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vin80 is recommended by gut kkk (3/22/2017)

A good wrestler and gp giver. Enjoy the session a lot.


berber is recommended by learner71 (3/22/2017)

Sorry for the German readers, as I'm not skilled enough, I'll write in English:
Berber is a extremely strong, fit and tenacious wrestler. Highly skilled, but generous either during the fight or while teaching. Very safe and sane. A great Man ! As you guess : Highly recommended !


liketopin is recommended by Tman (3/22/2017)

Liketopin kept me thoroughly entertained for the weekend, from conversation, lots of laughs, to some awesome wrestling. He definitely was full of pleasant surprises. We had a blast trying different styles and undies to wrestle in. Get in line people 👍.


jockwrestle is recommended by Ruffboy (3/22/2017)

Found Jockwrestle to be very honest, great at communicating what he was looking for. Felt instantly at ease with him,and had a great time.. Def recommend this guy.. Does not hurt that he is amazing to look at, great face and body, looks even better than his photos. Really looking forward to our next meet up.


Italian giver is recommended by ctrwash (3/22/2017)

This talented gut puncher gets off on a good workover. And the harder he punched, the better it felt. While on my back, I first experienced his full weight while standing on my gut and chest, and it was great! Also, I got a dose of his hot elbow to the gut, knee to the gut, and both fists pressed into the gut with all his weight. During all of this, and our competitive wrestling, he remained a fantastic guy with an erotic edge. If he wants to work you over, take him won't regret it!


SmallIgu is recommended by superboydan (3/22/2017)

Ele é um querido, simpático, pateta, e não o subestime pelo tamanho pois ele é forte e aguenta luta contra cara maiores... É uma pena esse grande lutador não se aqui de SP


ctrwash is recommended by Italian giver (3/22/2017)

I had the chance to meet up with ctrwash while he was visiting up here and definitely gave him a good gut punching and had a great time with him. Very nice guy and very easy to get along with. Highly recommended you want a hot sweaty time with a very hot man.


Juan7593 is recommended by lutte95 (3/22/2017)

21 03 2017
Nouvelle rencontre .Juan est toujours aussi fort et plus technique que moi .ce qui a fait la différence au sol ....athlétique et surtout des cuisses en béton qui font que ces ciseaux soit si redoutable. .une prochaine fois lutte a l huile ce qui devrait être assez drôle à faire ..toujours un plaisir de te rencontrer..😊💪👍

Une belle rencontre et un plaisir de lutter avec ce sexy et musclé lutteur..des bras puissant qui saura vous mettre en difficulté. .Oui un ami j espère aussi ..hautement recommandé. .!


wrestlersp is recommended by HARD ONE (3/22/2017)

Cara bacana, com técnica e força.
Lutamos várias vezes.
Definitivamente um ótimo lutador.


Lomandlad42 is recommended by Rick Royal (3/22/2017)

I had the great pleasure of meeting and wrestling Jay , during , his Manchester days before defecting to the south.
This guy is a terrific wrestler , and , as you can see looks terrific too !
We have wrestled three times previously @ Pippa's and each bout was everything you could ask for.
After each bout , it , was great to enjoy a beer or three with Jay in leafy Salford Quays.
Great and easy guy to get on with .
Definately a massive recommendation from me , and , hopefully we can meet up for a wrestling bout in the coming months.
Thank You Jay.

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