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Search by interestAdminFighterGuyyClosed[5] (1 votes)
Ranking FeatureStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[3] (4 votes)
Small suggestion for Recommendations FeatureStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[0] (0 votes)
need to keep the Main Menu on the left of the page - no matter whereK400KK400KClosed[0] (0 votes)
new windows pop up during browsing - options...K400KK400KClosed[0] (0 votes)
Show the number of recommendationsFighterGuyyFighterGuyyClosed[0] (0 votes)
Map FeatureAdminStrikeFighterClosed[0] (0 votes)
Remembering Language InterfaceStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[3] (2 votes)
Friends Feature issueStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[0] (0 votes)
Log-in / Language Interface BugStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[5] (1 votes)
New Profiles FeatureStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[0] (0 votes)
Being marked as a friend by someone you've never met or are never going to meetMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[5] (1 votes)
Clickable Site BannerRedCloudStreetredcloud2008Closed[5] (1 votes)
Clickable Site BannerAdminredcloud2008Closed[0] (0 votes)
First ReactionStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[0] (0 votes)
Travellermature jobbermature jobberClosed[0] (0 votes)
Suggestion for a new "interest"StrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[0] (0 votes)
Bug on new preferences pageStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[0] (0 votes)
Photo Gallery with tagging and search by user / date uploadedAbsFreakAbsFreakClosed[0] (0 votes)
Be Direct - "Guys I Have Fought"NJWoodbridgeNJWoodbridgeClosed[0] (0 votes)
Better implementation of Advanced Search for the member listAbsFreakAbsFreakClosed[0] (0 votes)
Search by geographydevonwrestlerdevonwrestlerClosed[5] (7 votes)
Bulk InvitationsSmashmanSmashmanClosed[0] (0 votes)
Chat Application VerificationSmashmanSmashmanClosed[0] (0 votes)
Who is logged in and who is in chatChurdChurdClosed[0] (0 votes)
Privacy setting for photosyoullsubmityoullsubmitClosed[0] (0 votes)
Access denied in Chat roomLondon WrestlerLondon WrestlerClosed[0] (0 votes)
msnLeanmachineukLeanmachineukClosed[0] (0 votes)
Logon multiple timesAdminlkn4awrestletoyClosed[1] (1 votes)
email notification about new messages to include sender and message text (optionally)ikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
Search ALL USA states and ALL Canadian ProvincesLetswreslLetswreslClosed[0] (0 votes)
Travel sectionAllanmacAllanmacClosed[0] (0 votes)
Missing message?LondonHeelLondonHeelClosed[0] (0 votes)
Special Interest Groupssqueezetoy1984squeezetoy1984Closed[4] (7 votes)
Blocking FeatureBiff KerpowBiff KerpowClosed[0] (0 votes)
Some ideas which i would like to see in real wrestler's sitewrestowrestoClosed[0] (0 votes)
Editing blogdevonwrestlerdevonwrestlerClosed[0] (0 votes)
pics of wrestlersfrankspefrankspeClosed[0] (0 votes)
Access denied on the tchat ...ladron frladron frClosed[0] (0 votes)
Blocking FeatureAllanmacAllanmacClosed[0] (0 votes)
facility to see who has viewed a profilemarkaskeymarkaskeyClosed[0] (0 votes)
OnlineMeiloMeiloClosed[0] (0 votes)
Battle ReportsAdminAdminClosed[5] (5 votes)
Search results - page lengthikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
Picture gallerywrestowrestoClosed[0] (0 votes)
favouritesmatchupmatchupClosed[0] (0 votes)
cosmetic, oneliner: profile edit page URL refers to birko.huikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
A wrestle meet or tournement in London.The StranglerThe StranglerClosed[0] (0 votes)
Member's ListTygerTygerClosed[0] (0 votes)
Language issues with messages - incorrect languageMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[0] (0 votes)
Chat Room PromotionNW UK WRESTLERNW UK WRESTLERClosed[0] (0 votes)
Suspended member accountFighterGuyyFighterGuyyClosed[0] (0 votes)
Profiles: recommendations could be pairedikfikfClosed[4] (31 votes)
System remembers when you've challenged someoneMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[0] (0 votes)
View dialog/messages exchanged with 1 userMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[0] (0 votes)
Real vs Cyber Past OpponentsWrestleboyjoeyWrestleboyjoeyClosed[5] (4 votes)
who is onlineyimyimClosed[0] (0 votes)
Erklärung der schwarz-weissen Symbole/Stile waere schoensqueeze mesqueeze meClosed[0] (0 votes)
Feature: Venue ListingssouthernwrestlersouthernwrestlerClosed[5] (16 votes)
Torrent trackerwrestowrestoClosed[0] (0 votes)
cosmetic, oneliner: friend-favourite: You're receiving this message, because xxx has marked you as a _friend_.ikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
notes about usersikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
Small bug related to deleted profilesStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[3] (1 votes)
Profiles visible by members onlyFighterGuyyFighterGuyyClosed[3] (1 votes)
chat log inboretsboretsClosed[0] (0 votes)
VideosTynesiderTynesiderClosed[0] (0 votes)
Add main photo thumbnail to the list at /profileviews ikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
problem in marking as a past opponentluctatorluctatorClosed[0] (0 votes)
Invite to Chat featureStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[5] (4 votes)
Chat ignore agmjagmjClosed[0] (0 votes)
Blocking preventing negative referencesMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[4] (2 votes)
Reference retention upon profile deletionMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[4.5] (3 votes)
Change of LocationscotsgrapplerscotsgrapplerClosed[0] (0 votes)
TickerStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[4.5] (3 votes)
Interests - distinctionspshawfocuspshawfocusClosed[5] (1 votes)
favorets log in yimyimClosed[3] (1 votes)
Events: send notification messagesikfikfClosed[4.5] (14 votes)
Could profile show online status?hashbockhashbockClosed[0] (0 votes)
Events one-liner: clicking on username on "my leg is in pain, I can't come" list gives 404ikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
removing profilesTumtitumsTumtitumsClosed[0] (0 votes)
miles awayAdminBikerE1WClosed[0] (0 votes)
Events: Feedback + archiveMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[4] (14 votes)
not all past opponents visibleladron frladron frClosed[1] (1 votes)
Please have a checkoff for folkstyleeuropa92103europa92103Closed[0] (0 votes)
Unable to load Member ListsteviebaksteviebakClosed[5] (1 votes)
