RhodyRaybo is recommended by pecs44 (2/01/2012)

Ray may be a newbie, but he's very enthusiastic, is picking up the sport quickly, and has very good endurance. The fact that he can host is a big plus, and he'll make sure you work for a sub or pin.


Steve Shock is recommended by heralduk (2/01/2012)

What is it they say about small packages.... Steve is one great guy on and off the mats. He is a technical wrestler who knows his game and despite his size with his knowlege can control big guys.
If you get a chance to meet Steve do so but beware! Dont think the guy is easy cos of his size!

Hope we can meet again Steve


WrslMscl is recommended by MississippiJock (2/01/2012)

Strong/skilled/determined describe him best. If you're looking for a great match on the mats, he's your man. Nice guy off the mats as well..


Mirceal is recommended by Wire (2/01/2012)

At last I meet Olivier for a match, and what a nice guy worth waiting for. Olivier has super strong legs and he knows to well how to use them. He is a safe and sane wrestler.
Hope we can meet again and then we can play some more cards.


Cornejo is recommended by Lancs guy (2/01/2012)

Met Cornejo recently during his visit to the UK. He's a strong, skilled and determined opponent. Would definitely recommend him to others who want a good technical wrestling workout. Nice guy off the mats too. Hopefully we'll get to meet again


Glasgow is recommended by toetotoe (1/31/2012)

Last minute meet but glad we managed it. Really good wrestler. Stronger than he looks. A fantastic host and enjoyed chatting with him as much as wrestling him. Well recommended and i hope to meet up again soon.


Bamm-Bamm is recommended by Sparhock (1/31/2012)

This guy is awesome! A strong and skilled opponent, but also intelligent and fun to talk to. Definitely recommended!


HardfightFfm is recommended by funraufer (1/31/2012)

Netter Figher, zäh und hält sich an was ausgemacht is, zuverlässig.


subcontest is recommended by markuk (1/31/2012)

This guy is fit strong and most importantly safe. reliable and punctual he is a formidable opponent with a well toned body. will really test you.


MississippiJock is recommended by WrslMscl (1/31/2012)

A killer combo of long limbs and iron muscles – this wresler will challenge you to the max. And then stretch you and your endurance to the max. Beware.


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