tkwd is recommended by underft (4/23/2017)

Strongly recommended! We had a good fight with some stakes and a good chat afterwards.


maxbjj is recommended by tkwd (4/23/2017)

Very nice strong skilled guy. We had really good fight and he is not easy to win with him. If he will still pratice BJJ he will be one of the most stroneger guy here.


underft is recommended by tkwd (4/23/2017)

We had really good fight. He is much stronger than he looks. I recomend him


mcic is recommended by Boxingfag (4/23/2017)

This guy is a true gutpunching artist and a good person. He packs great punches and instinctively knows just when, where and how to hit to get your gut good and red without damaging you. Reliable and respectful of limits, I highly recommend him as a gutpuncher. I have a feeling he'd also make a great wrestling opponent for those into it, since he's agile and has good stamina. You're sure to have fun!


submissiowrestling is recommended by chicagopiledriver (4/23/2017)

This guy was a great a match. One of my favorite matched in years even though I lost hands down. He is strong and skilled and knows how to do real submission wrestling. We wrestled for a little over an hour on my mats and he got me to tap out 4x. He has great arm control and powerful legs you have to watch out for. We worked up a good sweat during our match and he proved to be a good guy overall. Highly recommend for guys looking for real sub action.


ChrisJ1223 is recommended by litewt78 (4/23/2017)

After years of trash talk, I finally had a chance to wrestle this stud. He looks awesome in a speedo - beware! We had two hot matches ..plenty of dirty moves and humiliating pins. Just when I thought he was down for the count, he would come roaring back and smother me with his speedo bulge. In the end, after the trunks were stripped off and the oil was everywhere, there was only one man standing. I totally recommend CJ for erotic fights. Happy to take him down again if he wants revenge.. ;-)


rsk87 is recommended by fighter danch (4/23/2017)

Ganz spontanes Treffen. Hat Spaß gemacht. rsk87 war ein super Gastgeber. Über mehrere Runden haben wir dann gefightet. Als erfahrener Judoka hat er schon einige Tricks drauf. Sehr zu empfehlen


Southcoast Guy is recommended by Londonlatino (4/23/2017)

Colin is a good wrestler, lightweight but strong. He is highly competitive without being too serious. He is a decent guy on and off the arena.

22/4/17 I had a match with Colin again yesterday. He's still strong and skilled, adapting to the style that works for you. He's also still an interesting guy to get to know.


ChunkyHeel is recommended by The Enigma (4/23/2017)

Great wrestler, always had safe and sane respectful all-in wrestling contests which are always very enjoyable. Big lad but doesn't go out to batter ya. Shot buckets wrestling this bloke.


lifterman is recommended by jeunelutteurparis (4/23/2017)

Mec imposant, fort et prêt à soulever sans limite! Un très bon moment


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