BBBB in its new incarnation of Beards Boxing Burgers and Beer is alive and well in New Rochelle, New York!
Although personally unable to jump in the ring and trade leather (a haemotoma in my right arm needs several weeks' rest), I thoroughly enjoyed filming, training and working the corners of the guys who took part: Techboxer, who provided the venue; redlandguy who added extra dimensions to his fight game; sarpedon and syracuseboxer, both of whom came down all the way from Upstate NY in the snow to join us, and of course my husband Harborfighter, who organised the whole shebang months in advance.
My right arm was itching to join the fray - but I must thank everyone for encouraging me to be sensible.

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Comments (5)

synxiec (23) 14 days ago

That Sounds Fun!


Sarpedon (31 ) 14 days ago

It was a blast!


irishpunknyc (7) 14 days ago

Damn, I need to follow the calendar more closely. :(


redlandguy (152 silver) 14 days ago [5]

It was a great time! Thanks for organizing!


Sarpedon (31 ) 14 days ago [5]

Good sparring, great group!


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