Message DeletingFightnmanWAFightnmanWAClosed[0] (0 votes)
Search by city, locality, region keywordjonnyukjonnyukClosed[5] (2 votes)
Distances ??AdminBikerE1WClosed[0] (0 votes)
Cyber vs RealAdminozwrestleClosed[5] (1 votes)
Feature request: Additional link directly to online member listmunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[0] (0 votes)
Can't get into chatheadscissors998headscissors998Closed[0] (0 votes)
Add "Wrestling with Bodypunching to "Styles"AdminmikesfightshowClosed[5] (4 votes)
Add VideosAdminnewageClosed[5] (2 votes)
Add new location: Changed Profilebirkozas25bpbirkozas25bpClosed[0] (0 votes)
Opening ChatAdminsqueezerianClosed[0] (0 votes)
TickerAdminLeanmachineukClosed[0] (0 votes)
Brit Pro Wrestling / WOSkennykennyClosed[4.5] (2 votes)
Glossary of termsStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[5] (4 votes)
Events ListingSpotland ScrapperSpotland ScrapperClosed[0] (0 votes)
Specifying locationdevonwrestlerdevonwrestlerClosed[5] (1 votes)
Error message while opening chatlutadorlutadorClosed[0] (0 votes)
CHAT ROOMcrabbinmancrabbinmanClosed[3] (1 votes)
recent changes page / latest blogs - show date of blog entryikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
search by usernamebeefybeefyClosed[5] (1 votes)
Changing the usernameLeanmachineukLeanmachineukClosed[0] (0 votes)
using chatturpinturpinClosed[0] (0 votes)
Chat ErrorHalifaxUKfightHalifaxUKfightClosed[5] (1 votes)
Profiles: checkbox for "don't show member in searches until their profile changes"ikfikfClosed[3] (54 votes)
Compact Members ListGrapplingBearGrapplingBearClosed[0] (0 votes)
Suggestions concerning privacypaul4funpaul4funClosed[0] (0 votes)
Feature: Report memberikfikfClosed[4] (40 votes)
Section for storiesrobbsmgprobbsmgpClosed[5] (1 votes)
Visual cue to show Members' list & What's new? has sub-menusMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[0] (0 votes)
New profiles by areascrappyscrappyClosed[0] (0 votes)
LoginjonnyukjonnyukClosed[0] (0 votes)
Sent messagesBearhuggrukBearhuggrukClosed[0] (0 votes)
impossibilité d'entrer sur le TchatPancrace92Pancrace92Closed[0] (0 votes)
Email message with updatesboineboineClosed[4.5] (4 votes)
Map: Favourites by locationboineboineClosed[3.5] (65 votes)
changing user nameGaygophergodGaygophergodClosed[0] (0 votes)
Feature: Mobile (lightweight) versionboineboineClosed[4] (42 votes)
external sites pop upXaosXaosClosed[0] (0 votes)
recommendation form help text refers to nonexistent featureikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
Email Smooth InterfaceprosubmanprosubmanClosed[0] (0 votes)
Recent changesslickslickClosed[0] (0 votes)
two one-liners: system email senderikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
alert box displays messages in sender's language - should display in recipient's insteadikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
one-liner: new flag image option: "duplicate image"ikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
clicking on notification should consume itikfikfClosed[3.5] (38 votes)
"not interested in real meetings" should be indicated in listsikfikfClosed[1] (1 votes)
Delete Messenges in a Threadulx1ulx1Closed[0] (0 votes)
reducing number of stored messages (expiring old messages)ikfikfClosed[1] (1 votes)
dialog: show messages between me and another userikfikfClosed[5] (1 votes)
chat / language interface issueStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[0] (0 votes)
Saved searchesmunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[4] (1 votes)
Feature: "Code of Ethics"StrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[2.5] (13 votes)
Style descriptionboineboineClosed[0] (0 votes)
Additional Information In Profile ViewsWrestleboyjoeyWrestleboyjoeyClosed[3.5] (3 votes)
Ability to Remove Recommendation of Deleted ProfileWrestleboyjoeyWrestleboyjoeyClosed[0] (0 votes)
Idle timezeuscentaurozeuscentauroClosed[0] (0 votes)
Please put a "city" function in search.mikesfightshowmikesfightshowClosed[0] (0 votes)
MINUS message totals??????????BikerE1WBikerE1WClosed[0] (0 votes)
GayGamesmatthiasmatthiasClosed[4.5] (2 votes)
Style CategoriesWestSubnWrestlerWestSubnWrestlerClosed[5] (1 votes)
travelersAdminmatslamClosed[0] (0 votes)
list of people in the chatroom with thumbnailsikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
Who has seen my profile?ChurdChurdClosed[4.5] (2 votes)
Messages: Drafts folderLeanmachineukLeanmachineukClosed[2.5] (11 votes)
Miles apartBikerE1WBikerE1WClosed[0] (0 votes)
UI: put message Send button further away from pictures to sendikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
Comments on Wrestling stories ...ladron frladron frClosed[5] (1 votes)
newsletter email does not specify UTF-8 character encodingikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
Profiles: Age preference indicationfuntowrestlefuntowrestleClosed[2.5] (18 votes)
[search] Show the results of a search on the mapikfikfClosed[3] (62 votes)
Fight the balls optionFairUndHartFairUndHartClosed[0] (0 votes)
Advanced search not workingTorrnadoTorrnadoClosed[0] (0 votes)
Search term: genderhumanPunchingBag1969humanPunchingBag1969Closed[3] (40 votes)
Chat does not load in safari 5/PCredlandguyredlandguyClosed[0] (0 votes)
Events: Regular Repeated EventsmatworkermatworkerClosed[3] (14 votes)
Messages: Multi receivers of the same email, like a normal email systemAdminAdminClosed[3.5] (38 votes)
First page after log inSturdySturdyClosed[0] (0 votes)
Message NotificationsSturdySturdyClosed[0] (0 votes)
blocking/chatgrievous angelgrievous angelClosed[0] (0 votes)
this person is obviously underageredlandguyredlandguyClosed[5] (1 votes)
Member Profile ID during Chatwrsl4stakeswrsl4stakesClosed[1] (2 votes)
Events: Date formatsUKrenegadeUKrenegadeClosed[4] (44 votes)
spam from "datelinda"CymrofightCymrofightClosed[5] (1 votes)
Thumbnails of past opponents.boineboineClosed[1] (1 votes)
Recommendations: Wording on Recommendations in EnglishhashbockhashbockClosed[5] (1 votes)
Interests: With body punchesdonphoenixdonphoenixClosed[5] (1 votes)
"Fight/Wrestlsing" Stories DisappearedmilitarywrestlerinwashdcmilitarywrestlerinwashdcClosed[3] (1 votes)
Interests: "Pins"NateMcCloudNateMcCloudClosed[4] (1 votes)
Incorrect locations on World Map for UK fightersIrishfighterIrishfighterClosed[0] (0 votes)
Who has seen my profile should show locationhashbockhashbockClosed[0] (0 votes)
new statistics item: some kind of bulkiness measureikfikfClosed[5] (1 votes)
