Jobber/Heel Match - Hunk71fi destroys slpt

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Uploaded on 1/08/2017 by slpt

This was nearly 2 years overdue, but it's finally here: a mega compilation of some of the countless submissions Hunk71fi put me through during our weekend of wrestling! I have so much footage from those days, wish you guys could see all of it but that editing I do to blur someone's face out is really time consuming, and the first two versions I did got censored too. Sorry that I look so much at the camera as well, couldn't help but to watch the action unfold on the phone screen as it happened! :D

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Comments (12)

slamitdown (0 platinum) 11 days ago [5]

YESS–hot hard squash match: U tap, u give, Hunk ignores U to wrap you like a pretzel into another hard submission. Thanks for taking the time and effort to finally get it posted---perfect heel-jobber torture display! Thats what its all about, bud.


Dave Squeezemaster (0 platinum) 12 days ago [5]

Now this is real submission wrestling on the mats ,,,
One dude taking another boi apart piece by piece,,total domination,, the only way to go


boston kid (45 gold) 13 days ago [5]

Great stuff. Good to see you suffering these hot holds. Thanks for your hard work on making this.


Ringwrestler123 (92) 15 days ago [5]

brilliant great holds slpt suffered nicely


slpt (34 bronze) 15 days ago

Thank you very very much lads!! Here's to hoping I get to face this outstanding heel once again this year, only this time it won't be such a David vs. Goliath battle... I am much stronger and now and coming for you, Hunk71fi!


Lion Mike55 (55) 13 days ago

(In reply to this)

nice vid . I wrestled the big Hunk too , I can`t wait to see a whole match of you too


TxFighter (2 silver) 15 days ago [5]

Outstanding. Any chance I can download this?


matteurlutte (36) 15 days ago

The best vidéo on this site. Bravo


craigtoronto (17) 15 days ago

awesome clip..great match


dbguy (10 bronze) 16 days ago

Spectacular destruction of slpt. I could watch this all day.
Thanks for posting.


eddie miles (5 bronze) 16 days ago [5]

Awesome as always!


Druid (0 gold) 16 days ago [5]

Amazing action slpt and Hunk71fi, thanks so much for sharing!


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