FighterGuyy is recommended by musclewrestlervienna (3/11/2010)

Sile is a very strong and quick wrestler, and a tough guy in taking and giving. At the same time very friendly and easy going. strong recommendation for everyone going to Budapest or Vienna!!


sneak1 is recommended by fighter1977 (3/11/2010)

nice guy. and he don´t gives up easy.


musclewrestlervienna is recommended by FighterGuyy (3/10/2010)

Tough guy, well adjusted and very friendly off the mats. He's in remarkably good shape! Recommended to all Vienna visitors.

See you in Budapest next time!


bailey is recommended by Rick Royal (3/08/2010)

Had a great bout with Bailey - the guy was stronger than me but i still kicked his ass ! seriously , Bill was a great opponant, and, provided a nice clean matted area in which to wrestle.Also enjoyed a couple of pints with the wrestler later.


borets is recommended by dadwrestle (3/08/2010)

Take this guy on and you get a good, hard intense fight!


muscldfighter is recommended by MDWrestle (3/08/2010)

What a great combination of gentleman and powerhouse! This man is too modest, remarkable skill, toughness and strength, while still being fun and kind. And didn't mind teaching and rolling with a little guy. I want to wrestle him again. You would too.


Rick Royal is recommended by bailey (3/07/2010)

Great guy - excellent Brit pro/give and take session with him recently, and really looking forward to the next time! A real good, genuine guy and nice to chat to over a beer afterwards.


Wrestlg is recommended by NickZ (3/07/2010)

great guy to wrestle, had lots of matches with Glenn since 2002. Strong & skilled, good at freestyle as well as sub.


NYwrestlerman is recommended by NickZ (3/07/2010)

Wrestled Jason several times, most recently at the NYC Wrestlefest; he's a good feisty & strong wrestler with lots of endurance (our last match was 2 hours long).


NickZ is recommended by Wrestlg (3/06/2010)

Always Fun to Wrestle With!
He's a Great Part of Our World!
He Gives Out what he wants to get Back!
Good Advice for All of us!


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