Profiles: Use of BMIdonphoenixdonphoenixClosed[5] (1 votes)
Profiles: Language information in profiletapouttapoutClosed[4.5] (34 votes)
Website slow since upgradeandy1975andy1975Closed[0] (0 votes)
font size options for Chat's "uesr-list" right hand panemilitarywrestlerinwashdcmilitarywrestlerinwashdcClosed[3] (1 votes)
COuldnt invite people to Interest groupdragonukdragonukClosed[0] (0 votes)
Private notes for deleted members still appeartapouttapoutClosed[0] (0 votes)
"Cookie solution" for the language problem: What about session cookies?paul4funpaul4funClosed[0] (0 votes)
Cyber IconTygerTygerClosed[2.5] (8 votes)
Private Wrestling pics GalleryGiulianGiulianClosed[2.5] (29 votes)
Larger imagesRough EdgeRough EdgeClosed[4.5] (22 votes)
photo moderation: highlight where final classification is different from my classificationikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
Site layout ideaswrestowrestoClosed[2.5] (11 votes)
video chathardandy312hardandy312Closed[2.5] (12 votes)
Bei "Gallerie" kommt mir die Galle hoch ;-)aeneasSven 1976Closed[0] (0 votes)
Strangers have marked me Past Opponentsfighter samfighter samClosed[3.5] (21 votes)
Leaving an Interest GroupdonphoenixdonphoenixClosed[0] (0 votes)
Profile link from Chat is wrong sometimesAustralian WrestlerAustralian WrestlerClosed[3.5] (18 votes)
reine kmmk4711mk4711Closed[0] (0 votes)
Profiles: Body typeNateMcCloudNateMcCloudClosed[2.5] (15 votes)
New interest groups / recent changesStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[2] (10 votes)
Body statsStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[3] (40 votes)
American or British spelling in English?donphoenixdonphoenixClosed[3] (4 votes)
Tiny skript on the chatletssfightletssfightClosed[2] (16 votes)
Translate button needed in Interest GroupsdonphoenixdonphoenixClosed[5] (1 votes)
Spanish version of the pagetapouttapoutClosed[5] (2 votes)
Show number of past opponents in search resultsStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[4.5] (25 votes)
"Last fought"StrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[3] (38 votes)
facebookGaygophergodGaygophergodClosed[1.5] (12 votes)
PhotoMod: Messages in PMbirkozas25bpbirkozas25bpClosed[2.5] (28 votes)
check the minors profiles in brazilJACAREJACAREClosed[0] (0 votes)
Private notepadtapouttapoutClosed[3.5] (10 votes)
Unable to see my profilewrestle funwrestle funClosed[4] (1 votes)
Photo upload does not work from Google Chrome browserCDSCDSClosed[3.5] (12 votes)
"Show messages" button shows start page instead messagesmunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[3] (4 votes)
More LocationsWrestleboyjoeyWrestleboyjoeyClosed[2.5] (21 votes)
Full contact section suggestionFighter MattFighter MattClosed[4.5] (15 votes)
Top MembersChurdChurdClosed[4] (13 votes)
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)tapouttapoutClosed[3.5] (17 votes)
chat filterzeuscentaurozeuscentauroClosed[2.5] (24 votes)
Location indicated on mapWildcatLesWildcatLesClosed[4] (4 votes)
100 past opponentsChurdChurdClosed[2.5] (10 votes)
Speedo photosStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[2.5] (5 votes)
facebook fan page Rough EdgeRough EdgeClosed[5] (1 votes)
Who won?HunWrest24HunWrest24Closed[3] (45 votes)
make event notification emails sound less like a personal invitationikfikfClosed[3] (11 votes)
Useless clustering on google mapshashbockhashbockClosed[4.5] (10 votes)
Login: Remember me feature is broken.matthiasmatthiasClosed[1] (5 votes)
Messages: Search feature for messagesLincoln LadLincoln LadClosed[3.5] (29 votes)
better way of red flagging/ or giving a bad recommendationhardandy312hardandy312Closed[3] (16 votes)
Instant translationsdonphoenixdonphoenixClosed[0] (0 votes)
all my recommendations dissapeared ? why Rough EdgeRough EdgeClosed[0] (0 votes)
Hotmail blocking Allfighters NewsletteritsaslaveitsaslaveClosed[0] (0 votes)
Include picture in RSS feedsboineboineClosed[4] (23 votes)
Merging "Freestyle" and "Greco-roman" stylesAdminAdminClosed[3.5] (19 votes)
Merging "Gallery" and "Softcore Gallery" categoriesAdminAdminClosed[4.5] (12 votes)
the thump nail photos are not showing in my profile spirit6060spirit6060Closed[1] (4 votes)
I cannot work out how to post any of my photos as a profile photolondonscissors69londonscissors69Closed[0] (0 votes)
PROFILE Photolondonscissors69londonscissors69Closed[2.5] (7 votes)
Make "Past Opponents" a search criterionStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[4] (16 votes)
PhotoMod: option to rotate picturesikfikfClosed[3] (17 votes)
No thumbnail photos in the bannerspirit6060spirit6060Closed[3] (1 votes)
Better sorting in "Who is on chat?"matthiasmatthiasClosed[3.5] (16 votes)
SockpuppetstapouttapoutClosed[4.5] (3 votes)
PhotoMod: new option "off-topic picture"ikfikfClosed[3.5] (2 votes)
low priority: profile translation includes superfluous JS codeikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
ThumbnailsDragonbearDragonbearClosed[0] (0 votes)
Double-check prompt for: Send a generic "No interest" replyMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[4] (12 votes)
Cyber matchesZeusZeusClosed[5] (1 votes)
2011-05-08GaygophergodGaygophergodClosed[1] (1 votes)
Your map reference pagesockvidsockvidClosed[3.5] (10 votes)
favorites online gargieuxgargieuxClosed[4.5] (11 votes)
Evet Machine sends request to give feedback even if the event was cancelledikfikfClosed[5] (10 votes)
Deceased ProfileshashbockhashbockClosed[4.5] (17 votes)
When a profile is using a pic that is NOT his own.RusnakRusnakClosed[5] (2 votes)
Willing to host / travelferocemisteriosoferocemisteriosoClosed[5] (28 votes)
Bug ReporthashbockhashbockClosed[0] (0 votes)
System auto-thank you upon donatingMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[5] (2 votes)
Refresh Button in "Who is in Chat' PageFistfitem2mFistfitem2mClosed[2] (11 votes)
Wrestling Gear in "Interests"Boots160Boots160Closed[4.5] (59 votes)
Willing to hostAdminStrikeFighterClosed[4] (13 votes)
make TCP timeouts short on chat connections and enable TCP_KEEPALIVEikfikfClosed[3.5] (16 votes)
event notifications: only send notification when event is finishedikfikfClosed[2.5] (12 votes)
Full View of Pics in Photo ModerationWrestleboyjoeyWrestleboyjoeyClosed[5] (15 votes)
New feature: Calendar-AgendaLugiLugiClosed[3.5] (26 votes)
Show levelAdminHunWrest24Closed[2.5] (16 votes)
Changing Age in ProfilepouochhpouochhClosed[0] (0 votes)
Top photos should not change when I click on a photo.. mikesfightshowmikesfightshowClosed[2.5] (15 votes)
