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Hi Guys
Black wrestler here looking for bouts with other guys.
Mainly done sub bouts but will try just about anything once. If you fancy a bout please get in touch and lets try and sort something out



Match structure: Even match, Give and take, Squash match, Practicing techniques, Tag team / group fights, Outdoors fights
Specific wrestling styles: Wrestling with body punches, Pool wrestling, Mud/oil wrestling
Miscellaneous interests: Friendship


  1. United Kingdom, London
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I am willing to travel 750 miles


Age: 51-year-old Gay Male

Stats: 5'8" (173 cm), 200 lbs (91 kg)

Gear: speedos, squarecuts,

Olympic / Greco-Roman Olympic / Greco-Roman
Submission Submission
Pro wrestling Pro wrestling

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Interest Groups:


Blackwrestle is recommended by BearN19

As a wrestler this guy is strong and firm, try bending those arms and legs! All round good guy and was a fun session. Recommended!



BearN19 is recommended by Blackwrestle

All I can say is watch out for this guy in the NEAR future.
He picks things up very quickly and with his strength he will be putting people into some very tough holds.
Loved meeting him and I will be having many more matches with him in the near future I hope.
Worth a roll for sure



Blackwrestle is recommended by Pinstride

It was a great pleasure and honour to meet Blackwrestle today, who kindly travelled up to Suffolk for a day of submission wrestling. What a great guy he is and a fantastic wrestler. We traded a variety of holds and did a few tests of strength as well and it was a worthwhile workout!

Black wrestle is a strongly built man with plenty of solid muscle, making him a tough guy to control and defend against. His legs are incredibly strong and his scissors literally took my breath away. Yet he is safe and sane and fun to fight!

Off the mats, he is a friendly, genuine guy, fun to spend time with and interesting to talk to. I highly recommend him and look forward to meeting him again soon for round two!



Pinstride is recommended by Blackwrestle

Oh man
it has taken some time to meet Pin and all I can say it was well worth the wait.
From the time we met to the time I left he was the perfect host nothing was to much.
when it came to the time on the mats though he is lighter he is a man that will always make sure that you have a great time. We swapped holds making the other try and escape and apply pressure and teasing the other in holds which made the time even more enjoyable. We showed each other few things which is always good and helps for future sessions.
Sorry about the legs but next time I might even tighten them, lol
There is one thing for sure I am definitely going to meet him again and I will say to you guys nope don't meet him (JOKING just means I might get more chance.
ACE guy and well worth a roll



Blackwrestle is recommended by tnorfmod

We met many many years ago
good and nice bloke I had a great roll with.
Strong and fully reliable



tnorfmod is recommended by Blackwrestle

Met A some time back when he visited these shores.
Great guy in and off the mats.
Reliable and likable guy
Want revenge BIG TIME



Blackwrestle is recommended by GymGladiator

Had a great few hours of wrestling which we will hopefully repeat sometime. This guy has great skills to teach & we had a very slippery/sweaty grapple & some gut punching. He travelled a long way in the one day & I appreciate that.
I think I can say that BlackWrestle is the sort to make every effort to keep a challenge date and that you won't get a no-show from him.
If you get the chance then challenge this guy!

Summer 2016: we have now met three times. Each time has been a good, hard match. It's great that he's prepared to pop up on the train for the day.



GymGladiator is recommended by Blackwrestle

Should of written this a long time agoo
A great guy to meet. We had a great time on the mats.
Would recommend him to anyone to meet..
Graet guy off he mats as well and look forward to rolling
with him again



Blackwrestle is recommended by davey123

An excellent and totally exhausting three hour wrestle with this beast of the mats! Some competitive and some give n take promission stuff. This guy is a strong and knows what he is doing....he is safe and sane too. Had me tapping out from his repeated arm and neck locks (which I enjoyed!) and also knows really how to work a camel until I was just about busted. Slow and sure...painful, and powerfully determined. I didn't wanna say it, but was forced to sub. Payback was great fun too...well for me anyway!
Extremely easy to get along with and with a physique like that how could he not be sexy with it...all the more so because he seems unaware of his own considerable assets. This is a totally trustworthy tank of a man who really knows how to wrestle and who can soak up an extraordinary amount of punishment and still get up for more.
Highly recommended. Was easy to arrange things too - he took the responsibility for booking mats at High Barnet (which I would also highly recommend). Good sense of humour and very considerate.



