boine is recommended by 2toughwrestlers in 1 team (10/15/2010)

Peter is one of the strongest fighter i ever met a lot of skill and a real power... thanks he accepted cooler bouts to give some illusion of power too:-) meet him


2toughwrestlers in 1 team is recommended by boine (10/15/2010)

Whats better then an early morning wrestle ? ;) Plenty of submissions and aggression. Real all sane guy with skills! Meet him!


italian stallion is recommended by thisfoolterence (10/15/2010)

Feisty, competitive and puts up a good fight to the end - even when he`s getting his butt kicked! Cool guy, great bod, and looking forward to our next tussle! ;D


wrestlerMI is recommended by fitman (10/14/2010)

very fit easy going guy - quite tough and no push over at all - well worth meeting up although the shortage of wrestlers in Milan means that most guys there appreciate a bit of coaching

Thanks Matt!


mattz4fun is recommended by 1try2pinme8 (10/14/2010)

Mattz and I wrestled years ago in SF and what a great match-up it was. Brilliant guy, very strong, very skilled and very memorable experience. top guy.


lutte95 is recommended by bikermanrr (10/14/2010)

tres bon lutteur, de bonnes techniques, dans un esprit tres fair play, un chic type qu il vous faut affronter


mehdi berx is recommended by Meilo1 (10/14/2010)

Had a few great wrestlingmatches with him, heel vs jobber, and really he is what the most guys call: a real jobber. Be continue.


Blackwrestle is recommended by DenverWrestler (10/14/2010)

Les is a great guy – strong, tough, determined on the mat, nice friendly decent guy off the mats......


Meilo1 is recommended by mehdi berx (10/14/2010)

He is a marvellous wrestler, he beat me often and can be really hard if his opponent want, it's really a good fighter with a soul of winner.


MontrealWrestler is recommended by mehdi berx (10/14/2010)

Un super bon combattant, ses biceps sont énormes, il sait combattre et n'a pas peur de forcer un peu, je le recommande à tout ceux qui aime bien lutter.


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