Age range wrestlingdamicodamicoClosed[2.5] (24 votes)
Ehemaliger GegenerRudiRudiClosed[3] (2 votes)
Helping you guys with money but not through PayPalDavid TondelliDavid TondelliClosed[2.5] (11 votes)
Problem With Sorting By Country of Chatting MembersWrestleboyjoeyWrestleboyjoeyClosed[3] (11 votes)
Map: Problems Loading the Map and Locationswiganwrestler3001wiganwrestler3001Closed[3.5] (13 votes)
speeding up photo moderationukgrapplerukgrapplerClosed[2.5] (10 votes)
Option to turn off "Logged On" NotificationsMuscleBondMuscleBondClosed[4.5] (16 votes)
New Photo Category: Duplicate/Off-topicMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[4] (16 votes)
cyber wrestlers in chatZeusZeusClosed[2] (14 votes)
Search: Searching for multiple countriesyorkshirescrapyorkshirescrapClosed[3] (15 votes)
Advanced Search / "Area" field seems to have no effect if a Country is not selectedikfikfClosed[3.5] (13 votes)
RSS PicturesboineboineClosed[2.5] (10 votes)
Messages: sending multiple photos with a replyfghterfghterClosed[4] (18 votes)
New photo moderationAdminChurdClosed[0] (0 votes)
Blog settingsIronbullIronbullClosed[2.5] (12 votes)
Photos: TaggingNateMcCloudNateMcCloudClosed[3] (13 votes)
Photos: Enlarging photos on the "ticker"RasslebearRasslebearClosed[4] (24 votes)
"Your favourite X has logged on"TygerTygerClosed[1] (1 votes)
DonationAndymanAndymanClosed[4] (1 votes)
Flag for abusePNWProSub1965PNWProSub1965Closed[2.5] (8 votes)
gay/bi/straightTygerTygerClosed[4.5] (10 votes)
Newsletter font problems?IrishfighterIrishfighterClosed[3.5] (10 votes)
Chat usepshawfocuspshawfocusClosed[2] (12 votes)
translationtomfightertomfighterClosed[5] (2 votes)
Groups: Search for members in interest groupsmunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[4] (14 votes)
Groups: Change sort order of interest group members munichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[4] (12 votes)
Bug: Simultaneous entering new feature requests can cause loss of some of the requestsmunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[2.5] (10 votes)
Improving the Random 6 PhotosrenguinrenguinClosed[2] (10 votes)
Messages: message expiration suggestionsikfikfClosed[3] (12 votes)
Match Requestwiganwrestler3001wiganwrestler3001Closed[4] (12 votes)
Chat: special characters in profile names don't work when viewing profile from chatredlandguyredlandguyClosed[2.5] (10 votes)
top members accounts2toughwrestlers in 1 team2toughwrestlers in 1 teamClosed[2.5] (2 votes)
message that one of your favourites has signed onhardandy312hardandy312Closed[0] (0 votes)
Photos: photo moderation shows number even after I voted on all photosikfikfClosed[3] (15 votes)
events listing commentshardandy312hardandy312Closed[0] (0 votes)
Photos: Upside down / sideways photosStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[4] (10 votes)
Deleting blog entriestrmusclarenatrmusclarenaClosed[3] (10 votes)
Can't see labels when photo moddingGymGladiatorGymGladiatorClosed[0] (0 votes)
"Too many / characters in page" errorMuscleBondMuscleBondClosed[5] (1 votes)
strange happenings when trying to disable (your favourite has signed on)hardandy312hardandy312Closed[4] (1 votes)
low-prio: notification about messages has faulty linkikfikfClosed[4] (11 votes)
Löschung meines Profilmario1212mario1212Closed[3] (1 votes)
Re-examine Match Requestwiganwrestler3001wiganwrestler3001Closed[3.5] (10 votes)
BJJSturdySturdyClosed[2.5] (15 votes)
Webcamhardandy312hardandy312Closed[4] (12 votes)
monitor for match requests?lightwt4subslightwt4subsClosed[2.5] (10 votes)
match requests: change date field to date rangeikfikfClosed[4.5] (26 votes)
Show when members are online when you look at their profilemikesfightshowmikesfightshowClosed[3] (4 votes)
Rules of Photo Postinghardandy312hardandy312Closed[2.5] (9 votes)
Blog attachment images do not appear properlyAdminAdminClosed[5] (2 votes)
Add "Date Modified" to Match Requests screen?lightwt4subslightwt4subsClosed[3] (10 votes)
Fight VenuesmatworkermatworkerClosed[5] (13 votes)
rewording suggestion voting page heading to clarify it is not a page for voting on photosikfikfClosed[2] (9 votes)
The "who has seen my profile" menu has disappearedfrenchcatfrenchcatClosed[3.5] (14 votes)
Keyword searchmarklondon71marklondon71Closed[2] (9 votes)
Recommendations not loadingitsaslaveitsaslaveClosed[0] (0 votes)
ThanksitsaslaveitsaslaveClosed[0] (0 votes)
No problems - but much improved performanceMuscleBondMuscleBondClosed[0] (0 votes)
Photo Moderation becoming a silly gameGymGladiatorGymGladiatorClosed[1.5] (3 votes)
Profile Pic's enlargingGuysmileyGuysmileyClosed[1] (3 votes)
Keyword search on advanced searchesmarklondon71marklondon71Closed[0] (0 votes)
Suggestion - Android AppadidaspoweradidaspowerClosed[3.5] (10 votes)
Searching members by locationbillybuddbillybuddClosed[2] (8 votes)
Gallery Photos - Mobile Site ProblemsJayR19JayR19Closed[4] (8 votes)
fight venuesmackemsubmackemsubClosed[3] (1 votes)
low priority: add Translate button to help and support entriesikfikfClosed[3.5] (9 votes)
low priority: show "Unanswered" messagesikfikfClosed[3.5] (10 votes)
forum section inaccessiblegrapplerukgrapplerukClosed[0] (0 votes)
The "mark as past opponent" facility has disappearedLeglockloverLeglockloverClosed[0] (0 votes)
"501 Internal Server Error" after site upgradeukeukeClosed[2] (1 votes)
Chat froze and I had to reload itdragonukdragonukClosed[0] (0 votes)
software upgradeturpinturpinClosed[0] (0 votes)
Site is slow after software upgradeturpinturpinClosed[5] (3 votes)
Software UpgradeLdnGrappleLdnGrappleClosed[0] (0 votes)
Photo moderationLdnGrappleLdnGrappleClosed[5] (4 votes)
Translations/Traducciones/Tłumaczenia...OndartiruOndartiruClosed[1] (1 votes)
Unable to Edit the Event Title.matworkermatworkerClosed[4.5] (4 votes)
Fight Venues needs a clear-up & clear-outMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[5] (5 votes)
wrestleroomhardandy312hardandy312Closed[5] (1 votes)
The rabbitkckboxerkckboxerClosed[0] (0 votes)
Profil-Pic-MistakemaxmaxClosed[5] (1 votes)
Open Day on AllFightersAdminAdminClosed[3.5] (19 votes)
Search by languagescrappyscrappyClosed[3] (12 votes)
Photo profilluttesympaluttesympaClosed[0] (0 votes)
Can't get 'members online' listAdminnwuk heavyweightClosed[0] (0 votes)
Won't access members lists or locations.scubawrestlerscubawrestlerClosed[0] (0 votes)
Who has seen my profiledonny scrapperdonny scrapperClosed[0] (0 votes)
site behaves erratically: user list pages give error, chat keeps disconnecting on me, site keeps logging me outikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
