MeetFighters News

Table of Contents

1.The Votes Are In - MeetFighters Is Now DateFighters!
2.Faceless Member Verification
3.Member Verification Is Here
4.13,000 Members!
5.Update on Match Requests and Other Polls
6.Poll: FitFighters (Workout Journal Feature)?
7.Chat Update
8.12000 Members, Branded Email Addresses
9.Web Video Streaming is Here!
10.April's Fool
11.[poll] Video Service: Switch to Web Streaming?
12.11000 Members: MeetFighters Is The Biggest!
13.New Message Center
14.MeetFighters is 7 Years Old!
15.New Server!
16.Mobile App Update, Interest Group Notifications and More
17.Galleries and Virtual Profiles
18.Ten Thousand Members and Virtual Profiles
19.New Photo Management Page, Message Center Beta
20.New Interests, Profile Options and Gallery Update
21.Chrome Error, Mobile App and XXX Votes
22.FightPedia, Mobile App and More
23.MeetFighters is 6 Years Old!
24.Commercial Activity: The Votes are In!
25.On Commercial Activity
26.New Site Engine
27.Wanted: Beta Testers
29.8500 Members!
30.8000 Members!
31.Update on the Video Service
32.T-Shirts Are Coming!
33.Update on Interest Groups
34.Server Move
35.Black or White?
36.New User Name Policy
37.New Way of Setting Up Meetings
38.Update on Video. Also, T-Shirts!
39.Testimonials, Faster Page Delivery and Video Poll
40.New Site Design, Again
41.Update Your Profile Locations!
42.October Site Update
43.August Update, The Aftermath is here!
46.Update on
47.Site Name is Changing
48.Microsoft Live Service Is Blocking Us
49.Trial Users
50.Server Upgrade, Migration to New Location
51.Fight Venues updated
52.Supporter Appreciation and Site Updates
53.Safety Awareness
54.Wakeup Call
55.December 2011 Updates
56.November 2011 Updates
57.New Photo Moderation Rules
58.What should happen with the "mild" photo category?
59.Updated the Terms of Service
60.Mobile Version
61.Cleaning up the Suggestion Box
62.5000 Members!
63.April update
64.Supporters Wanted!
65.Language Information in Profiles
66.Improved Site Performance, Past Opponents
67.Update on Groups
68.One Million Messages
69.New Video Site Opens
70.4000 Members!
71.Fight Venues and Happy 2011!
72.Our Site is Two Years Old! (New Poll!)
73.Performance Issues and Miscellaneous Updates
74.Special Interest Groups and further updates
75.Hardware upgrade
76.Battle Reports and Blog Photo Attachments
77.Miscellaneous Site Upgrades
78.Distance-based Search
79.Big Changes in Photo Moderation
80.Search by City and Other Small Enhancements
81.Saved Searches and Aftermath of the Puppet Hunt
82.Sockpuppets and Puppet Masters
83.Two New Interests
84.Who is on Chat?
85.3000 Members, Stories Section
86.Troubles with hotmail and
87.Server Upgrade
88.Save your Messages!
89.Performance Problems Fixed
90.Messages, Reflection on Incomplete Profiles and Small Fixes
91.The Game Changes
92.Providers and Consumers
93.World Map Improvements
94.About Chat, Webcam and Other Updates
95.Move to a New Data Center, Instant Messages and The Entitleds Strike Again
96.Cyber vs Real Past Opponents, New Data Center
97.New Chat System, Photo Moderation, User Name Change
99.AllFighters is 1 year old today!
100.Online User Icon
101.Another Milestone Passed
102.Fighting Events
103.Member Ticker
104.Blog Comments Made Better, Question About Photos
105.Private Notes
106.New Feature: Restricted Profiles
107.RAM Upgrade and New Front Page
108.Donor Appreciation and New Database
109.Site Update: Message Threads and Stuff
110.Galleries, Recommendations and Other Menaces
111.About the Recommendation System
112.What If I'm Not Anchored? :)
113.Messed Up
114.Over 800 Members!
115.New Stuff for the Map and Advanced Search
116.AllFighters Chat on Mibbit
117.Improved Searching
118.Who Has Seen Your Profile?
119.No Man Is An Island: Who Fought Who?
120.Map Feature
121.Past Opponents
122.Blocking and Request for Comments
123.Broke a Record Yesterday
124.Photo attachments
125.New stuff in the works
126.AllFighters in French!
127.Photo Gallery
128.Privacy Setting for Photos
129.Two wishes for the Recommendations granted
130.AllFighters Is One Month Old!
132.New Interests and Invitations
133.New "Preferences" Page Added
134."New profiles" feature
135.Improvements to the "Invite" feature
136.New "Invite a Friend" Feature
137.Beta test is coming to an end
138.Improved site chat Beta Testing Starts

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