard them say things about the juggle and the balance. The guilt too. I understand that now.

As I'm writing this, I'll be making my mum a cup of tea and try to persuade her to shut her eyes for a moment or two. She's been up longer than me. My turn to take the strain. She was doing that Sunday whilst I was out wrestling.

So that's my blog. It's not upbeat, funny or witty. They never are ;)

But its how I feel at the moment. I'm not sure I'm a good person. At this time I'm on a wrestling site blogging and sending reflexive trash talk messages in between.

There's a part of me that thinks I shouldn't cut down or cutback but cut out wrestling completely. But that's just how I'm feeling now and I have responsibilities to my opponents too. So I'm sticking around but I'm going to be quieter. Adjusting.

I'm not sure what road those blue lights were lighting up for me, my dad and mum just yet, and not sure where it is taking me.

Thanks for reading. I'll no doubt delete when I realise how non wrestling this is. Just had to vent.

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Good Explanation Of How Indy Pro Wrestling Works in Washingtonnwfan53's blog

Basically the indy shows are working in a gray area of the current regulations from Washington State Athletic Commision. Really something that should be fixed.

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playa del carmen wrestlers anyone going to be there?eric010's blog

traveling to mexico in may, any guys there want to wrestle? Playacar area

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A waste of a timePullmanfighter's blog

So this spring break was wonderful for sightseeing and exploring but what it wasn't good for was wrestling. After months of planning and reaching out it seemed that my Ireland adventure was going to be filled with fun and sport but that was not really the case. I understand that complications happen and one of my matches let me know right away that something came up and that we would have to cancel and thats fine, He let me know before the day of the meet and all was dandy. What is not OK is telling me the day of the match that they cant make it or better yet canceling half an hour before for no good reason. Then I had a match set for this morning. I paid for the Hotel and everything only to have one more cancelation this morning prompting me to write this to blow off some stream.

Long story short don't cancel the day of and waste peoples times and money its not cool...

Also side note:
Ireland was beautiful and would go back in a heartbeat just dont think I will be looking for matches next time

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Str8... yea, not joking!the123champ's blog

Get asked a lot why I’m on a “gay” sight looking to wrestle “IF” I’m “really” a straight guy. First and foremost, because I LOVE to wrestle!! There’s something very primal about it and the competitive gratification is unmatched! To take another man and basically force him to acknowledge your superiority is completely intoxicating to me! Yes, I can understand why this is a physical turn-on for a gay man, but for me… think of it as mental high. There has never been and never will be anything sexual before or after with my opponent. Yea, I know I’m pressed so close to another man you could put a sheet of paper between us, but to me that’s just the sport.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not just the competition. I also enjoy all the friends I’ve made, because I know it takes mutual respect to wrestle me. I like to think I’m a fun guy to wrestle. Yes, I’m out to win, but I’m also out to have fun, just not in a sexual way. I’m prone to talking some trash in my victim’s ear, “Come on you lil puss, you gonna let a str8 guy school you like this?” and I’ve been known to count “1 – 2 -…” pull him back up and say, “No, no, no… I’m not done working you over, boi!” But make no mistake, IF I wrestle you, it’s because you’ve won my trust. Basically, I’m not going to bash your life choices, and I ask for that same level of respect in return.

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2017-03-19kiffer33's blog

Debutant mais tres envie de contacts lutte corps a corps soumissions
Tenues lycra socks sportsetc.....
Moi petit gabarit 173 59 sec fit
Pour opposés muscular
Ou assister a des combats...
Sur bordeaux France
If you coming visit Bordeaux say me plesae

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out of actionJOHN1953's blog

sorry guys been ill and in hospitle untill late today sorry i had to cancil the private meet tomrow at pippers but as you all no now i will be re arranging it with you all soon as for me no wrestling untill the treatment works and bloody soon i hope

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The Real Alpha MaleSlim66's blog

" The dominant Alpha male is the one who wrestles ' Jason FL (future opponent from Fighters)..

I have been thinking about writing on the subject of the Alpha male for awhile. However, Jason encouraged me to write on the subject.

It is frustrating to hear men brag about how they are Alpha males. However, some of these men who brag about being Aloha males are usually insecure in themselves . Therefore, they need that self validation to prove their masculinity. So, my question is who are these men trying to impress?

This is how the word alpha is defined. Alpha (circa , 1300......Sense of beginning of anything, is from late 14 th century...Alpha male..applied to humans in society, circa, 1992.) Source: www.etymonoline .com.

There are three arenas in which the term " Alpha male" is used: the athletic arena, the business arena, and the sexual arena. Since this is a wresting website, we will discuss the athletic arena.
This is how I would define the Real Alpha male:
1) He respects and treats his opponents with courtesy.
2) He loses graciously and congratulates his opponents on well wrestled matches.
3) If he wins, he accepts it humbly and does not degrade his opponent for losing. The Real Alpha Male still shows is opponent great respect...
4) Although, the Real Alpha Male may face a more skilled wrestler, a stronger wrestler, or a bigger wrestler, the Real Alpha Male still maintains a winning mindset..In sum, he does not surrender easily.
5) The Real Alpha Male can engage his opponent on any subject after a well wrestled match.

Happy Wresting, You Real Alpha Males!!!!

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