cannot search by location, name, etclatinwrestlerlatinwrestlerClosed[0] (0 votes)
Error with "new in your area" searchJediJediClosed[0] (0 votes)
Can't see who is on chat.bocachicobocachicoClosed[0] (0 votes)
Photo classification guidanceLdnGrappleLdnGrappleClosed[2] (5 votes)
latest edition of mozilla firefox 12 crashing mibbet chathardandy312hardandy312Closed[5] (2 votes)
Ability to edit commentsAdminAdminClosed[4.5] (4 votes)
Show search results without a page reloadAdminAdminClosed[4] (4 votes)
Wrong language used in Swedish versionJaph1966Japh1966Closed[0] (0 votes)
Include some recommendations in the weekly newsletterAdminAdminClosed[4] (10 votes)
Venue : display "Defunct (permanently closed)"ladron frladron frClosed[4] (2 votes)
Notifications: Tell me when someone is looking at my profileAdminAdminClosed[3] (14 votes)
site comes up in mobile mode even under www.allfighters.infoikfikfClosed[2] (1 votes)
Photos: Indicate when a photo was uploaded to the siteAdminAdminClosed[4.5] (11 votes)
download one or all private notes, sorted by users in ASCII formatTom 049Tom 049Closed[2] (5 votes)
[Translation] Omissionladron frladron frClosed[0] (0 votes)
chat down 00.20 on the 14th may 2012hardandy312hardandy312Closed[0] (0 votes)
Statistics --- Top countrieswrestler2000wrestler2000Closed[0] (0 votes)
[Translation] Item ommittedladron frladron frClosed[0] (0 votes)
[Translation] Item omittedladron frladron frClosed[0] (0 votes)
[Translation] Item ommitedladron frladron frClosed[0] (0 votes)
[Translation] Item ommitedladron frladron frClosed[0] (0 votes)
Diary/calendarIronbullIronbullClosed[0] (0 votes)
mandatory donations AdminGophergodClosed[2.5] (5 votes)
"Fans" and "Favorites" Should Be SeparatedMatfriendMatfriendClosed[1] (5 votes)
ChallengeKundarKundarClosed[0] (0 votes)
Donation page broken on Chrome BrowserMuscleBondMuscleBondClosed[0] (0 votes)
Separate forums for adult contentwrestowrestoClosed[4.5] (20 votes)
Creating a message - please open a new windowLdnGrappleLdnGrappleClosed[4] (5 votes)
Notifications: turn off for mobile devicesikfikfClosed[5] (1 votes)
Change to "Add favourite" to reduce server loadMuscleBondMuscleBondClosed[3.5] (4 votes)
Search for those able to host a match?IrishfighterIrishfighterClosed[5] (1 votes)
More Information about Participant List for Fighting EventsLdnGrappleLdnGrappleClosed[2] (9 votes)
Better Notification System JudoguyJudoguyClosed[5] (7 votes)
Profile of the dayStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[2.5] (11 votes)
[Profiles] Profile update notificationsSouthernSubSouthernSubClosed[3] (10 votes)
Period of inactivity before a member gets its account suspended should be extended for Countries with few members.GiulianGiulianClosed[3] (10 votes)
[low prio] Tracker CC notifications are not properly localizedikfikfClosed[4] (10 votes)
SpracheinstellungjackboxfighterjackboxfighterClosed[0] (0 votes)
[Calendar] Mechanism for adding messages to the calendarVanmanVanmanClosed[2.5] (13 votes)
Deleted MessagesMaximusMaximusClosed[2.5] (6 votes)
past opponents on mobile pageVanmanVanmanClosed[0] (0 votes)
[New feature] Separate notifications for favorite log onVanmanVanmanClosed[3.5] (16 votes)
how ugly the new site isBadassWrestlerBadassWrestlerClosed[2.5] (11 votes)
Pointer hover over profile picture doesn't enlarge it (Meetfighters)MCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[4] (11 votes)
Pop-up notifications duplicated (Meetfighters)MCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[4.5] (4 votes)
chat on still displays links to allfighters.infoikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
[New feature] SkinsblakoreblakoreClosed[3.5] (17 votes)
Plain black background, let's make it customizablewerewolfwerewolfClosed[0] (0 votes)
"Remember Me" button doesn't seem to worksqueezetoy84squeezetoy84Closed[0] (0 votes)
No new messagesgrieksromeinsgrieksromeinsClosed[4.5] (3 votes)
Logging IndadwrestledadwrestleClosed[3] (1 votes)
messagesrestlerestleClosed[1.5] (6 votes)
Minor ?bug? on feedback on suggestions after photo moderation?hashbockhashbockClosed[5] (1 votes)
[Bug] Can't enlarge photos on Android tabletShort toughShort toughClosed[4] (10 votes)
profil foireuxtripabstripabsClosed[0] (0 votes)
New Users - Reasonable Levels of AttentionMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[1.5] (10 votes)
suggestion : changing first enterable item on logon pageladron frladron frClosed[3.5] (11 votes)
low prio: CSS: list view profile photos are cropped to wrong bounding boxikfikfClosed[5] (10 votes)
Highlighted profile name-location-weight YORKIEYORKIEClosed[4] (10 votes)
low prio: option to turn page background (fight gym) image offikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
Increase restrictions for blocked members to your profile.GiulianGiulianClosed[0] (0 votes)
Portuguese Translation of the Help and Support page isn't working.GiulianGiulianClosed[3.5] (3 votes)
login screenmanuzmanuzClosed[4] (6 votes)
[New feature] Facebook-like chat with favoritesBlackSmotherKingPinBlackSmotherKingPinClosed[3] (12 votes)
Share pictures and Videos on Interest groupsBlackSmotherKingPinBlackSmotherKingPinClosed[3] (10 votes)
negative recommendationsYorkYorkClosed[0] (0 votes)
An improved member searchBlackSmotherKingPinBlackSmotherKingPinClosed[1] (5 votes)
Cannot submit an eventLAWLAWClosed[4] (10 votes)
[New feature] Match invite systemSouthernSubSouthernSubClosed[4] (24 votes)
[Profiles] Show common past opponentsATONMANATONMANClosed[4.5] (20 votes)
Photo Moderation: celebrity picsOpon84Opon84Closed[4.5] (10 votes)
[Photos] Ability to reorder photos in profile / galleryAdminAdminClosed[4] (10 votes)
Messages: Inbox linksscrappyscrappyClosed[3.5] (11 votes)
[Profiles] Ask for confirmation when marking someone (cyber) past opponentAdminAdminClosed[5] (6 votes)
[profiles] Ability to disable profile update notificationsGroundFiteGroundFiteClosed[4] (10 votes)
low prio: email tempate bugikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
Group suddenly without any membersKiel82Kiel82Closed[0] (0 votes)
Dark blue fontmarklondon71marklondon71Closed[2.5] (6 votes)
Bug On New Message AlertWrestleboyjoeyWrestleboyjoeyClosed[0] (0 votes)
Location of Donation Link in DashboardWrestleboyjoeyWrestleboyjoeyClosed[4] (10 votes)
[Search] Show us who is nearby!GutPuncher89GutPuncher89Closed[3.5] (17 votes)
My main photo on profile list wasn't refreshedpsfighterpsfighterClosed[2] (2 votes)
