yuma is recommended by Arthuro (2/19/2017)

Una lucha perfecta , no le gano , pero espero , que volvemos a luchar , asi , puedo ser que voy ganar . Un persona muy amable , le gusta tambien el Arte pictural, y , la cocina .Muy buena conversation ,y tiene un sentido de humor que me encanta.


festygoer00 is recommended by Rusnak (2/19/2017)

He is a great guy on and off the mats. Strong and wirey, he can more than hold his own. I highly recommend him. You won't go wrong


neolutteur75 is recommended by kriswoje4 (2/19/2017)

Neolutteur75 a un talent ou un don caché qu il révèle sur le tapis.
Il a une agilité et un instinct de guerrier sachant bien positionner ses appuis ainsi que ses prises de facon à vous maintenir immobilie au delà de la lutte une personne très correct et sympathique.
Je vous le recommande hautement


canwrestle is recommended by muscle marty (2/19/2017)

Met up with canwrestle in a wrestling ring in Montreal. I had a great time, this guy is skilled and can handle himself in the ring. Strong body and can dish it out as well as take it, and he knows his wrestling I recommend canwrestle to anyone passing thru his city, great guy off the mats too.


michaelwood is recommended by 4fun (2/19/2017)

This guy is strong ,puncher and a ton of fun. If you get a chance take him on you won't be disappointed.


Redscope is recommended by Hairybear (2/19/2017)

After chatting for a while we met up for a bit of wrestling. Redscope is a nice friendly guy with a great body.

I overpowered him with my weight and strength advantage numerous times and got him in some excellent holds - choke hold, bear hug, head scissors, body scissors.....and plenty of taps!

Best part was putting him out straight to sleep!

Had a great time meeting Redscope....if you get the chance do it!


bearohio is recommended by Mighty Mongo (2/19/2017)

Bearohio is great guy to wrestle. Strong,full of energy and respectful. I look forward to taking him on again.


Mirceal is recommended by kriswoje4 (2/19/2017)

Ce cher Mirceal est un phénomèe à lui seul très sympathique et doté d'une force herculéenne il saura utiliser avec entrain des ciseaux qui vous laisseront bouche bée des clefs qui lui ouvrira la victoire assurée. Des cuisses puissantes et des bras de fers vraiment il est hors norme?
Je vous recommande particulièrement Olivier car de plus sa joie de vie et sa bienveillance en font un personnage très sympathique et fort intelligent..
A bientôt cher Mirceal.


patlutte is recommended by kriswoje4 (2/19/2017)

Tres bon lutteur expérimenté spontané
Patlutte est un bon adversaire agréable à lutter et accueillant nous avons lutter une fois et nous pourrions recommencer quand nos agendas correspondront


4fun is recommended by michaelwood (2/19/2017)

AWESOME fun wrestler....this guy knows how to fight...good aggressive wrestling along with great punching...if you want a good man to man match...this is your man


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