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ROSCOE the RASSLER is recommended by wjones (4/24/2017)

Rosco is agile, tremendously nicely built, strong and truly all into wrestling. What you see on the pictures is what you get and a lot more. The photos do not do him justice. He is a genuine and generous host; and such a great man to spend time with. Do not miss the opportunity to meet and wrestle him.


Travelwrestler3 is recommended by RNC23 (4/24/2017)

Real strong guy, had a blast! Cant wait for Round 2!!


Slimnovicewrestler is recommended by MTLwrestler1967 (4/24/2017)

I've wrestled this youngster about 4 years ago and don't regret it at all... We had very short time for fighting & wrestling, but it was quite intense & we had a great sweat too.... He knows well his craft & how to defend himself even if he is facing someone taller or bigger size of him... BE WARNED OF HIS PITHON LEGS.... He's a great host & wrestler... Have a great time on mats & off mats with him.


millzaj is recommended by MT59801 (4/24/2017)

This kid takes a hard punch which made it very fun. If he was big he'd be a danger. Very fun


FLLslim is recommended by Golden (4/24/2017)

FLLslim may have a new profile on this site but he certainly isn't new to this world of combat sports, I can promise you that haha.
To start with of course, he's easy to chat with and very straightforward as far as making plans goes. He has a nice little space for training and it was a super pleasant environment to meet at. Great guy, fun character, good conversationalist and smart.
Now, this dude is probably more than capable of ripping me to shreds and laying me out for tap after tap on the mats if he wanted to with the combination of his size, speed, flexibility, jiu jitsu training, and his incredible understanding of how to work with the body's forces and manipulate both his own balance and his opponent's.
That being said, he's probably the safest person I've ever met, probably due to how knowledgeable he is. He never needed to put on a submission to full strength or hurt me to let me know that he had me although he was more than capable of inflicting massive amounts of pain if he wanted to. He takes great care in making sure everyone walks out without any injuries. Which is always very appreciated.
He's also an amazing, patient, and eager teacher. A lot of people will say they'll teach you stuff, but FLLslim is just naturally inclined to. And more than that, he's good at it. And anyone who survived grade school knows how rare it is to find a knowledgeable, effective, and eager teacher.
Fighting him had my brain working on overdrive. It was like playing chess at 1000% speed. We rolled around like wildcats and it was one of the funnest and most dynamic matches I've had with someone and I'm so glad to have some of his knowledge imparted onto me.
I hope to spend more time getting pretzeled on his mats in the future.


UwillTAP is recommended by chicagopiledriver (4/24/2017)

I forgot to write this reco after the Clash last year. This guy is an awesome sub wrestler. We had several matches over the 2 days and we wrestled in the submission championship round which I lost. Good guy, skilled and overall highly recommend. Hope we meet up again soon.


sparks45 is recommended by Lightweight21 (4/24/2017)

Had an incredibly fun, long, and hot back-and-forth promission match with this stud. His racks and slams are for real - and he's as amazing at taking control as a heel with taking a bit of punishment as a jobber. And of course as others have noted is a very friendly and gracious host that was a pleasure to chat with after the match. Hope to get a rematch soon!


blk09wrestler is recommended by grappler49 (4/24/2017)

Blko9wrestler is a good friend and a strong wrestler. Always looking to learn new moves. Wrestled him several times and fun to wrestle always . 4/23 /2017, met my good friend and Wrestler today for some submission wrestling. Blk09 gets stronger each time. Great match!


Jim35 is recommended by Golden (4/23/2017)

After over maybe a year and a half of hunting me down on this site, Jim35 finally got me to come up to Lauderdale for a match and earned his chance at having me right a "disseration" on him for his recommendation collection.
To begin with, Jim has always been a great guy to talk to and easy to get along with and when the stars finally aligned he was quick to make the necessary arrangements and commit to them and follow through on everything to make sure the match happened. He's a good guy and he sticks to his word.
Now this guy is a powerhouse on the mats. He is a solid wall of force and he'll just bulldoze through you if you let him. A guy that not only has a very thick layer of muscle but knows exactly how to use it to its full capacity.
His background in freestyle wrestling serves him extremely well when it comes to control, he's a master at keeping you exactly where he wants you. But he isn't nearly a master at submission wrestling by any means yet, which is going to be the key to your survival against this beast. But he is a quick study and he's plenty smart and intuitive and plays defense super well so if you telegraph your attacks he can defend pretty well even if he doesn't know much technical junk. A very tough nut to crack but makes for an extremely fun and intense match with a very explosive level of intensity.
But the absolute best thing about Jim, what's always going to stick with me and what will make me drive up to Lauderdale again and again to meet him is that this is a man who genuinely loves wrestling. Somewhere in our conversation in between rounds he mentioned something about wrestling being a sport that makes you feel like a kid when you're on the mats. And he is so full of a youthful joy and energy and light when he wrestles. It's infectious. It's such a great spirit to be around and to get on the mats with. Screw the guys who trash talk and are out for blood. Jim is here because he loves this sport. And every moment you can sense the pure joy he gets out of it. It's so friendly and welcoming. Even when he's beaten down and exhausted he's still pulling you back for another round because why stop when there's more fun to be had? Jim is passionate about this sport in a way that no one else I've met on the site is and that sets him apart so starkly. I admire and connect with it so much.
Grateful to have finally had the chance to fight him and looking forward to many more fun times in the future.


chicagopiledriver is recommended by submissiowrestling (4/23/2017)

Fun Guy to wrestle. Really strong and tough match. It's nice to wrestle a big guy. He is good at communicating and nice guy to wrestle. I would recommend him!

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