can't access Mibbit for chatwrestlemat2001wrestlemat2001Closed[1] (1 votes)
low prio: another place with still ""ikfikfClosed[4] (3 votes)
group and topicssingleformansingleformanClosed[1.5] (4 votes)
low prio: profile change notifications to include diffikfikfClosed[3] (13 votes)
use of that mibbitpreppiepreppieClosed[5] (1 votes)
Share videos in forum Question?BlackSmotherKingPinBlackSmotherKingPinClosed[3] (1 votes)
Can't change main profile picFairMatchFairMatchClosed[0] (0 votes)
User has uploaded a new photo. So annoying!GiulianGiulianClosed[5] (1 votes)
how i can delete my profile if i one day i wantneversayneverneversayneverClosed[4] (1 votes)
how many timesKundarKundarClosed[3] (15 votes)
Suggestion for searcheszeusboxzeusboxClosed[5] (1 votes)
[Messages] Standard text templates managerFrankfurtGrapplingFrankfurtGrapplingClosed[0] (0 votes)
How to change the age in the profile ?guichevalguichevalClosed[5] (1 votes)
[Notifications] Change notification settings on profile pageMuscleBondMuscleBondClosed[3.5] (7 votes)
E-mail notifications not received?nwuk heavyweightnwuk heavyweightClosed[0] (0 votes)
[events] No-shows at eventsChurdChurdClosed[5] (9 votes)
[New feature] Definition of interestsAdminAdminClosed[4.5] (32 votes)
[Translation] Info : item omittedladron frladron frClosed[5] (1 votes)
Tracker/2012-10-12 2slowsubsslowsubsClosed[2] (2 votes)
[search] Search for keywordsslowsubsslowsubsClosed[4.5] (18 votes)
Tracker/2012-10-13bomberjackebomberjackeClosed[1.5] (2 votes)
Tracker/2012-10-16ZeusZeusClosed[5] (1 votes)
pay pal suckshuge fighting manhuge fighting manClosed[2] (1 votes)
Photo ModerationMr BrightsideMr BrightsideClosed[2.5] (5 votes)
change the “inbox – unreplied” sectionAdminagmjClosed[3] (5 votes)
low prio: don't give notification sounds in all windowsikfikfClosed[2] (4 votes)
Duplicate messagesrestlerestleClosed[3.5] (3 votes)
Number Past OpponentsATONMANATONMANClosed[0] (0 votes)
My map locationSkinfightboySkinfightboyClosed[1] (1 votes)
Blocking FeatureNorcalfurNorcalfurClosed[0] (0 votes)
Profile secondary Location: 'when you are here' field to date range with end dateLdnGrappleLdnGrappleClosed[4.5] (11 votes)
supporters-only bugs&suggestionsikfikfClosed[1] (4 votes)
"Reply to this" makes discussions difficult to followikfikfClosed[5] (7 votes)
Rant about escort profilestrmusclarenatrmusclarenaClosed[2.5] (12 votes)
Rate the opponentArmwrestling guyArmwrestling guyClosed[2.5] (12 votes)
E-Mail Bounce NotificationMuscChampMuscChampClosed[0] (0 votes)
Message box jumpingMidlands guyMidlands guyClosed[2] (1 votes)
Flag telling you you have a new message....TallblondwrestlerTallblondwrestlerClosed[3.5] (4 votes)
Style indicatorsDavidBUK1DavidBUK1Closed[2.5] (10 votes)
email bouncingBillBearNJBillBearNJClosed[0] (0 votes)
I18n your datesmatchupmatchupClosed[0] (0 votes)
Highlight common opponents.matthiasmatthiasClosed[2.5] (3 votes)
[Messages] Cyber challengesAdminZeusClosed[2.5] (9 votes)
low prio: link in email points to vs www.meetfighters.comikfikfClosed[2] (1 votes)
Search list photoDavidBUK1DavidBUK1Closed[2.5] (5 votes)
wrong location (mine) on mapgpscottgpscottClosed[0] (0 votes)
Why did site change format again?GuysmileyGuysmileyClosed[0] (0 votes)
apps for meetfighters?OTKBBrobOTKBBrobClosed[4.5] (3 votes)
Requesting no watermark on photos I uploadGrapplingBearGrapplingBearClosed[1.5] (6 votes)
low prio: locations no longer display descriptionikfikfClosed[4] (3 votes)
Profile of the day as main pic in new templateStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[2.5] (5 votes)
[search] Using the browser "back" button resets the sort criteriaRNC23RNC23Closed[4.5] (13 votes)
new designmike69mike69Closed[0] (0 votes)
search results ascending or descendingTom 049Tom 049Closed[5] (2 votes)
[New design] Light-on-dark versionLondonHeelLondonHeelClosed[3.5] (6 votes)
[new design] The minimal width of the pagekckboxerkckboxerClosed[0] (0 votes)
New DesignlutteurlglutteurlgClosed[2] (1 votes)
[New design] Positioning and Android layout problemsgrapplerukgrapplerukClosed[4] (11 votes)
[new layout] Who is on chat is missinghighscreenerhighscreenerClosed[0] (0 votes)
new profiles by location1try2pinme81try2pinme8Closed[0] (0 votes)
profile ticker auto scroll1try2pinme81try2pinme8Closed[2.5] (5 votes)
"usewr sent you a message"1try2pinme81try2pinme8Closed[0] (0 votes)
new design: does not allow me to reverse order in searchikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
where have my who has seen youyr profile gone, new messagesgardenboygardenboyClosed[0] (0 votes)
Bright White TextLkn4awrestletoyLkn4awrestletoyClosed[0] (0 votes)
[New design] Welcome Blurb Takes Up Too Much SpaceMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[2] (4 votes)
New Design - Narrow?MCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[0] (0 votes)
new websitefightdudefightdudeClosed[0] (0 votes)
New Design - Quick SearchWrestleboyjoeyWrestleboyjoeyClosed[3.5] (2 votes)
Change the color of the introduction-text.blakoreblakoreClosed[0] (0 votes)
[New feature] Your next opponent - automatic suggestionStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[4.5] (15 votes)
how to reconnect to tchatladron frladron frClosed[4] (1 votes)
Bold formatting in profile text rendering incorrectlygrapplerukgrapplerukClosed[0] (0 votes)
Restricted profiles shown on main pageLugiLugiClosed[5] (4 votes)
Public search shows members-only profiles/infotreag25treag25Closed[5] (5 votes)
Photo peer review on IPadeurobriteurobritClosed[0] (0 votes)
[abuse flags] Eliminate the "uncivil / bad manners" abuse flagsAdminAdminClosed[3] (10 votes)
[Photo Peer Review] Merge the various Gallery/Fragment categoriesAdminAdminClosed[5] (10 votes)
donationsreadyforitreadyforitClosed[0] (0 votes)
Messaging reply options.Scunlad1Scunlad1Closed[1.5] (9 votes)
my old messages were deleted when my donation expired, even though I have a support diamondikfikfClosed[3] (1 votes)
low prio: search list past opponents count seems to count unacknowledged past opponents as wellikfikfClosed[2] (3 votes)
[New feature] TestimonialsAdminAdminClosed[5] (10 votes)
Danger: Malware Ahead! Google Chrome has blocked access to this pageSuper Jobber GuySuper Jobber GuyClosed[4] (2 votes)
Exclusive content for favorite membersGiulianGiulianClosed[2.5] (10 votes)
Uploading private videos to your profileGiulianGiulianClosed[2.5] (10 votes)
When looking at online membersPaulTaylorPaulTaylorClosed[3] (9 votes)
[Messages] Attach multiple photos to a messagePaulTaylorPaulTaylorClosed[4] (18 votes)