davey123 is recommended by Blackwrestle

It took years to meet this man when i thought i he didn't fancy it, but i was well wrong and well worth the wait for sure
When you first meet him outside of the ring and chat with him you think hmm this is going to be a cake walk due to what he does workwise and visually he just looks like mister Joe Bloggs a tall one but nothing special as such. Don't get me wrong hes great to chat to and very on the ball about everything.
We got to the matroom changed and it was a whole different ball game. Though the one thing you will find with him is that he always says hes getting old and so unfit, what he reveals when stripped down is not a build of someone who is old and unfit, the first bit of doubt can then creep in.
Now you get onto the mats and then that body gets to work. He sure knows his stuff getting you down onto the mats and using his strength to work the holds that he gets onto you. One thing to say is definitely watch those legs of his as they are Bo Constrictors when they are locked on and not blowing my own trumpet i can hold out against alot of scissors his his one of the few i have to submit too it. We worked up a great sweat and man was he awesome to fight.
If you let him show his heel side man just watch out as he's one that likes to work a guy long and hard. The only hold he loves to use in his arsenal has to be the Camel, get caught in that and expect to suffer for along time as he cranks it on slowly but not enough to make you give but enough to make you suffer.
This guy is one that i will be hopefully meeting for a long time to come and its a damn shame that hes at the other end of the country or i would meet him often.
Here's to the upcoming bouts



Blackwrestle is recommended by Squashlad

22/06/2016: Was great to finally get in the ring at Grove Park with Blackwrestle after chatting for a while, and even better to wrestle someone with an even more laid-back, even languid, wrestling style than me. This was a very chilled out match. Which made it all the more amusing that it was so sweaty. (The guy who runs Grove Park said he'd need to towel the canvas dry before even trying to mop it clean!) But don't think that laid back = easy beat. It so doesn't. When we started off, standing, my extra bit of height meant that I could largely keep Blackwrestle at bay, and I even got the first sub, but when we took things down to the mats he showed me who was boss. I wasn't able to penetrate his strong defence, while he was able to take subs off me with ease, particularly with his brutal crossface. All very safely and carefully done though. Between subs and off the mats he's similarly chilled, but a chatty, pleasant, friendly and funny guy. He's very highly recommended and I hope that we'll get to wrestle again soon.



Squashlad is recommended by Blackwrestle

Finally got this man on the mats after plenty of back and forth chats.
Met on the mats and initially he was able to keep me off balance and got that first submission. Good for him lol.
Well after that it was my time ground time and loved getting him to submit to my holds but he still was a tough little cookie, though not little. He was a great guy to wrestle and it was a great sweaty bout.
I will definitely meet again and would say yeah a guy to meet



Blackwrestle is recommended by brazilwrestler86

Finally after a long time chatting online had the chance to meet Leslie for a match ! What a great guy he is ! Very strong , powerful and the best defense I've ever seen in a wrestler ! We rolled for a few hours and had a total blast ! Just wished we had more time not only to wrestle but to spend some quality time outside the ring ! Can't wait to meet him again !



brazilwrestler86 is recommended by Blackwrestle

It's been years in the offing trying to get Ricardo on the mats and it finally happened. And i have to say it was well worth the wait. Seems an an assuming guy when you first meet him and travel to the venue together a little chat but almost seemed shy but he's not only due to mouth issues at the time. Get to the matroom and we get ready to wrestle. Yeah he's one big guy which doesn't show when clothed.
He's one tough dude that's for sure and getting him down sure is one hard task. He's skilled and you end up being more defensive against this brute than you want to be just to survive. He's bloody great on the mats and man did we sweat during the session. Was good to meet someone who soaks a matroom just as much if not more than me. He came up on top but sure hope that i have him a run for his money.
I am so looking forward to further meets with Ricardo and also so good hangout time as well.
Next time bud your mone 😊😊



Blackwrestle is recommended by innerspace

Met Blackwrestle for the first time this afternoon at my home and it was clear from the off that Leslie is a genuine and nice guy.

We spent a couple of hours in a good even match. Leslie had a considerable weight advantage, but I have good strength and fitness so there was plenty back and forth action. Leslie has powerful legs and his scissor holds are formidable. His compactness also made him difficult to turn or get off balance.

