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I don't know how you would do it but might it be possible to add a button which would send an e-mail notification if/when the member comes on stream again? Maybe there would be privacy issues which would prevent this but it's just a thought. Quite often one sees a username which suggests the person might be someone one would wish to contact.

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Golden (5 ) 12/13/2016 5:03 PM [4]

Personally, as someone who has suspended their account for a couple reasons, I wouldnt mind if the guys who had me as a favorite got a notification when I unsuspended and came back. I feel like it would be more useful to people who you've made a connection with already or who've had interest in you. As opposed to just letting anyone find a suspended username and then track when they come online again. But then again, the fan system itself is a bit impersonal and doesnt necessarily imply that the members have actually talked or have mutual interest.
But I dunno. I wouldnt have minded people who had interest in me before knowing that I was back after a long break.


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