Meet TodayPaulTaylorPaulTaylorClosed[1.5] (6 votes)
Commercial Site ?boretsboretsClosed[2.5] (6 votes)
[new design] no link to 'venues' in page navigationgrapplerukgrapplerukClosed[4] (6 votes)
Photo Peer ReviewmatslammatslamClosed[5] (2 votes)
Challenged beforeBikerE1WBikerE1WClosed[3] (12 votes)
Language changes after photo reviewlooney45looney45Closed[2] (2 votes)
Annoying "friendly reminders" from meetfighters may cause users to blacklist e-mails from this site.GiulianGiulianClosed[2] (9 votes)
Member list stuck on page 1muscle machinemuscle machineClosed[0] (0 votes)
PLEASE, SIMPLYFIE SUPPORT HELP OR CONTACTlatinopponentlatinopponentClosed[5] (1 votes)
Deleting private notesLugiLugiClosed[5] (1 votes)
Profile of the daywetspeedoswetspeedosClosed[1] (1 votes)
[events] Show other events organized by the same personAdminAdminClosed[3] (5 votes)
Saved searches don't seem to deleteNYCTUFFNYCTUFFClosed[0] (0 votes)
Facebook like buttoncencalcencalClosed[1.5] (10 votes)
Double results when searchingtapouttapoutClosed[0] (0 votes)
Google Maps API Key expiredgrapplerukgrapplerukClosed[0] (0 votes)
Private notestapouttapoutClosed[0] (0 votes)
primary photoed516ed516Closed[0] (0 votes)
Match RequestsprobootmanukprobootmanukClosed[4] (5 votes)
Limits on group invitationsKiel82Kiel82Closed[1] (1 votes)
low prio: temporarily turn off all "your favourite has logged on" messagesikfikfClosed[3.5] (10 votes)
dead linkmatchupmatchupClosed[0] (0 votes)
button new locationssidsidClosed[0] (0 votes)
photo peer reviewspeedosspeedosClosed[2.5] (3 votes)
wishlistcum4fightcum4fightClosed[2.5] (9 votes)
Idea: AchievementsretserofretserofClosed[2.5] (8 votes)
Basque languageMorroskoMorroskoClosed[3] (6 votes)
Rotation of pictures after upload and classificationMMASportyMMASportyClosed[5] (1 votes)
adding/editing private notes on member who blocks meikfikfClosed[3.5] (4 votes)
Add a list of profiles oneself has seenmunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[3.5] (22 votes)
Help with testinghelixoneukhelixoneukClosed[0] (0 votes)
Map: Profile doesn't generate from Map-Pin double clickJudomonkeyJudomonkeyClosed[0] (0 votes)
Photo moderations - Pubic regionwetspeedoswetspeedosClosed[5] (1 votes)
Bug: Switching the view in interest groups gives an error for non-membersmunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[5] (1 votes)
my faves by countryulises007ulises007Closed[0] (0 votes)
location based app for mobilepulsar 79pulsar 79Closed[5] (2 votes)
airport codes/reverse match requestsikfikfClosed[4] (11 votes)
low prio: 2d statistics ideasikfikfClosed[3.5] (12 votes)
[Translation] Omitted translationladron frladron frClosed[5] (1 votes)
profile text formatting does not work properlyikfikfClosed[0] (0 votes)
[map] Location Search missinglegflexxxerlegflexxxerClosed[3.5] (4 votes)
meetings don't move in calendarikfikfClosed[5] (5 votes)
Lift and CarrycakecakeClosed[3] (15 votes)
low prio: abuse flags should be more clear about their directionikfikfClosed[4] (10 votes)
low prio: don't show terminated profiles on "What's new?" page?ikfikfClosed[5] (1 votes)
a message to all my favouritesulises007ulises007Closed[1] (1 votes)
[profiles] Notify favorites and past opponnets of name changeAdminAdminClosed[5] (5 votes)
Keywords for username rejectionStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[4] (15 votes)
iPad compatibilitycitywrestlercitywrestlerClosed[4.5] (5 votes)
[photos] Ability to upload photos with webcamAdminAdminClosed[0] (0 votes)
blog comments - txt is dark and background is dark - makes reading difficultduncanukduncanukClosed[4.5] (2 votes)
Reply to message pop upLightweightLightweightClosed[0] (0 votes)
blocked profilesworksopboiworksopboiClosed[1] (1 votes)
Boqueio!Julio CesarJulio CesarClosed[1] (2 votes)
Members who were "Uncertain" on an event are listed as having attended.hashbockhashbockClosed[0] (0 votes)
60fps video gets played back at half speedikfikfClosed[5] (2 votes)
meetings: multiple dates/date rangesikfikfClosed[1] (1 votes)
"Send Message" loses text being written on accidental clicksmunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[4.5] (10 votes)
Past opponents on profiles issueMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[4.5] (3 votes)
Can't remove localesqueezetoy1984squeezetoy1984Closed[0] (0 votes)
add choke to interests themesferdybearferdybearClosed[1] (1 votes)
Don't delete draft mail without confirmationRasslerFTLRasslerFTLClosed[5] (1 votes)
On Firefox / Mac / OrangeGym certain images don't loadmatthiasmatthiasClosed[0] (0 votes)
Managing FavoritesvolcanovolcanoClosed[1] (1 votes)
Attaching pictures to messagestapouttapoutClosed[1] (1 votes)
RecommendationstapouttapoutClosed[0] (0 votes)
Fake namesDinoDinoClosed[0] (0 votes)
[translation] evolutionladron frladron frClosed[5] (2 votes)
Limit blocking and favoritesAdminAdminClosed[3.5] (11 votes)
[profiles] Number of profile photos, gallery foldersAdminAdminClosed[4.5] (10 votes)
More engaging groupsAdminAdminClosed[5] (4 votes)
Update to issue 1044 - Newsletter Images BrokenMuscleBondMuscleBondClosed[5] (5 votes)
message expiration should not delete one side of conversationikfikfClosed[4.5] (9 votes)
Whom am I a favourite ofShockRShockRClosed[0] (0 votes)
Server move aftermathAdminAdminClosed[4] (9 votes)
Feature Needed: To delete multiple Favourites & alert settingstreag25treag25Closed[2] (1 votes)
[search] Search from aribtrary location / regionlutteur312lutteur312Closed[5] (3 votes)
cannot edit title of event after creating itikfikfClosed[3.5] (3 votes)
Cannot connect to Chat servermunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[1.5] (2 votes)
A Feature for Traveling WrestlersMature NYCMature NYCClosed[5] (2 votes)
[profiles] Photo ageStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[2.5] (10 votes)
ever thought of creating a meet fighters appwresnsanwresnsanClosed[5] (1 votes)
[private notes] - disabled or deleted profile of another UserTom 049Tom 049Closed[0] (0 votes)
[private notes] generating the message "XXX is viewing your profile" + entry visitors listTom 049Tom 049Closed[0] (0 votes)
Photo ReviewsSamSamClosed[1] (1 votes)
[profiles] profile updates from favouritesSir DavidSir DavidClosed[1.5] (6 votes)
[venues] Hotel with room good for wrestlingATONMANATONMANClosed[5] (6 votes)
your favourites online on mobile versionmarconimarconiClosed[4] (2 votes)
locations displayed on my profile got changedikfikfClosed[5] (1 votes)
Gut Punching on Type of matchGuysmileyGuysmileyClosed[3] (7 votes)
