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Rose is recommended by PJ1 (1/24/2017)

I have met Rose as a training partner back in 2016, I remember her as a nice friend and also keen on pro-style wrestling. At the same time, she learns fast. Rose is a flexible wrestler and she is happy to play both the role of a heel or of a jobber. She is reliable and very friendly off the mats, too.


Pinstride is recommended by Perseus (1/24/2017)

This guy is fit muscled and can wrestle for sure. Although he's not been doing it for that long he demonstrated great spirit, tenacity resistance and natural ability when we wrestled. Very sharp and cat like with his moves too. I have no hesitation in recommending him and it's only a matter of time whereby this guy kicks ass. He had no hesitation in wrestling me and I'm 20 kg heavier. Off the mats pretty chilled and cool to chat with. Wrestle him.
Always a pleasure to wrestle this wrestling dude
Strong determined and has decent skills which will test even the most skilful wrestlers. Great stamina looks great in his gear and a gem of a lad socially.
Top lad.


midwestboxer is recommended by boxer1 (1/24/2017)

OH man, it was GREAT meeting midwestboxer at long last! He helped me work on my offense in the ring and he also made sure I was eating my fair share of punches too. He rocked me several times with good punches and I really enjoyed sparring with him. He's a great guy and a gentleman both in and out of the ring. Hope to have another bout with him in the near future!


HarborFighter is recommended by boxer1 (1/24/2017)

It was great seeing Tom again. We haven't seen each other in 15 years. He's a great guy and a great teacher. He gave me a few pointers at the Cincinnati Fisticuffs that I have incorporated into my boxing routine. Looking forward to the next event and can't wait to box with you and Rob again soon!


eastcheshireguy is recommended by Perseus (1/24/2017)

Was an absolute blast to wrestle with this fine wrestler.
He is energetic very powerful and strong and has an amazing muscled body. Coupled with very good Bjj skills our match was pretty evenly matched and ebbed and flowed like all good contests should with subs both ways. Off the mats a really decent lad who is great to chat too. Don't miss this guy if your near Manchester- total recommendation. I want round 2.
Round 2 arrived and it was pretty awesome
Amazingly strong and tuff with great stamina we had a blast a Walthamstow throwing each other around
Where did the 3 hours disappear too
Top top lad


diggeroh is recommended by boxer1 (1/24/2017)

Diggeroh was a tough opponent and he had me against the ropes in the ring a few times.Great guy both in and out of the ring. If you like a hard and tough fight, I highly recommend him!


SilverFoxFight is recommended by boxer1 (1/24/2017)

It was great meeting Deano at last. It wasn't until the end of the event that we realized that we hadn't sparred with each other in Cincinnati. Next time I'm in your neck of the woods, I will bring the gloves with me buddy! It was great meeting you and keep up with your boxing man! Once you start it, you'll never regret it.


Leftcross is recommended by boxer1 (1/24/2017)

It was great to meet you at long last. I really enjoyed the Cincinnati Fisticuffs event you and Tom put together. All the guys there were great and there were no attitudes. I"m looking forward to the next event and I hope by then I am even better at boxing.


Robfighter is recommended by corpoacorpo (1/24/2017)

gran bel lottatore! tenace e forte, ho dovuto faticare per trovare il suo punto debole e batterlo. Serio ed affidabile. grazie e spero nuovamente in un corpo a corpo con te


MEGRAPPLE is recommended by MMAniac (1/24/2017)

I had a fabulous time with Megrapple at Barnet. Megrapple is not only a tough and resilient wrestler but also a very witty guy which makes for a fun and sometimes hilarious wrestle. He gets my full recommendation. Looking forward to round 2, buddy!

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