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HillSubmission is recommended by makeyoutap (3/23/2017)

Hillsubmission is a true competive grappler. He is aggressive and strong as hell. He likes to roll hard yet always safe and fun. His tree trunk legs are very unforgiving. Nice broad chest and over classic old school wrestler build. Great conversation and would love to just hang out with this guy. Very friendly, reliable and top of my list for a rematch. Highly recommended.


frank70 is recommended by MARC94 (3/23/2017)

Lutteur robuste qui tient le choc, aime le coracor et avec qui j'ai bien transpiré ; au plaisir de te revoir c'était très bien
Lottatore forte, che ama lottare ; io sono molto contento averlo visto ; mi piacerebbe ti rivedere allora ...a una prossima volta.
Strong hairy wrestler ; he likes wrestle ; it was a hot match and will be happy to meet you again. I hope it.
Starker ringer ; er mag ringen ; das war super und ich werde froh sein, ein andere mal ringen zu tun ; bis bald ich hoffe.


rassler 315 is recommended by SeattleWrestler3 (3/23/2017)

I had a great time wrestling against rassler_315 and look forward to a rematch soon.


Nakofi is recommended by TheGiant (3/23/2017)

Nokofi was a great wrestler. Able to take a lot of punishment and doesn't submit easily. Had a lot of fun wrestling around with him.


TheGiant is recommended by Nakofi (3/23/2017)

A super nice guy with really strong bodyscissors. It was not easy dominating him since he is as his name implies, a giant, but I am glad to say, I prevailed. We had a lot of fun.


Ricksf is recommended by JFighter (3/23/2017)

Fun guy to wrestle. Hopefully, we go at it, hard. Recommend him.


ruffhouse30 is recommended by Lets Rassle (3/23/2017)

Just had a match with Ruffhouse. Great guy. Fun to wrestle and very handsome!!


studentfighter MAN is recommended by ImtiazAli (3/23/2017)

I met studentfighter_MAN on Sunday 19th March 2017, at John Cotterill's place for submission wrestling. Ant01 also stayed over from the previous wrestle. He is a lovely guy, smart and funny to chat to.

On the mats he tries his best; decent amount of strength and speed. Nice to admire his tattoos whilst he's pinned too.... Keeps his word to the forfeit stake... Eventually he will start to wrestle more often and get more practice. We had a change of matches between the three of us and I had good fun. No hesitation to do it again.


Admin is recommended by ImtiazAli (3/23/2017)

Have to say we have never met, or that I know of... so, this is a bit of fun...

International man of mystery, who runs the site and takes feedback from members promptly. Thank you for your endless work Admin, and for the fantastic facilities you provide us fighters.

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Ant01 is recommended by NorthNotts (3/22/2017)

Great guy who i met today for a match. Easy to arrange the match. We had over 1.5 hrs wrestling and chatting. He is a fit guy with strong arms. A few more bouts and he will be awesome. Definitely recommend

45072 recommendations

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