Removal of favourites and limits reset to normal usersfightmusclefightmuscleClosed[2] (4 votes)
Newly saved searches go into map viewbirkozas25bpbirkozas25bpClosed[5] (1 votes)
3-tiered memberships?ShockRShockRClosed[2] (9 votes)
[favorites] Split favourites into two groups.hugefanhugefanClosed[3.5] (9 votes)
Dialog/delete buttonsLeanmachineukLeanmachineukClosed[5] (12 votes)
Private groups or private communities; with appointment resources of match fighting.Pedro CagePedro CageClosed[2] (10 votes)
Enabling larger photosAdminmanboynycClosed[0] (0 votes)
Automatic deletion of location after expiration of dateWrestleboyjoeyWrestleboyjoeyClosed[4.5] (13 votes)
Search Box more ProminentMuscleBondMuscleBondClosed[5] (1 votes)
App for android/appleLdnGrappleLdnGrappleClosed[4] (4 votes)
Cannot delete saved searchsFairMatchFairMatchClosed[0] (0 votes)
Discern Members Fighting and Sexual OrientationPABoxerPABoxerClosed[2] (10 votes)
advertising brochuretripabstripabsClosed[5] (1 votes)
Local places recomendationsPirgosPirgosClosed[5] (3 votes)
photostripLetsplayLetsplayClosed[4.5] (3 votes)
Posting Wrestling EvntsUKAndy99UKAndy99Closed[5] (1 votes)
Most recent date of wrestling past opponentsHardmatchHardmatchClosed[3.5] (10 votes)
Un-needed questions for past opponentsbear2967bear2967Closed[0] (0 votes)
karatebulky8buky8Closed[4] (4 votes)
Adding Location of ChallengerslosangelessublosangelessubClosed[5] (10 votes)
Restricted profiles are publicly visibleone2883288one2883288Closed[4] (5 votes)
multiple meets with individual past opponentsfightguyfightguyClosed[3.5] (6 votes)
Add Waist Measure to Physical Attributes in ProfileworkovertheguyworkovertheguyClosed[2] (13 votes)
identifying members in photo galleriessizzermesizzermeClosed[0] (0 votes)
Zoom in with iPad and iPhonehunk71fihunk71fiClosed[5] (3 votes)
Typo in English original texttapouttapoutClosed[5] (4 votes)
2 spelling forms used: "MatchMaker" and "Matchmaker"tapouttapoutClosed[4] (4 votes)
questionguysportsguysportsClosed[0] (0 votes)
"Silent log-in" option?tanskotanskoClosed[1.5] (12 votes)
Error in reporting number of emails I sent and received in past 3 monthstorrheeltorrheelClosed[1] (1 votes)
statistics in past opponents real and cyberZeusZeusClosed[0] (0 votes)
RecommendationsAdminresl4topClosed[5] (4 votes)
New Recommendations FormatSamSamClosed[0] (0 votes)
Favourites - Thumbnails?resl4topresl4topClosed[3] (19 votes)
Adding Stakes to InterestswpbbusterwpbbusterClosed[3] (15 votes)
Suspended Members email anonymitySturdySturdyClosed[4.5] (2 votes)
Private blog posts?tanskotanskoClosed[2.5] (15 votes)
[Feature Request]: Search for "Willing to Host"birkozas25bpbirkozas25bpClosed[5] (10 votes)
low-prio: typo in name change email template: hia - hisikfikfClosed[5] (8 votes)
Event notification went to everyone on the siteUKAndy99UKAndy99Closed[0] (0 votes)
Searching the databaseRoughmatchRoughmatchClosed[5] (4 votes)
Nachricht senden funktioniert nichtFreestylefighterFreestylefighterClosed[0] (0 votes)
Adding pictures using Mobile phoneLdnGrappleLdnGrappleClosed[4] (1 votes)
Add "Gutpunching" to InterestsBiff KerpowBiff KerpowClosed[0] (0 votes)
Add Gutpunching to "Style"?Biff KerpowBiff KerpowClosed[1] (2 votes)
My private picgreekgodgreekgodClosed[5] (1 votes)
wrong photo classificationmatslammatslamClosed[5] (1 votes)
Firefox 28.0 betafrontalblnfrontalblnClosed[0] (0 votes)
[events] Events should have style iconsikfikfClosed[3.5] (16 votes)
Website DesignsynxiecsynxiecClosed[0] (0 votes)
accidentally clicked on email not to receive messagesmawarriormawarriorClosed[0] (0 votes)
What about adding a new catagory of fighting on here?IKneadFightersIKneadFightersClosed[0] (0 votes)
profile and gallery photosbaileybaileyClosed[5] (1 votes)
DonationsreadyforitreadyforitClosed[0] (0 votes)
Email addressDomitianDomitianClosed[0] (0 votes)
Top CountrieshammockhammockClosed[3] (11 votes)
A seperate icon on commercial profilesjimmycocojimmycocoClosed[4.5] (23 votes)
Translation Function Not WorkingDenverWrestlerDenverWrestlerClosed[5] (1 votes)
chat not working?AdminyonkerswranglerClosed[5] (1 votes)
Bouncing emailspvkalsopvkalsoClosed[0] (0 votes)
How to report annoying fake accounts?hammockhammockClosed[0] (0 votes)
[videos] Sort Videos Into CategoriesMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[5] (23 votes)
[design] pictures too largeRomaFighterRomaFighterClosed[2] (14 votes)
Profile update notification: comparison does not workmunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[5] (2 votes)
[design] Outbox link on the left columnverkauf2001verkauf2001Closed[3.5] (18 votes)
[meetings] Ability to delete older meetingsVanmanVanmanClosed[4] (20 votes)
[groups] Changing sort order leaves member list of interest groupsmunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[5] (5 votes)
[new setting] I don't want to receive XXX imagesWrestleForFun NLWrestleForFun NLClosed[4.5] (18 votes)
[Messages] Number of unread messages in the titleepj303epj303Closed[3.5] (16 votes)
Location of Private NotesNJWoodbridgeNJWoodbridgeClosed[5] (5 votes)
[profiles] Detail which gender are you looking forAdminAdminClosed[5] (16 votes)
Moderating by SmartphoneWrestleboyjoeyWrestleboyjoeyClosed[3.5] (6 votes)
[profile] Move sexual orientation to statsverkauf2001verkauf2001Closed[3.5] (7 votes)
[messages] Make "download all messages" less easy to click on mobilematthiasmatthiasClosed[4.5] (14 votes)
[profile] "Pinning" interestBauch-TortureBauch-TortureClosed[3] (11 votes)
Public Match Results / Ranking featureStrikeFighterStrikeFighterClosed[1.5] (11 votes)
[search] Reorder saved searchesmunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[3.5] (4 votes)
[search] Delete icon of saved searches removes them without confirmationmunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[4.5] (13 votes)
1 match in the 1st year year minimum requirement or prove yourselfMCRLON30UKMCRLON30UKClosed[1.5] (11 votes)
[messages] Delete All Button ConfirmationoilrumbleoilrumbleClosed[4] (22 votes)
[search] Add "My Past Opponent Online" to preset searchesVanmanVanmanClosed[3] (10 votes)
[messages] Confirm before Delete AllslptslptClosed[4.5] (16 votes)
Flags/markers for profilesikfikfClosed[3] (14 votes)
[new feature] Albums in the galleryRNC81RNC81Closed[5] (8 votes)
[map] Show past opponents on a world mapmunichsubfightmunichsubfightClosed[4] (18 votes)
New buttons for the siteAdminMCRLON30UKClosed[5] (1 votes)

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