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Tyger is recommended by BRIT PRO HEEL (4/26/2017)

A experienced wrestler ,knows his stuff , great on the mats and the ring.
21st August, 2016
Great to meet and wrestle at the Barnet meet today , great wrestler, good old friend, strong, reliable and enthusiastic, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, safe and sane

02nd December 2016

good to see me ole pal Tyger we made last minute plan to wrestle at Grove park, and as usual he never disappoints, good fun in the ring , nice wild to rough give and take match, great socialising after, you wont be disappointed, ding ding round 5 2017

14th april 2017
I wrote this because for my dear friend Tyger it was important to me and also I wanted to say how keen this wrestler is to the sport , don't underestimate him he is a valued fighter and strong wrestler, you wont be disappointed.
Tyger is my oldest friend in the wrestling world , last night at Barnet matroom I made him stretch to prepare to start and yes he needs to add stretching to his exercise regime NAG NAG NAG FECKING NAG , yes Tyger I know but I hope my nagging helps as stretching is important ,at first we had a 20 minute cardio testing subs match to warm up , but Tyger was keen to take our meet to a new level to do a pro match because he is aware how keen I am to explore my pro side and as I say your on mate, so as keen and confident as he was which shows commitment to the sport , , I was able to show and take him through the basics of Pro wrestling and how it is give and take, and WOW WOW , WOW , blast you man, didn't we work on the mats it lasted about 2 hours and with a short 5 minute break we pro wrestled adding Bostons yes yes Tyger is a fan, camels, leg locks, arm bars, and leg locks but as I say it has to be safe and sane again and Tyger didn't disappoint, me wrestling mate takes the time to read your recommendation he loves Pro so it is a priviledge to work around the mats ,but next time it will be the ring , Tyger gives the verbals and ,makes you feel good ,, off the mats hes a great guy sociable , and intelligent .
Thanks Tyger 13/10

26th april, 2017
A big thanks to Tyger for getting me back on track during a turbulent time, he was there for me and most appreciated .


dcur is recommended by BRIT PRO HEEL (4/26/2017)

Great guy to socialise an discuss about the world of wrestling , he is one great guy , hope to meet soon , great friend to

26th april, 2017
I wish to thank my good friend Dcur a lot of thanks for his help recently during my visit to Warwickshire he was kind enough to get back on track and a good ear to , thanks again and see you soon.


KBOH is recommended by swflwrestle81 (4/26/2017)

Awesome guy. Had a blast rolling around with him and looking forward to another meetup


cawrstlin is recommended by Donwres (4/26/2017)

Had a great time–he is skilled and brings the fight to you. A great guy on and off the mats! Looking forward to another match.


bodyscissors is recommended by dreamwr (4/26/2017)

Bodyscissors - ściągnął mnie tu, było warto. Bardzo udane spotkanie, walką bym tego nie nazwał, bo nadal jestem zielony. Sporo się od Niego nauczyłem. Młody, silny, pomocny, otwarty. Wymagający przeciwnik. Dzięki!


mainewrestlingchub is recommended by riwrestlebuddy (4/26/2017)

Wonderfully personable and eager to learn. Once he gets some mat time under his belt he will a formidable opponent. I look forward to many more sessions with this bud. He'll make you laugh too. Thanks my friend.


1try2pinme8 is recommended by Melbourne Fighter (4/26/2017)

A superb, and incredibly strong and talented grappler and all round awesome guy!


Ccblack is recommended by Riviera Wrestle (4/26/2017)

Un très beau corps d'athlète et un abord vraiment très sympathique. Ccblack est un nouveau venu qui enchaîne les rencontres avec un rythme sidérant et toujours dans la bonne humeur et le respect. Nous avons passé un très bon moment et vu son physique et son rythme d'apprentissage, la prochaine rencontre risque de tourner sérieusement à son avantage !
A remettre avec plaisir.


leanaussiemuscle is recommended by BearRoma (4/26/2017)

It's always a pleasure to meet somebody with a straight mind, with clear ideas about what they want and that really mean what they say. Some months ago I received a couple of messages by this australian stud, saying he would have come to Rome soon, and just last sunday he kept his promise setting a match for the evening. I can say with no doubt it was absoultely a pleasure to roll up with this sexy, shy and extremely polite guy who, by the way, he revealed himself being a very good masseur - and there's nothing better than a good massage after a match ;)
A good wrestler, who knows how to easily make his opponent unstable, respecting anyway his limits - he's been concerned all the time by the fact I was recovering from these 2 last months, due to a health condition - and who can assure you not just a hot sweaty match but who can also catch your attention with an engaging conversation outside the mats.
Highly recommended!


Black Bull is recommended by JasonOG (4/26/2017)

ein starker mann, der sich zu verteidigen weiß. war ein schweißtreibender fight, der viel spass gemacht hat. black bull ist ein freundlicher und toller kerl. gerne wieder

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