Good contest and a nice guy, happy to recommend Leslie.



innerspace is recommended by Blackwrestle

What can I say about this guy. He's definitely one guy that with a few more bouts under his belt will be a good hard grapple. Though like me I know he's in it for the sport and enjoyment. He's strong guy and flexible. I know that next time I won't go so easy on him. Definitely guy I would meet again and one I would suggest to meet. Look forward to meeting again



Blackwrestle is recommended by MONSTA

Wrestled on the mats in Hendon. A great guy to wrestle safe sane and fun.



Blackwrestle is recommended by Rudge

Met this powerhouse of a wrestler some years ago
Strong lad who keeps coming at you and is quite a handful on the mats
Really powerful scissors as I remember
Now I am back in UK would love rematch though suspect it will be a a tough challenge !!!
Really nice guy and easy to get along with fully recommended



Blackwrestle is recommended by chicagopiledriver

We wrestled years ago when I was in London. Fun guy to wrestle and a nice guy too. I remember dominating him in our match but I think he remembers differently :) Either way I hope to wrestle him again soon!



Blackwrestle is recommended by UKBruiser

Had a great bout with this guy, nice guy off mats and tough opponent on the mats, has stamina and skills. Always be happy to wrestle again.



Blackwrestle is recommended by prosub

Blackwrestle is a great opponent, and a really nice guy....have met him many times, is strong, and knows loads of good wrestling wrestling this guy, and love meeting him ! I would urge you to accept any challenges from this guy, because you will not be disappointed, and is very friendly, on and off the mats....can 100 per cent recommend him !



Blackwrestle is recommended by Celticmuscle

After a few missed opportunities over the last few years I finally had a chance to meet this guy eventually, and the meet was def worth the wait. Off the mats he's an intelligent, articulate and very nice guy belying his cocky pre-match "online" On the mats he's a tuff cookie with very good defensive instincts, good strength and resilience. Really enjoyed grappling with this combative man and would gladly meet again. Heartily recommended for a safe enjoyable battle!



Blackwrestle is recommended by highscreener

Blackwrestle is strong and skilled, and very hard to get down. We had a sweaty fight, It was a very short but cool. I can recommend him.



Blackwrestle is recommended by Perseus

Powerful experienced knowledgeable wrestler who is a great wrestle. Was so relaxed he was horizontal most of the time - just a joke! Just jealous lol- his relaxation allows him to move effortlessly from one hold to another until he gets his man. Was great fun to wrestle and round 2 is on for sure. You will learn tons wrestling this guy- its a must. Wrestle him!



Perseus is recommended by Blackwrestle

What can i say about this man, he was bloody great to get on the mats, been wanting to for some time and sure as hell didnt disappoint. Though he thinks he's not good hes better than he thinks he is. A definate one to meet thats for sure. I'm looking forward to out next bout for sure



Blackwrestle is recommended by ATONMAN

With Blackwrestle I immediately suffered his strength and determination. Fortunately I brought the challenge in balance and at the end it was not easy to determine which of us was stronger. Black is a true fightbrother and I will happy to fight with him again and again.



Blackwrestle is recommended by SqueezeNW

After chatting for a long time, we finally got the chance for a match. This guy is good at his game and fun to try working out holds or escapes with. Strong, confident, skilled and friendly too.



Blackwrestle is recommended by DenverWrestler

Les is a great guy – strong, tough, determined on the mat, nice friendly decent guy off the mats......



Blackwrestle is recommended by londonoriental

Les is one of the few guys I have matched again and again since I first started wrestling. He's strong and tough, and always makes me work hard on the mats



londonoriental is recommended by Blackwrestle

This guy is a great guy on and off the mats. Resilient on teh mats
want another piece of him



Blackwrestle is recommended by secondsout

Strong, skilled, grappler, sound guy. Look forward to a rematch



secondsout is recommended by Blackwrestle

Don;t let that look fool you this guy sure is strong and knows what he's doing. Had a wicked bout with him and definately want him back on the mats. Don;t pass him up



latinwrestler is recommended by Blackwrestle

This man is tough thats for sure but man great to wrestle. I'm looking for pay back when he comes back this way so he had better hurry back



Blackwrestle is recommended by boine

I was invited to meet on short notice! Thanks!
Had a few good rounds of sane easygoing submission wrestling and sub fighting. Fun give and take scrap :)



Blackwrestle is recommended by dadwrestle

Whatever you do, dont underestimate this guy! He's strong and tough on the mats and a skilled wrestler! Well worth a challenge, and fun to wrestle.



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