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Skilled grappler with good s&c and advanced level submission wrestling, BJJ and Judo training.

Always open to a good match or training and meeting new people.

I don't mind on your level of skill as long as your in shape. and you are honest and up front on experience, and details. I am happy to teach people what I know, or learn too. But I do like a long tough match, so be ready for a workout!

If I challenge you it means I can and will meet you. I am also open to challenges from USA and Europe. With planning I can usually work destionations into future travel schedule. I love travel and do travel for work and pleasure.

Unfortunately, I haven't time for long online chats with people. But if we meet and wrestle, I would love to get to know you and stay in touch. I have made many genuine, long term friends off here.

Wrestling is the realm of reality, when you meet and fight someone reality hits.It takes courage to meet a stranger and fight. But it is an amazing feeling and the best way to bond and make new friends..So all you people with no meets and no recommendations - just meet someone, anybody, its called "meet" fighters for a reason? You will be glad you did!

Recently noticed that I am the first member to join MeetFighters in the United Kingdom. Wooho!-). This site is e a great place to meet people with the same interests and it hasn't disappointed. Three cheers meet fighters!!

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Match structure: Even match, Practicing techniques, Workout partner, Online chatting, Not interested in cyber, Looking for coach, Looking to coach, Competing (tournaments)
Specific wrestling styles: Brazilian ju-jitsu, Folkstyle
Miscellaneous interests: I have access to a ring, I have access to mats, Friendship


  1. United Kingdom, London
    United Kingdom
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I am willing to travel 1000 miles
I am willing to host.


48-year-old Gay Male, looking for Male

5'9" (176 cm), 141 lbs (64 kg)

Languages spoken:
English, French


Olympic / Greco-RomanOlympic / Greco-Roman, SubmissionSubmission, JudoJudo

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dragonuk is recommended by Wrestlingguy

Rather skilled! Was an extremely patient and good teacher, really nice man to chat to as well. I think skill and experience made for a few easy wins for him, but I should like to think I picked up a few tips in the time we met. Highly recommended.



Wrestlingguy is recommended by dragonuk

A great impromptu meet. Pleasant, friendly and intelligent guy, on and off the mats. Has the physique of a strong powerhouse with the size and build to make short work of many opponents, once he gets the technique and experience to match. Never gave up and was learning all time. Fight this guy soon before he gets unbeatable.Happy to welcome him back to my dojo anytime. Highly recommended.



dragonuk is recommended by rhinoboy1997

I had a great match with Dragon in Bristol. He was a really nice guy, we chatted all the way to his house and all the way back. I went in really not expecting to get close to winning, and i think he would agree that it was very close. In the end his technique provailed though, and my goodness did he have lots of that. I learned so much in that day alone, and it was almost as if he was keen to help me improve, noticing in one bout that i had gone for an armbar which didn't really come off, but he showed me what to do next time and that really helped. A gentleman to say the least but an impressive wrestler on the mats, do not take this man for granted.

Highly recommended.



rhinoboy1997 is recommended by dragonuk

Rhino Is a mild mannered man of many talents, and both personable and friendly. I have always enjoyed our conversations on a wide range of topics
However we were still to explore our shared interest of wrestling.Early on he had refused to tell me about his hidden moves, so I was intrigued .However , I had also kept quiet that I had some dragon moves hidden away for difficult opponents.

'Battle in Bristol' was a chance to put the Rhino reputation on the line .

Arranging a match was straight forward and we were soon in the Bristol underground mat room dispensing with pleasantries and ready to go.

I am always happy to meet new wrestlers off here who are genuinely looking to
put their skills on the line, and learn through doing. Often I relax in a detached sort of way, or teach. But there was little time for this with Rhino.

He is bigger and stronger than I imagined and presents an impressive stature,
as he came out of the changing room, and his entrance music died down.

He soon came at me with the energy and speed of a rhino and I knew if I was
not careful I would be be flattened on the floor and submitting to his hidden moves before I knew what happening. I had to bring out some dragon fury
to counter his rhino strength.

I think on the whole the dragon held the day. Although the Rhino came in with some old school pins Id not seen since the old world of sport days which livened things up

A great first match. I predict that rhino will only increase in skill and strength,
until he will be a submission machine that feint hearted wrestlers will fear.

Jump in while you have a chance lads.
Highly recommended.



dragonuk is recommended by sub-aqua

Well it's been a *very* long time in planning but we finally got a match sorted out. Almost shows we both possess the virtue of patience!

We had our match in the Seven Sisters matroom. The bulk of the match was some even subs, finishing off trading holds.

Dragonuk can boast a bottomless well of stamina and technique - I certainly had a lot of trouble gaining and maintaining control!

Dragon's also very down to earth and no-nonsense and we'll certainly remain buddies. Recomendation without hesitation.



sub-aqua is recommended by dragonuk

I have been online friends with Sub aqua for sometime and for reasons of scheduling had not met. we finally found the opportunity to upgrade that friendship to real life wrestling buddies.A good even submission match was had over 3 hours, in one of the London mat rooms. Both wrestlers demonstrated great staminar and could have continued beyond the allocated time. Both wrestlers also landed some great submissions amongst a fast moving, rapid fire battle of attacks and could be said that I had the upper hand on this occasion, but I will not be complacent he was never beaten down. We had some periods of more co-operative exchanges, in which Dan showed his arsenal of skilled pro mission and submission moves to rain down on any foolish enough to think that this gentle mild mannered northerner was just biding his time. We also did some heel/jobber and I enjoyed working over the young rookie some. All in all a great match and plenty of good chat and good times before and after. Pleased to have real worlded our friendship and will happily wrestle him again for sure.Happy to recommend him to anyone with the energy to battle this young tiger. Safe,skilled,boundless energy, and becoming increasingly out!



