About Member Verification

In an ideal world, all profiles on social sites are genuine! Our site has always had mechanisms to approach that ideal world:

  • We have Past Opponents.
  • We have Recommendations.
  • And when those fail, we also have the Abuse Flags.

Member Verification is our latest effort to separate the real fighters from the fakes. Verification is voluntary; however, we strongly suggest that you verify yourself.

How does Member Verification work?

Member Verification is simple and easy.

Step 1

You will be asked to take a photo holding a sign with a specific handwritten code on it.

  • The photo must show your entire face any obstruction.
  • You must be holding a handmade sign that shows a specific code.
  • Make this sign about 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) high so it does not obscure too much but is big enough to be legible on the photo.
  • Hold this sign over your navel.
  • The photo must be high resolution, clear and sharp.

Your verification photo will not be visible in your profile.Only the site supporters handling your verification will see it.

Step 2

You will be asked to choose one of your profile photos that our site supporters can match your verification photo against. This photo must be visible in your profile and no more than 1 year old. This photo must also show your face. If this photo is ever removed or hidden from your profile, your verification status will be revoked and you must verify yourself again.

Step 2/A: Verification without a public face

If you choose not to publish a photo showing your face, there is an alternate option for you. It is slightly more complex, but allows us to perform verification discreetly.

  1. You post a private photo that shows both your body and your face. Private photos are not shown to anybody, although they can be sent as attachments to your messages. So far your privacy is safe.
  2. You post a public photo that is the exact same photo as the private one, with the face blurred or cropped.
  3. Validation will accept the public and the private photo as a pair. You must select both and take a photo with the code with your face so we can perform validation. The private, uncropped version of your photo will be used by our supporters to check that the public, cropped version is indeed you.
  4. After validation is complete, the public, cropped version will become your validation photo, marked with the green shield icon and the private, uncropped photo can be removed from your profile.

Step 3

Our site supporters will perform the verification. If your verification photo matches your profile photo, your profile will be marked "verified". Verification status lasts for three years. Verification status will be revoked if you hide or delete the profile photo that was used for verification.

Is Member Verification discreet?

The photo you submit for Member Verification is kept private. Only the site's support personnel will see your verification photo. We also do not require you to write the name of our site or any other possibly incriminating thing on your photo. We try to make the process as painless, risk-free and easy for you as we can!

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