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I am proud to present you with the Photo Gallery. It is accessible from the Recent Changes page.

The gallery was requested by AbsFreak, thanks for the suggestion!

As for some statistics: We have 448 members, and delivered over 10000 messages. Let's keep it rolling!!

Admin out.

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2009-02-17ladron fr's blog

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Privacy Setting for PhotosMeetFighters News

Dear members,

Today I have finished work on Tracker/2009-01-09 2, created by youllsubmit. From now on you can set the "visibility" of your photos.

There are three settings:

  • Public photos are viewable by anyone browsing the site.
  • Restricted photos are only visible to site members.
  • Private photos are hidden from everyone.

Later on (probably next week, when I get around to working on the site some more) you will have the option of attaching one of your photos to your messages. This way will be able to share private photos with members without having to post them on your profile.

Admin out.

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Game Over on YoutubeFighterGuyy blogja

This is a sad post, so please excuse me in advance. If you're looking for something more enlightening, try Wrestler4life's blog instead.

This morning (European timezone) I logged on to youtube to find that my account was "permanently disabled". I got no communication from youtube as to why this happened, I only have a few working theories:

  • The last video (uploaded yesterday) was too violent. (Fuck, it was a fight video; less bloody than boxing matches they show on daytime television.)
  • The last video was deemed sexual in nature (which of course it wasn't).
  • During that last match a CD was playing in the background (Billy Idol, to be precise) and somehow this made not only that particular video, but my entire youtube profile, a copyright violation.

Now I can't be sure which of these factors caused my profile to be "permanently disabled". Apparently youtube doesn't have any sort of appeals process, or if there is, I could not find it. It never ever occurred to me that this could happen: none of my videos were even "flagged" (youtube's term for questionable content) before.

It's a shame really: yesterday I had somewhere near 1500 subscribers, 40+ videos, over 150,000 profile views and 200+ friends. The combined viewer count of all my videos was over half a million. I'm a little upset about losing all this, but again if it can be taken away so easily, maybe I never really had it.

What does this all mean for

My youtube videos were an excellent marketing tool for the site. In fact, that was the only "real" marketing I ever did, seeing as how my advertising budget for this site is $0. Will we have a diminished number of new members? Time will tell.

Suggestions and comments are welcome.

Update 2009-01-26

I have posted the video on my own site for those who care to have a look.

I have also created another youtube profile.

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SPFWC site move!Churd's blog

In the coming months I shall be moving the SPFWC web site to a new location at

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SPFWC Open HouseChurd's blog

After a year off updating the site it's now time to run an Open House. Bit cold at the moment so I am working on a lightweight meet for April/May this year. By then I will have all the new updates loaded to the site. Anybody interested in coming please let me know. Places are ltd to 18 max. Weight less then 160lbs please. I will be running a meet for guys heavier after the summer.

I also note that Iain Scott is back up and running with his Speedo-Wrestlers group on Yahoo. Well worth a look. I have had very good reports back from guys who have been to these meets in the past.

Richard (Churd)

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Two wishes for the Recommendations grantedMeetFighters News

Hi Fighters,

Fixed two entries from the suggestion box, based on your comments.

  • Tracker/2008-12-14: Profiles now display the number of blog entries and recommendations in the tabs near the top.
  • Tracker/2008-12-10: The outcome of this discussion is now added to the recommendations form.

I'm tired.

Admin out

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AllFighters Is One Month Old!MeetFighters News

Greetings, Fighters!

I just got a message from someone asking (among other things) how long the site has been operating. I checked the calendar – is exactly one month old, that is, the the site officially opened a month ago. Somebody open a bottle of champagne!

Where we are: we have 237 members who have sent a total of 3624 messages. The combined weight of our members is 21 tons. Granted, that's not a lot of people when you add the fact that we have a global audience from a 64 countries and states.

It is my hope that the site will continue to grow. Personally I would set the goal to accumulate 2000 members by the end of 2009.

Everyone, thanks for registering, and happy fighting!

Admin out.

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StatisticsMeetFighters News

Dear members,

I created a new page, full of statistics.

You can access this page from the users list directly, and you will find exciting data, such as the combined weight of our members exceeds 19 U.S. tons, or that the most frequent age is 38 years old.

Perhaps this is not the most useful feature of our site, but it was fun to make! :)

Admin out

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New Interests and InvitationsMeetFighters News


The site has now grown past 200 users. I can no longer remember every single person who has registered! Thanks for everyone who has helped spread the word. I appreciate your help.

Also thanks to those who have been using the Bugs and Suggestions page! Based on your input, I have been making some changes, closing two entries:

  • Tracker/2009-01-07 2: It is now possible to send multiple invitations with the same message. After you send an invite, you get to send another invite with the same text. Just enter a different e-mail address.
  • Tracker/2009-01-01: I have added the following to the list of interests:
    • Brazilian ju-jitsu
    • Wrestling with body punches
    • Outdoors fights
    • Tag team / group fights
    • Trampling

If you fancy any of these, visit your profile and check them!

Admin out.

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