UKAndy99 is recommended by dragonuk

I can only add a belated and grateful recommendation for Andy and his mat room.
I had a great match at Barnett and felt very well looked after.



dragonuk is recommended by EthanAxelAndrews

Very eager to get on the mats and be tortured :-p. In all seriousness a very pleasant British gentleman, we wrestled for a couple hours and he was able to keep up with me the whole time. Made the few hours fly by. Definitely worth your time.



EthanAxelAndrews is recommended by dragonuk

I have been a fan of Axel since his early appearances on NHB Battle videos Finally got to meet while in Philadelphia and wrestled on the UCW mats; where I have seen him work over many a rookie.In real life, Axel is a very strong opponent, with good technical submission skills, who can pitch the level to any opponent. Our match was a couple of hours with a few short breaks, in which Axel was unrelenting in dominating me with a whole arsenal of submissions. Chilled, polite, and friendly off the mat. A pleasure to meet, and highly recommended for any one who loves a high adrenaline quality wrestling meet.Hope he comes to England sometime.



dragonuk is recommended by MMTwister

Great grappler. Very highly recommend meeting this gentleman. Pleasure to meet and grapple, thoroughly enjoyed meeting him. Skilled, experienced and adaptable to many styles.



MMTwister is recommended by dragonuk

MMTwister is the real deal; trained, skilled and what you see is what you get.Always happy to meet him and wrestle him.I would recommend that if your into technical wrestling then test your skills.



dragonuk is recommended by steviewrestle

Really nice guy and enjoyed our wrestling match. Would wresle him again does great scissors



steviewrestle is recommended by dragonuk

Stevie's a nice guy, a pleasure to have him visit and we had a good tough few rounds of wrestling mats. I particularly enjoyed keeping Stevie in some long punishing scissors, as he had said he loved scissors! Hope he comes back soon. Definitely someone to meet.



dragonuk is recommended by Gforce199

great guy with awesome skills. Really hard to beat, he made me sweat, good bjj techniques. Also a good host



Gforce199 is recommended by dragonuk

Great rookie who has some good BJj techniques and natural grappling skills to submit his opponents. He is strong, and he knows what he is doing. He has many ways to make someone tap out ! Good initial meet for a a good workout for an intense hour. Happy to meet him again for a longer iron man match when he is ready:-). Don't hesitate to meet him if you can!



Spotland Scrapper is recommended by dragonuk

Met the Spotland Scrapper crew this afternoon and hung out with them for a while. I got some great submission matches and saw some of their ring craft and filming. The spotland experience is highly recommended for anyone who loves wrestling, but don't expect an easy ride these boys walk the walk as well as talk, they have skills.The whole meet was good humoured, safe, friendly and I felt privileged to spend quality time with these boys who have maturity beyond their years and take every effort to make sure you get the wrestling style and level you are after.I will be booking in again next time I am in Manchester.



dragonuk is recommended by smallriff

Dragonuk is a nice guy and a fun match. Very reliable and personable. Recommended.



smallriff is recommended by dragonuk

Riff is 100% the real deal and must wrestle if your ever in Manhattan.He comes in fighting and leaves still fighting. stamina, strength and scissors are his trade mark. Also a very personable and nice guy. Until the next time Riff!



dragonuk is recommended by Wresl2pin

Dragonuk was enjoyable to wrestle and pin in USA collegiate style match. Although he is trained in different skills, he gave me a good run on a freestyle match. Would highly recommend and challenge again on the mats!



Wresl2pin is recommended by dragonuk

wresl2pin is an exceptionally good wrestler and nice guy.Had a great time wrestling him, also was fun to hang out with off the mats.I can only recommend him to anyone visiting Vegas.



dragonuk is recommended by FighterGuyy

Dragon is a friendly chap, I had the pleasure of meeting him both in Bristol and in Budapest. He's been going on and on about his awesome training of deadly martial arts for about a year now, so I hope to meet him to kick his ass again. :)

Also, he can make a rather lovely tea, with a little milk.



FighterGuyy is recommended by dragonuk

Met my old friend FighterBoy yet again this August.We have met several times over the years and one thing remains constant FighterBoyy is a true warrior, genuine, humble, respectful, and he loves to fight. I have witnessed his fighter skills move from a novice white belt (easy pickings) to a blue belt kick ass ninja. We had a few good bouts in his underground mat room, and also sampled the delights of Budapest. He is good company on and off the mats.Looking forward to the next time. I can only recommend if you are in Budapest - check him out, you will not regret it.



dragonuk is recommended by UK Alex

Genuine guy who knows his stuff on the mats. Bit of a heel streak in him too! Will probably ache in the morning!



UK Alex is recommended by dragonuk

A genuine guy well worth meeting, fun on the mats , and to chat too after. New to the world of wrestling, but makes up with it with energy and enthusiasm, and a fast learner so be careful.He will soon be submitting us all!



dragonuk is recommended by Scissorvictim

A gentleman on and off the mats. Very skilled but always safe and sane. Looking forward to a rematch. Can recommend for beginners or the more experienced.



Scissorvictim is recommended by dragonuk

"Scissor Victim" is hardly a victim but can trade and dish out scissor holds, and has a lot
of all round grappling skills and flexibility. I can not wait to squeeze him into submission again, and make him my scissor victim for our rematch!



dragonuk is recommended by Broc

A very skilled and fit fighter but a real gentleman on and off the mat. This guy is no push over but will wrestle to your level and with skill and muscle. A really good bloke to have a coffee with after too.



Broc is recommended by dragonuk

Broc is a regular visitor to my mat room. A thoroughly nice guy one and off the mat and
a strong guy. I do however love working him over to show that older guys can be
stronger!. Please come back soon!



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