Luxxor is recommended by MUSL-n-KY (3/22/2017)

Luxor noticed my travel dates to NYC and reached out for a match. So glad he did. As stated by so many others, he is so much more than his profile. Good looking hard-bodied and strong. Much fun for this relatively inexperienced wrestler-adjusting the match to my level . Highly recommended.


wrestling game is recommended by Mick-01 (3/22/2017)

Fred est un adversaire redoutable, bonnes cuisses puissantes, ne vous faites pas attraper, sinon vous y resterez!!
Attention quand il hérisse le poil! :)
Mec sympa, souriant, bonne humeur, intéressant.... Je recommande


kurtz is recommended by MT59801 (3/22/2017)

We met up again last week in BA. He's a beast once he's on top of you your opportunities are narrowed. He put me down this time. Next time I want punching. Super nice and a good guy to hang out and talk to. We will see who takes who next year.


newyorkchicago1122 is recommended by Fchallenger (3/22/2017)

After building up to our encounter by text, we finally met for a very intense match involving a mix of submission, gutpunching and a little stand-up. From the moment we started, I felt the power of his upper body and legs - way more so than his photos suggested. He delivered some really hard punches (as well as some pretty hard verbal shots too), while seeming impervious to whatever I threw at him. My redemption only came when we were doing submission (without strikes), which, by his own admission, he is not experienced at... for this reason only, I was able to make him tap a few times. I suspect when he's got a bit more experience, I won't be able to dominate so much. This guy is a MUST-meet: strong, smart, respectful and very sexy. I hope I get a rematch while I still stand a chance of winning ;)


madrid52 is recommended by cram (3/22/2017)

Muy buen luchador, fuerte y experimentado. Sabe adaptarse al nivel de su contrincante. Con muchas ganas de tener otro encuentro para ver si la próxima vez logro la victoria.


Zubby21 is recommended by Steeleyes (3/22/2017)

Other than training with Wriggler, Zubby was my 1st match; at John Cotterills we grappled for 90 mins,he trounced me as he was much stronger and experienced me.Had a great time ,I hope it happens again.


PJ1 is recommended by Ringwrestler123 (3/22/2017)

when I met PJ1 at pippas In Manchester march 27th 2016 I did not know what to expect , when PJ1 stepped into the ring in his pro gear he looked the business, I had free reign to work him in holds I use often Bostons, camel clutches, my personal favourite the Stump puller, this guy is an excellent wrestler , he has a fantastic body which takes a lot of punishment, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, next time I will test him in more stretching submissions.

21st march 2017
The scene set Walthamstow ring this evening , one heel (me)waiting eagerly for the opponent , in climbs jobber Pj1 , the match began , and the wrestling was fast and furious, Pj1 fought back but he was worked in a range of holds , he plays the jobber role well, in fact EXCELLENT he takes a lot of punishment, , at the end after I worked every part of his athletic body , he was exhausted , he looks great in gear , hes the bees knees 11/10 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED .:) :):) more to come in the future .


TheBeefBuster is recommended by Theman1984 (3/21/2017)

I wrestle this guy a while back he was a lot of fun


swinger is recommended by Sonic (3/21/2017)

Wir hatten einen einen klasse Kampfabend. swinger wirkt erst mal wie der nette Junge von nebenan, geht aber dann im Kampf richtig zur Sache. Schnell, mit richtig Power und ausdauernd. Man merkt ihm sein Grappling-Trainig absolut an. Ein super Typ, mit dem man sich auch sonst sehr gut unterhalten kann. Hat Spaß gemacht und ich hoffe, dass wir uns öfter auf ein paar Runden treffen können.


berber is recommended by LutadorBerlin (3/21/2017)

Er sit ein toller Gastgeber und ein sehr starker, fairer Gegner, der den Einsatz meiner ganzen Kräfte erforderte.Ich bin gut ins Schwitzrn gekommen. Aus meiner Sicht ein toller Kampf. Außerhalb der Matte ist Berber außerdem ein sehr netter Gesprächspartner .Jederzeit wieder.


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