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Lightweight21 is recommended by sparks45 (4/26/2017)

This guy is a blast. We had a great time chatting before, on breaks and after wrestling, super laid back and easy going. As far as wrestling, he knows how to suffer and how to dish it out. Really great match and very sexy time. Highly recommend and can't wait for the second go at him!


dreamwr is recommended by bodyscissors (4/26/2017)

Spotkalismy sie po wielu miesiacach pisania i nie zaluje. Walka z nim to wielka przyjemnosc.
Uprzejmosc, otwartosc oraz doskonala kondycja, to cechy charakteryzujace tego przeciwinika.
Goraco polecam i licze na kolejny sparing.


Ringermatte is recommended by wrestlerdu (4/26/2017)

Ringermatte, er ist auch nicht mehr taufrisch, so wie ich, wir beide haben schon oft miteinander gesprochen und jetzt hat es geklappt, Dank g6fighter.
Wir haben uns beide auf der matte ausgetobt und hatten viel Spaß miteinander.
Außerhalb der matte ist er ein netter Kerl, ich freue mich auf das nächste mal. 😂


Liberal-Lion is recommended by Rock Hard Pete (4/25/2017)

25 April, 2017

This man is going to be good one day! This was his second wrestling session, but he learned a lot from all of the us. Great company off the mats too. Looking forward to seeing him again.


scrappyone is recommended by wrestle boy (4/25/2017)

After a long conference day, we met for a quick match. Nice and friendly guy, but watch out, he is strong although he looks skinny :) had fun.


petitfit is recommended by musclehunk (4/25/2017)

Petitfit is a real good and very skilled fighter. The second part of his nickname describes better his power and stamina. It was a real pleasure to meet and fight with Petitfit as he is not only a very experienced wrestler but also a very polite and nice person to talk. If you have a chance to meet him, take the opportunity but be prepared to face a tough opponent. Highly recommended.


wrestler75 is recommended by musclehunk (4/25/2017)

What a good looking strong guy! I met wrestler75 in Zurich for a fight session that I will remember for long. Never met such a passionate and ambitious wrestler before. Although he was very dominant he was always fair but unfortunately too strong for me. If you really like to meet a real Alpha then wrestler75 ist your man. But be prepared when you are going to meet that powerhouse! Beside the ring a very sympathetic and nice guy. It was a real pleasure to meet him and he is highlz recommended to all hot wrestlers who like to test their own limits.


AD idf is recommended by fibri (4/25/2017)

notre 6ème rencontre mais toujours avec plaisir car Alain est très formateur malgré sa force et son endurance.
Ne vous fiez pas à son gabarit, il s'adapte à toutes personnes, est respectueux et n'use aucunement de sa force, alors n'attendez pas bougez vous, rencontrez le vite!!!
9 janvierr c'est toujours avec plaisir que de rencontrer ce male surpuissant, je ne cesse de dire qu'il est à recommander+++
et ce jour le 25 avril


French Novice is recommended by fibri (4/25/2017)

un 3ème combat : David est tres fort en technique, en lutte: quel homme et quel plaisir de l'affronter!!


patoche70fr is recommended by fibri (4/25/2017)

une 5ème rencontre avec Patrice, tjs surpuissant, alliant technique et force. il cherche la bagarre et il la trouve!!

46039 recommendations

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