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Mixedboxing1983 is recommended by bracciodiferro (1/24/2017)

Peccato per il poco tempo a disposizione, volevo un match più approfondito con un avversario molto più pesante di me ma ero solo di passaggio!


jimbo is recommended by UwillTAP (1/24/2017)

I have wrestled Jimbo a couple of times over the years. He always shows up to wrestle a rough competitive real mat battle. Our first matches were years back at the Okie rumble. He has the attitude and look of a old school dominant pro heel, but can wrestle a tough competitive submission battle.
Sure wish I had more opportunities to go up against the tough competitor.


Italwrestler is recommended by UwillTAP (1/24/2017)

I couldn't ask for anything more in an opponent that this man does not deliver. He is built like a bull.....highly trained and skilled, and knows how to handle himself in the ring. I have wrestled him 3 times now, and he never disappoints. There is no higher recommendation that I can give a wrestler.I would wrestle him every day if possible!


GrapplerFL is recommended by UwillTAP (1/24/2017)

If you want a primal alpha vs alpha battle, this is your man. He is a tough competitor, and shows up to win to prove his dominance on the mats. He will give you an awesome primal battle on the mats.......has the muscle and attitude for a real life challenge.
Looking forward to a rematch.....he claims he has been training hard so he can kick my ass.


boxer1 is recommended by midwestboxer (1/24/2017)

I've been chatting with boxer1 before this site was even around! I've always wanted to meet him but things always seemed to get in the way. I was so pleased to be able to finally meet him in person and in a real boxing ring. He has a genuine love of boxing and I would recommend him to anyone I know. I hope to trade leather with him again in the future.


chicagopiledriver is recommended by UwillTAP (1/24/2017)

Finally got to meet this man at the Clash in Atlanta 2016. He is a "wrestlers wrestler". When he steps onto the mats in gear to face you, you will know you are about to experience the real deal. Strong, skilled powerhouse of a man. I got to wrestle him several times over 2 days at the Clash and enjoyed every minute of every match! Looking forward to round two at the Clash 2017.


Atlfight is recommended by UwillTAP (1/24/2017)

Over the years, I have wrestled this man more times than I can count. By far one of the most intense encounters you will have on the mats, PERIOD! Awesome opponent, highly skilled, highly competitive, and brings the "look" to match his skills on the mats. Safe/sane but real competition. Be careful what you sign up for, cause if you want intense competition, this man can bring it.


wrestleflex is recommended by dguy (1/24/2017)

I was very fortunate to meet wrrstlrflex. Great guy, respectful, strong as hell. I really wasn't a match for him but was a lot of fun!!!


Perseus is recommended by Pinstride (1/24/2017)


Since first meeting Perseus last year, we have wrestled on a number of occasions and each match has been tough and challenging but always a great honour for me and a good workout - not least of all because his repertoire of holds and moves seems endless and he always brings something new to the mats, which is great for my continuous improvement and experience.

Because of his awesome technical skills and experience, Perseus has the rare ability to apply complicated and tough holds in the correct way, thus underlining the fact that he is always safe and sane and I have always left the mats uninjured and in a reasonable state lol

Off the mats, Perseus is quite a mentor for me and is a fantastic guy to talk to. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this powerful and brilliant wrestler.

It was a great experience and a valuable one as well to meet Perseus for a match at long last. He was an exceptionally tough and strong opponent as well as having awesome technical skills and ability, which took me by surprise initially considering he is a great man off the mats - friendly and easy to chat with. Today was a bit of a learning curve for me and I got a lot out of the match - apart from a tough workout, it has enhanced my determination to continue improving my wrestling abilities, hone my skills and work on my techniques.

wannabetank is recommended by Mark uk (1/24/2017)

24 Jan 17. What's nice guy and a lot of fun. Had a great round tonight, nothing too serious but still awesome fun. His profile picture doesn't do him justice. In great shape and strong. Another Sydney scissor master.
Really enjoyed the match and was a pleasure to meet this guy. We'll meet again. 10/10

43493 recommendations

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